3 Things I Use the Pen Tool for in Car Photography

hey folks welcome back to the next video
in this video we’re gonna look at the the pen tool now the pen tool this is
not going to be a tutorial on how to use the pen tool there’s plenty of those out
there and there’s plenty that go into a lot more detail than this video but the
purpose of this video is to show you some of the advantages that you can get
if you were to use the pen tool in your car photography so the first thing is
what’s really advantageous to both the pen tool is making once the selection is
made is doing select adjustments on your target area so one of the things I’d
like to do is to create kind of an outline and really trace around the car
itself and placing it on another layer on the advantage of this is of course
like I say you can do your select adjustments to just that particular
layer and in this case it would be the car but also it allows you to do other
things of once you have the car away from the background you can do some some
pretty cool things with really altering the background itself so in this example
here I am simply tracing around the car and one tip I would say it’s good to
when you’re making this outline is to get slightly inside the lines of the car
not too much but just really you know 2 or 3 pixels maybe and really zoom into
to 2 or 300% to really see exactly what you are doing when you’re tracing
around this car so just take your time and what I’m doing here is really going
through with the pen tool tracing around the car around the wheels as well and
underneath the the undercarriage the pen tool is a tricky one to use but once you
get a grasp on the basics of it it’s really going to be quite an advantage
and really kind of up your game with your with your car photography and what
you do here is just really clicking and dragging to make curves and you can do
adjustments with the the final selection if you want but what you can do is
there’s really two two that are important on the PC it would be
the ctrl key it would be the shift key and I should say the ctrl key and the
Alt key and and what the Alt key does it allows you to change the direction it’s
really important when you get around these tight tight selections here if you
have 90-degree angles it does really help to really kind of adjust that angle
now the control when you hit the ctrl and click what that does it allows you
to adjust the curve you already have so if you’re halfway through and really
making a pretty elaborate selection and you do see a slight mistake you’re able
to go back and really adjust those that particular portion of your selection
itself so in this with this Nissan gt-r tracing not only around the car but also
inside of where the where the windows are as well because if I want to do
adjustments on just the car but also if I do want to replace that background I’m
gonna want a background to go behind the car which is which is going to mean it’s
gonna go in this window and this is a quick selection with the windows itself
it won’t be a hundred percent clear so you may want to adjust some of the
opacity to bring in a little bit of the exposure and some of the the window
later on with that with that particular selection but what I like to do is when
I do make a selection is feather the radius you don’t want it a hundred
percent sharp and it can look very obvious I find a point to radius of your
feather of your selection really works well to get a nice selection around the
car once I have that selection I usually like to put it on another layer so I can
use that that later now the second thing that I find that’s that’s a good
advantage with the pen tool is really cleaning up some of the the reflections
I do have another video that really goes into detail around cleaning up
reflections in car photography I do find myself that some reflections are good
they do really add to the photo and they do look good but just little things like
in this this example here it’s just really cleaning up to make these
selections a little straighter and just really
less distractions in that so with the pen tool you can make those selections
which is very hard to do without because I can copy from one portion outside my
selection and go into the selection itself and as you see it’s just really
cleaning up along the the wheel well here it can be quite hard to get in so
I’m making a selection with the pen tool and making a feather radius of 0.2 and
you can simply copy portions and just paint in without any fear of going over
and really going into where the shadows are here and here is a good example this
would be quite tough to get without the pen tool so I’m making a selection I’m
zoomed in quite far with this and just make a selection around the logo the GTR
logo on the side of the car and we’ll just stretch this above here and we’ll
change the direction and we’ll close that off again point to pixels I usually
use that I find that quite good and I’m just using other portions of the car
we’re just painting in here and the advantage here it allows us to not go
over the curve we’re where the car actually starts to curve in the wheel
well portion but also the logo as well and without the pen tool it’s very hard
to just really use the clone tool to get into those portions without really by
mistake painting over portions you don’t want now the third third thing I like to
do with the pen tool is now that we have the car on a different selection we were
doing adjustments to the reflections on that particular layer it allows me to
cut out this background quite easy before what I’d have to do is really
kind of trace all around the car and around the foreground as well but using
a new layer I can simply select the background and fill that with white and
now now that we have the car on the top layer as you can see it’s very easy to
use a separate background and really replace what I have here it’s gonna take
some blending but it’s a lot easier if when you make that initial selection and
put it on that new layer that allows you the freedom to make those adjustments in
the background and other portions of the photo without really affecting the car
itself which is very important and that’s pretty much it so those are three
things I do with pentool one thing is making selections
on just the car itself putting the car on a new level on a new layer but also
with background adjustments it does make that easy and of course with cleaning up
reflections a lot of different portions in the car that can be quite hard to
clean up this is exactly why I use the pen tools to make those specific
selections so I can make the reflections a lot cleaner and of course eliminate
some of them as well so thanks for remarks and that’s it for this video and
we’ll see you again in the next one

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