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giveaways and stuff like that today we’re gonna have kind of a faceoff POD
vs drop shipping if you don’t know what POD is this kind of like drop
shipping but with like clothing and jewelry and you know customized stuff
like that so we have a little bit of a contest of drop shipping vs print on
demand and i don’t know what the results are gonna be so let’s go ahead and jump
in the powerful content and see who the winner is alright let’s go alright guys drop shipping vs print
on demand i’m gonna go over some pros and cons of each one
whoever wins each topic will get a point and then at the end we’ll see which one
has more points drop shipping or print on demand
alright so pros vs. cons when we’re talking about products coming from the
supplier themselves you’re gonna come across a lot more problems when your
drop shipping from how we express in terms of issues at the warehouse when
your drop shipping from aliexpress its coming from a chinese supplier and a lot
of times there’s flaws in the lot of times there’s communication errors so
when you’re marketing for print on demand the biggest issue you’re really
gonna have here is going to be issues with your designing and marketing
we’re drop shipping there’s a bunch of potential problems that are out of your
control when your drop shipping from a random warehouse in china so for
dropshipping versus Aliexpress in terms of which supplier could potentially have
the most problems I think Aliexpress is gonna have the
most problems so print on demand gets a point for that one and you guys I’m just
talking to a camera here let me know in the comments if you agree or disagree
all right next one you guys when we’re talking about freedom to kind of build
your brand how much freedom do you have when you’re drop shipping to customize
your products vs print on demand when you’re customizing your products you
should keep in mind that it is possible to go ahead and have a supplier from
China customize your products in some situations they might be able to
customize for you for drop shipping purposes if you’re doing
large volume and sales but in most cases if you want to have really customized
physical items from China you’re gonna have to buy bulk from Alibaba that’s not
the case with pre on demand pretty much every case with brown demand is going to
be customized to the point where you could get all these items with your
brand on it and it’s just gonna be a lot more difficult doing that when your drop
shipping from Aliexpress so I think for that one proud demand gets another point
and that kind of leads me up to the next point when your drop shipping from
Aliexpress you’re gonna be getting your packages and they’re going to be covered
in Chinese lettering a lot of times but when you’re doing print on demand you
can even have not only as it shipped from the United States or the UK
depending on where you’re targeting with the package themselves you can actually
have your logo put on it and you can have package inserts and everything like
that so in terms of long-term branding I think crowd demand gets another point
for that no it is important to keep in mind you can do long term branding with
drop shipping physical products when you find winners you could go ahead and buy
bulk from Alibaba and in some cases if you have a strong relationship with your
Aliexpress supplier they could put in some package inserts for you and maybe
slap on custom logos but it’s really situational but it’s worth negotiating
and contacting the supplier to discuss it with them I want to talk about profit
margins which one drops shipping from Aliexpress versus pre on demand is more
profitable because at the end of the day that’s the main goal that we have is to
be making money and having financial freedom a lot of times when your drop
shipping from Aliexpress the profit margins are going to be a lot higher
than brown to Matt that’s just how it is when you’re having items manufactured in
China print-on-demand is coming from a u.s. warehouse or developed country
whatever you’re targeting so when your drop shipping from Aliexpress I think
that’s going to get a point for having better profit margins so when we’re
talking about profit margins what can we do in terms of negotiating with the
suppliers so that we could get better profit margins well print-on-demand
pratfall for example has on their website and I’ll put a screenshot right
here they have on their website set pricing depending on your monthly volume
so regardless of any fail negotiations or anything like that
certain print-on-demand companies are gonna give you a discount if you’re
doing over X amount of volume I think they give something like five percent if
you’re doing five thousand dollars in sales per month that’s the situation
with the print on demand now with drop shipping you might be able to negotiate
with the supplier there’s nothing set in stone they don’t have any policies but
if you’re doing large amounts of volume you might be able to talk to the
supplier and get some kind discount the other option if you want to get products
from China and you want a discount it would be buying bulk after you find some
winners from Alibaba and carrying the product locally or putting your product
in a warehouse in the United States or whatever developed country you’re
marketing to and having them fulfill the orders and send it out for you
but since print-on-demand oftentimes has a set standard for the discount the big
day will give you on volume I’m gonna give them the point for that one but one
thing to keep in mind that then is beneficial about both of these options
neither of them are required to actually hold physical inventory unless you buy
bulk and then you’re fulfilling the orders yourself
there are also both low startup cost businesses low risk businesses we’re
sick worst-case scenario if you fail you’re not really losing that much money
so since they’re both equal on that I’m going to give them points for both so how about this we’re talking about
marketing when we have a product that we really enjoy that we found to be a
winner without the express you have to find the product first that’s a winner
and then find your audience with prayer on demand you could find your audience
and then create a product for them which is huge you literally just got put the
item that somebody loves right in front of them so they could buy it so in terms
of being able to find out audience and ease I’m gonna give prey on demand a
point for that one so how about we talk about you know the amount of products
that they’re available for us to go ahead and sell with pre on demand
there’s actually a bunch of resources and a lot of surprising things that you
can actually do print on demand there’s even companies that allow you to
do pray on demand jewelry and stuff like that I can leave some resources in the
description but when it comes to just the vast amount of availability on items
Aliexpress crushes print on demand Aliexpress has so many more items
available than print on demand has so I’m gonna give the point to Aliexpress
and drop shipping so how about order fulfillment we start having a bunch of
orders you know which one has the easiest method for order fulfillment
print on demand is actually mostly fully automated where Aliexpress is actually
semi automated there is the over low app that makes it a lot easier to fulfill
orders than without it but you will most likely once you start having some volume
