3D Printing a Game Mini part 1 – Blender Skin Modifier

hey everybody its Joe and I am at the workbench kicking it cold school haha I said got to reuse that joke because it was in the video that had to be scrapped it just got swallowed up in technical problems instead this week we're going to be talking about well we're going to be starting a series that is going to end with you making a having all the skills at least to make a little gaming miniature like the ones that I make here arm and this is more or less going to end with with what was covered in chapter 10 of 3d printing blueprints where we we make a neat little teddy bear armature except we're going to have to do a different project because I can't reuse the projects in the book so but it's going to stretch over several videos and in each one I'm going to teach you a different thing that you're going to be able to use to make it in this week we are starting with the skin modifier the skin modifier in blender so the skin modifier um works like this I'll just add a simple cubes scale it up i scaled it up in edit mode because i was being sneaky and in edit mode i don't have to worry about scale being a factor but so I've just applied the skin modifier and take a look what happened it took all of the lines all of the vertices they're not the vertices all the lines and and turn them into ask well there's a square going around each one of these if you if you look at it it did you put a square around it right so uh what's this useful for now I need to point out that the skin modifier is kind of flaky it doesn't work exactly correct all the time let me see are any of these corners really bad none of them are really bad but if I were to take and start extruding out lines like this um we're eventually going to see there it is some bad geometry being inserted here look at that move bad bad geometry now one way to fix that is to change which one's the root x mark this one is the root no that didn't quite work um another way to do that is to add some geometry so I'm going to hit ctrl R here and control our and subdivide these I'm going to grab these and hit GG did you know GG Oh fantastic if you hit G once you know you can move things around if you hit G twice the movement is restricted to the edges nearby the point that you're moving which is so cool so I pinched it in there and now now that the bad geometry is gone so just by adding a little bit of extra geometry you can fix the bad geometry let's add a skin model or novice skin we don't need to skin the skin ah let's add a subdivision surface modifier to this oh and here's another thing that you do with the skin modifier so if you hit ctrl a you can scale up the weight of the point or what it calls it in the property panels here it called it the radius and the radius is fantastic because you can set the radius to be whatever you want see it's that right that actually two millimeters across no it is not because it's radius and not diameter so let's just make these one keep on forgetting a difference between radius and diameter there we go and now these are approximately actually they're exactly two millimeters across but then they get smooth so now there are two millimeters yeah that's what you want to print with you know you want two millimeter walls we've talked about this in the past there will be a link on my face that will go back to the video where we talked about you want two millimeter walls so there we go there's the skin modifier now hopefully you're looking at this and going ooh the cool things I could do with it let's let me show you an example really quickly of something cool that could be done with it I'm just going to throw a plane down just a plain plain scale that up by 10 and apply a skin modifier to it and oh what happened here this is way bigger remember when I did the skin modifier on the cube it was all very thin why is this thick because i scaled it up out of edit mode if i hit ctrl a and apply the scale now the scale is happening here we want to go in and make the radius 1 on these there we go I do not want to add a subdivision surface on here because here's what I'm going to do I'm going to go move it over oops no by 10 and I actually want to triangulate this face so ctrl T well why are you going the wrong way control e to open up the edge window and rotate it 90 degrees okay now I'll extrude this out 20 I'll extrude this out 20 I'll extrude this out 20 I'll not execute that out I'm gonna stop there so here we go there we go and look anybody into model railroads little cross a bridge what do you think here let's see if we can let's take this to the next level and strew this 20 and get rid of these ones on the top here and select modos and get rid of those edges and now it's 90 degrees off from where it should be let's make sure that all of these yep these are one that's groovy I think I want out I think I possibly want to add select mode these guys and subdivide them subdivide is right there and there now it looks like a nice little I felt train bridge there we go real quick simple no it's not uh it's not perfect there's stuff going on here how do we fix that stuff well you know one way is is we could add more geometry in other ways we can apply the modifier and edit it by hand the skin modifier is not perfect but it does some very cool things that we will talk about in the next video um but i want to show you an example of something that i did with the skin modifier a little while ago i don't know if you've had a chance to see this I've had these models up for sale this is a birdcage chess set so this is the rook with a rook inside of it crows are called Brooks um and I've already applied the modification but it's so it's kind of it was inspired by a wireframe chess set and so yes I made the thing with a chess and how did I make these bigger I'll show you that in just a second but I made this with the skin modifier but not just that the birds feet were also made with the skin modifier I just made the wireframe of the feet and then skin modified it and it worked great so let me show you how to do the bigger and smaller that well I showed you with control a you can scale it up you just do it to individual vertices I'm going to just really quickly show you a stuff quick and simple project you can do with the skin modifier for fun um let's oh I'm not in hit points like mode adding an iso cube and let's scale this thing up all right come on scale it up by a lot then apply that scale and then we're going to add the skin modifier to it and then what we're going to do is we're just going to go in and randomly select points hit ctrl a and make them actually we want to hit ctrl have all of them be radius of 1 which means I think we want this to be bigger yeah all right that's bigger now what we're going to do is we're going to go in randomly select some points take control a and scale them up randomly select some other points hit control they and scale them up there we go one more time one more time select random control a scalar loop that's down scale it up and then we'll apply our subdivision surface to it all this falls off the bottom okay there we go and now here's we're going to use another trick we're going to grab some of these and mark them loose which means that the after all loose what would happen oh wow you kind of nice like a nice little virani thing going on so mark them loose and it doesn't have an obligation to like get into those corners which is a good trick I saw some bad geometry here so maybe I'm going to subdivide this and see what if I can fix that bad geometry so divided twice that seems to affect the bad geometry any other bad geometry anywhere you have that kind of a little funky there so let's subdivide that thing that seems to have fixed it any other bad geometry and then what you do is you take and create a floor cut this thing off 3d print it and you got a really cool Oh huh there's a neat project so there's something you could do with the skin modifier so skin modifier have lots of options that can make uh you know artistic things it can make functional things and it can make beautiful artistic things but fun it's easy to use and next week we're going to start making minis little gaming minis that are going to start with the skin modifier so I hope you're looking forward to that hey guys this week was without a script I just kind of had to throw it together because my other video that I have ready for you got swallowed up in technical difficulty so I'm sorry thank you guys for putting up with my shoddy videos thank you guys for subscribing and sharing and if this has been useful and you liked what you saw and you hey I know somebody who would love to play with this sort of thing then please share it let other people know about it I appreciate it so much you guys are the wind beneath my wings you guys inspire me to keep doing this and as always do you have any thoughts any questions any any projects that you'd like to see me do in the future then leave a comment don't remain quiet and I will be sure to include them in the future all right that's it for today thank you guys for watching how's that bolt looking ah still have some bad geometry and have to keep subdividing to clean it up alright thought you guys next week

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  1. Thanks, brother. The skin mod is so awesome. It is fantastic 4 organic things. U should it cool 4 non organic things. I think it is a hidden Pearl. The typical way of modeling by extruding can be long and tedious, it gets old very fast, it is so non artistic. Skin makes it a joy to 2 creatures and other objects, without destroying topology.

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