1-Minute Photoshop – Create The PURE GOLD Skin!

Today we’re going to learn how to get the
Golden Skin Effect in Photoshop in Just One Minute So, first of all, press Ctrl/Comand + J. Make
a copy of the Background Layer. Then, go to Filter>Camera Raw Filter. Now, the only slider that makes it happen
is the Temperature. So just increase it, and there you have
the Gold! Now, you can enhance it, by decreasing the
Highlights a little bit, to have more details in the Highlights. Maybe increase the Whites, to increase more
shine to it. And, here’s the grunge, the Clarity. Let’s increase it. Wow! It looks awesome, doesn’t it? You can also try playing with Dehaze. It looks more awesome. But the thing is, it’s becoming too bright. So, let’s decrease the Exposure. Even more awesome! Maybe let’s just increase the Shadows. And, play with the blacks, just like that. I’m satisfied, just hit OK. It also affects the background. So, all we have to do, hold the Alt/Option. Click on the Mask Button. And then, take the Brush, make sure the Foreground
Color is White, and paint on him, just like that So, that’s how to create the awesome Golden
Skin Effect in Photoshop!

100 Replies to “1-Minute Photoshop – Create The PURE GOLD Skin!

  1. Dear, a few days ago I have mentioned u that please make a tutorial on “ How to create a statue of human into real human body skin “ but u don’t make that tutorial.
    I know very well that I am not a big viewer of u but I like ur tutorial not only for entertainment, but yes to learning with those permanently.
    Thanks a lot.

  2. For another maybe how to make one of those 80s style hand drawn movie posters? I know it probably won't be the same cuz those are actually made by hand but anything close

  3. You've got me addicted to your channel, no one else but you and Peter McKinnon drive me to view on a daily basis. Great stuff man I've learned a lot from your tutorials. Thanks.

  4. Amazing tutorial, as always !

    I was just thinking it would be more realistic if you left his eyes white, instead of painting on them. Just a thought.

  5. So great! Thank you ! Can you do a tutorial on a similar effect to get a silver or stone look please ? 😄😉

  6. i'm pretty sure those who disliked this have never known what creative teaching is or are creative themselves. Thanks for the video great work and keep it up.

  7. Sir I have this problem.. Whenever I edit an image on my laptop it looks totally different in my phone like there is alot yellow in the image.. Which is not in the laptop….

    WHT should I do..
    Plz help me

  8. awesome sir……………….very very nice tips…………….thank you so much for sharing this tips………….keep going sir……thank you and thanks a lot.

  9. I really like your video because they are really awesome no questions I want to ask can u teach us to create good cartoons and caverns

  10. please try to make videos on "insane" manipulations…i trust you…i just love how you talk whiles doing..it makes it more interesting and easy to learn.

  11. while its a good tutorial, after reading all the comments on both this and other posts, I only wish to know why Unmesh thinks he's too good to respond to the people who make his channel what it is? I have never once asked a question of him, but he does not reply to anything, comments, praise, questions, anything. These people make his channel what it is, and while it's a good set of tutorials that he does, it's sad to see that he can't take a single moment to reply to those who follow him, unlike the way most other tutorial creators are actually able to.

  12. Hands down best tutorials of Photoshop around but I love the 1 min format if you could do more of those it would be awesome.

  13. If I can be consistent with watching and learning through your video, I sure might be one of the best photographers in my country.

  14. ADMIN HERE – Updated Link To Download Sample Image: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1l_m5jcshirvFg3yOEgdDnWAwLRxWVLyR

  15. You're like the 2018 Photoshop version of Bob Ross.

    The content is solid but what makes your channel stand out is that you do such a great job of both explaining and delivering. You really enjoy this stuff and you're enthusiasm is infectious. Thank you for all of the knowledge and being so great at what you do!

  16. Thank you for your time and sharing your vast knowledge! The sample images can't be obtained anymore?? The link redirects me to YouTube??

  17. Love your videos but ! … Naa this doesnt work on white woman well, also not realistic , it only seem like color masked , checkout these, /watch?v=iePGZ6SZYoA

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