higher VA to go ahead and fulfill orders for you which isn’t that big a deal but
we’re gonna give Aliexpress a half-point and print on demand a full point for the
ease of order fulfillment and to go back about profit margins a little bit the
profit margins are lower on proud demand but you actually have the ability to
build a stronger brand earlier on so that then you could justify charging a
little bit more for your products so that’s just something to keep in mind as
well let’s talk about issues with payment providers when your drop
shipping from Aliexpress payment providers do not like that business
model because of how common chargebacks are it costs them the bank’s money so
when your drop shipping from Aliexpress they can actually freeze a quarter of
your revenue for what’s called a reserve so they hold on to that 25% of your
money to ensure that you’re not getting a bunch of charge backs and then they
release it to you after a long time which is a big deal if you have money
anyway them holding on that 25% as long as they give it back
but for somebody that’s starting out that could create a big problem and
something to keep in mind when you’re first starting out so since the
likelihood of money being frozen for a reserve is less on prey on demand
I’m gonna give a point to print on demand for that one and the quality of
products are better and print on demand which brings me to one of my next point
the profit margins are better on Aliexpress when it comes to clothing but
if you’re gonna be selling clothing I’d highly suggest doing it print on demand
because Aliexpress does have some stuff that looks like cool clothing but when
you receive it the quality is pretty garbage most the time and there’s been a
lot of reports of clothing from Aliexpress having a weird smell to it so
since the clothing come in from print on demand it’s better quality I’m gonna
give them a point for that so let’s talk about shipping time and if you want to
learn how to avoid the long shipping time coming from China take a look at my
last video the video goes right before this one and I’ll put up a thumbnail
there but when we’re talking about shipping time from Aliexpress or China
we’re looking at 14 to 21 days if we use a packet when we’re talking about
shipping for print on demand we’re looking at around more like a week for
shipping time and if you’re shipping abroad using print on demand you’re
looking at more like two weeks so two weeks for International shipping and
actually some print on demand companies are in multiple countries so depending
on where you are targeting it’d be fast shipping in certain other countries as
well but since we’re looking at domestic shipping time of about a week and an
International shipping time of about two weeks for pround a bad I’m gonna give
print-on-demand the point for faster shipping time well do check my last
video if you haven’t seen it so you can learn how to bypass the long shipping
times coming from Aliexpress in China so let’s talk about our competitors or just
people in general they’re trying to do what we’re doing whether it’s Shopify
drop shipping or starting a print-on-demand company if somebody
comes in and your stores doing well so you’re running a lot of ads for it and
it’s getting a lot exposure and somebody wants to model it or sometimes just
straight copy it it’s going to be difficult for them to copy your exact
print on demand or what they would have to do is they
would have to model your design they can’t just copy it directly without
risking being shut down they would model your design and then they have to go out
and find a designer and then they’d have to pay them and then go through all that
process to eventually you know copy or model in your store so that’s gonna be a
little bit of a hindrance for the really lazy people that don’t want to go do
that but when it comes to drop shipping from Aliexpress it’s not that difficult
to go ahead and find the product that they want to copy and then import it via
over low into their own store and then start running ads to it now them doing
that is it going to destroy your aliexpress drop shipping store no
there’s got to be a bunch of stuff that don’t meet the eye that you’re putting
in that is resulting in your overall success with your store but since it’s a
little more difficult to directly copy a print on demand store compared to
Aliexpress store I’m gonna give the point to print on demand and just
something in general to keep in mind you guys there is some Chinese holidays that
go on throughout the year where Chinese companies will be shut down for you know
extended period of time whether it’s Chinese New Year or you know Spring
Festival or stuff like that so you need to pay attention to that so you’re not
blindsided and you’re not gonna have that so much with print-on-demand
companies that are in countries that don’t take extended breaks like that so
you might find that your print on demand supplier is a little bit more reliable
for long term so looks like a grand total the points is four and a half
points for aliexpress drop shipping versus print on demand for twelve points
now does that mean I think everybody should quick stop shipping from
Aliexpress and they all go Duprey under mad not necessarily aliexpress drop
shipping is great for beginners because there’s a little bit less of a learning
curve but do I think people should eventually work in and kind of build
their brand and then work their way into print on demand for long term
sustainability that I do think or if you’re not going to pray on demand I
would consider finding winning products and by those in bulk and white labeling
them from Alibaba so I think the winner of kind of the pros and cons of drop
shipping first round amad is print-on-demand it doesn’t mean you
can’t good living dropshipping from aliexpress
for it it’s just important to keep in mind the pros and cons of these two
options and long-term looking forward you make decisions that are going to be
best for your long-term sustainability and success so what do you guys think do
you disagree with any of the points that i gave i didn’t plan this ahead of time
i just wrote down some pros and cons and then came up here and wrote the points
what do you guys think did I miss anything is there any pros to
dropshipping compared to prayer and a man that I didn’t mention let me know in
the comments below I’m curious what you guys think as well alright anyway guys
hope that was helpful check the description for any resources and I’ll
catch you guys on the next one right peace out

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    So dropshipping vs print on demand , which should you choose? When thinking about pod vs drop shipping it’s important to just keep in mind the print on demand pros and cons as well as shopify pros and cons . You want to decide on what is most sustainable. So in todays video i go over print on demand vs aliexpress and break it down easy so you can make a decision between dropshipping vs pod . Enjoy!

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  2. I totally agree with all your points. However, if a large chunk of your customers are USA based, clearly pod should rank much higher due to the possibility of less fraudulent purchases and refunds. Another point is the U.S. postal delivery is more reliable than third world counties because of our infrastructure.

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