3D Printing Spotlight: Larynx Model

Hi! I’m Virginia Ingram, and these are my 3D
printed laryngeal systems. So I was taking an anatomy and physiology
class last semester, and I wanted to have a model for studying. And I contacted some of the librarians at
UT and they actually recommended that I talk to Richard about potentially printing something. In my anatomy and physiology class, we had
three systems that we were going over. I’m a visual learner and I thought it would
be helpful for me to learn some of the different systems by actually being able to hold them
in my hand. If we had a model of the larynx, then we could
label it and turn that in for an extra grade. And so I decided that it made sense to 3D
print the laryngeal system because I was interested in 3D printing, I needed to do a model, so
it just kind of made sense. First and foremost, it was really easy to
find them because I had a librarian that recommended Richard to me. But I also, when I was at the library one
day, I saw an advertisement. So I just wrote him, and I came over and met
with him, I told him what I wanted to do. He told me different places I could go to
either create a model myself or to find models that already existed that I could purchase
and then print from. So Richard helped sort of guide that whole
process. We talked about the different files. I would find things and send it to him. He was like really collaborative with me for
the different types of things that might work. Then once I identified one, I sent it over
to him, he printed it. It was perfect, it was beautiful, and it was,
I don’t know, exactly what I needed.

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