3D Printing with Wood Filament

Welcome to another episode of Tinkerine experiments! Today, we are going to printing with yet another
exotic filament; wood filament. We were given this filament for testing so
let’s find out whether or not it works. We’ll look into whether it prints today and
the wear and tear on the nozzle. We can see that the wood filament seems to
be a bit more fragile than normal filament. As it is relatively easier to just snap it apart. The wood also has the same texture as the
bronze filament we tried earlier. Before we start testing the material. Let’s measure our nozzle diameter with our
extrude wizard. Here we go. The nozzle diameter is (0.28- 0.29) mm. Now let’s start off with a test print. So far it is adhering to the blue tape. Doesn’t look like it is running into any
problems with the adhesive. Although we did notice that there is a lot of excess
filament on the sides of the print. It definitely smells a bit like burning wood right now. But it smells good! It’s done! Let’s take a look at it. So here we can see all the excess filament
on the sides here. This could be because our temperature is too
hot. We are printing at 220 degrees celsius. So let’s turn down temperature for next print. Other than that, the print turned out fairly
well. Now let’s print our gem print for the test. It’s sticking well just like the test print. For this print, we actually turned the temperature
down to 200 degree celsius. and it looks like it is coming out cleaner than the
test print. It doesn’t look like the printer will be clogging anytime soon. Well it’s finished! Now let’s take a look at the print. It pops off the bed relatively easy. It’s also a lot cleaner than the test print and
there’s no excess filament sticking out. So we actually printed another gem as well
with the wood filament. In addition to the extra gem, we actually printed a total of 3.5 hours with the wood filament so now
let’s take a look at the nozzle diameter. We’ll do the extrude wizard once again. And this time, the nozzle diameter is (0.31
– 0.32) mm. Well, there we have it, we tried printing
with wood filament and as we can see it does work and it comes out pretty nice. There’s a bit of a wear and tear on the
nozzle like the bronze filament, which is roughly 0.02-0.03 mm. This could lead to an over extrusion, if we print
with it for a longer period of time as the diameter gets larger So in the end, there is a chance for clogging and over
extrusion from using these exotic filament. I would advise to use at your own discretion. That’s the end of our experiment today! If you liked our video please give a thumbs
up and if you did not then a thumbs down below. Remember to subscribe and comment on what
experiments you would like to see in the future. Thank you for watching. Tinker Out!

10 Replies to “3D Printing with Wood Filament

  1. It would be interesting to see how much nozzle wear here would be on a ruby nozzle.
    That would determine if the hype is true or not.

  2. wait what? you extrude a little bit of filament, measure it at 1 point with some callipers, and then do it again after a few hours and think that actually tells you something? dude….

  3. My experience= pro: great smell while printing, really looks like wood. Con: only good for non-structural prints like the gem you printed of similar prints. It is far too fragile for any parts that will be under stress as it breaks like glass. Most frustrating filament I've ever printed with to date.

  4. I got one thing to print so well it looks like it was molded, no one would believe it was 3d printed, it was super strong (and flexible) on that print but everything else looks like on this video, can't figure it out.

  5. Do not try and print wood filement at low temperatures it will not print the temp on a ender3 is around 260 or you are goin to print nothing that's how crap ender 3 and before some ass pice say I should by it in the first place I dint it was a gift DONT BY ENDER 3 THE NEW ONES OUT NOW BLOW UP ON YOU TELL ANYONE THAT THINK OF BYE IN ONE DONT NOT UNLESS YOU DONT MAIND WAITING MONEY

  6. Theres nothing ender-3 upgrade or not even if they payed me a bunch of money would I say hmmm it a nice printer because it would be a lie it is one of the wears printer out there somethings a duck and it DUCK

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