14 Photography Hacks and Tricks for BETTER Instagram Photos!

Today I’m going to teach you how to take
the perfect Instagram photo every single time! So I’m going to dive right into
this video with a lot of different tips and tricks on how to improve your phone
photos. Different ways to adjust lighting. How to ask strangers to take pictures
for you and simple ways to edit your photos on your phone. Hopefully after
this video you’ll become a pro at taking Instagram photos I hope you guys enjoy
today’s video if you do be sure to give this video a big thumbs up don’t forget
to subscribe by clicking on the little red button here or down below so without
further ado let’s hop right into this video tip number one is to tell your
photographer exactly what you want in the photo so just take a practice shot we’re gonna go inside to love Rey today
here in Castro and show you guys how to do a brunch picture if you’re hoping to train your friend or
significant other to become your Instagram boyfriend or girlfriend
literally sign up the shot for your friend how your friends sit in the place
where you want them to be and then take the photo for them and then show them
like hey this is exactly what I want are you ready to eat yeah no no some of my favorite poses is to like
play with my hair or to hold my coffee cup it’s really good to keep your hands
busy so it doesn’t look awkward or unnatural look at the photos of your
favorite instagramers and try to just mimic what they’re doing and if you
haven’t had the chance to check out my how to pose videos go be sure to watch
that I’ll have it linked here or down below I have 12 different poses for you
perfect for brunch or any occasion don’t be afraid to direct them tell them
to like lower the camera a bit if you want to look taller be sure to ask them
to angle the camera because it tends to give a more dynamic look to a photo than
just something straight on currently on 18th and Castro ready to
take a picture on this rainbow sidewalk and it’s quite busy as you can see from
all the people walking behind me but I feel confident that we could take the
great photo here the Sun is coming out it’s a beautiful day so let’s go next I want to show you different hacks
on how to correct the lighting on your phone so you can easily lock the
exposure by dragging it up on your phone and then double tapping it twice to lock
the exposure my next tip to taking great Instagram
photos is to buy a prop like flowers fresh flowers definitely transforms a
photo it makes a lot more lively lately I’ve been really loving sunflowers so
let’s see if I can find some cute ones at the shop great flowers makes Monday so much better and we currently made it to tase Valley
and we found this beautiful flower bush behind us some fresh yellow
bougainvillea my next tip is to match your outfit with the background
so today I’m wearing this little fun yellow skirt I think it’s very visually
pleasing when you see similar colors in terms of what you’re wearing with the
background don’t forget to style yourself you know
add it a little tuck to your t-shirt don’t just leave it loose and hanging at
accessories like jewelry bracelets make sure to take two versions of each
picture one version with meat in it and one lip out so there are these really
beautiful flowers behind me and I want to do a really cool levitating kind of
floating shot so by taking a picture of just the flowers
I can easily photoshop this and move them around around when it comes to
taking the perfect landscape shot it’s so important to use your iPhone and turn
on the grid it helps you kind of divide out the image and it gives you a visual
guideline of where to put your subject in the photo so this also helps and
turning on HD are definitely defines details so you want to be able to
capture all of the cool buildings and sculptures behind you so HDR is a great
tool and last but not least don’t forget to put on your super extra a gown long
dress I scored this one for like 18 bucks
I just love wearing like crazy unexpected gowns in front of beautiful
landscapes like this you guys asked me what are some of my
favorite coloring techniques well during summertime I love doing more warmer
photos with morbid vintage effect and then during the winter time usually
photos look a little bit more cooler toned more blues and whites and more
monochromatic when I’m taking pictures for Instagram I
like to use three different cameras the first one is my iPhone so this is an
iPhone 6s my second camera is my Sony rx100 you could definitely see a more
crisper high-dynamic-range so I love this for like traveling on the
go it’s super lightweight compact fits in the palm of my hand I also love
shooting with my Canon 5d Mark 4 we’re shooting with it right now but I just
wanted to show you a DSLR it’s not as great for on the go because it’s super
heavy but honestly the quality is amazing and you could definitely tell
the difference when I’m shooting with it I’ll show you an example of these three
different camera side-by-side so you can see the difference yeah so you’ve made it to the end of
this video if you guys have an Instagram be sure to share your profiles down
below I wanted to start a new segment here on my youtube channel called
hashtag Ally’s corner so every single week I’m going to be sharing so my
favorite pictures from Instagram and I love you guys so so much and I’ll see
you next time if you are not good at posing and pictures and you’re kind of
awkward and you often do the chicken wing so the next tip is to match your
outfit with the background I’m not being super cheesy wearing my Instagram
t-shirt what am I most frequently asked questions is Alli how do you edit your
photos what apps do you you I love Lightroom I also love color story it’s a
great like colorful brightening app base tune is a great one

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