5 photography business mistakes I made… why did I do this!? 😫

(jazzy piano) – Now I started my
photography and video business about 10 years ago, that’s a decade. Damn I’ve been doing this a long time. Now the first few years were rough, I barely made any money and to be honest, I took a lot of shitty photos. And you bet your ass I made a hell of a lot of mistakes. What is going on everybody, in today’s video, we
are going to be talking about the five business mistakes that I’ve made throughout my career. Now, long story short, I (beep) up so you guys don’t have to. As you guys know, we just
recently got an office, which is super exciting, and there’s a lot of
errands to run for that. We have to get shelves, we gotta bring gear in, all this other business
that needs to get done. So I will be taking you
along on that journey. Look, I’m already messing up, breaking the eggs, already making mistakes in the mistakes video. All right, we’ll start here and we’ll move on. Aw there’s a shell! Gah! (jazzy piano beat) (eggs sizzling) All right, lesson number one, your clients are not your guinea pigs. Let me tell you the story. (metal clanking)
All right, so, it was my second year of business, I was just starting to get a few better paid clients, which
was actually really exciting, so I was investing back into the company, I was buying gear, like all the gear we’re trying to move to the office right now. And I bought these three
big Freznel lights. They were cheap Chinese made ones, but they were better because I had never used lights before. Key point, never used lights before. So it’s the day before the shoot, I buy the lights, and
the next day I’m on set, I set up all the lights, and I start asking the talent “Hey, go and stand in
the lights over there.” So the talent stands in the lights, and literally this is the talent. They were like “Ah! Is this normal? “This is so bright!” And I was like “Yes, it’s totally normal, “this is how production
is Hollywood does it.” PS, it’s not how production
in Hollywood does it. So I shot the client for them trying to read the script, literally their eyes were like squinting, they’re like trying to get through it and they started getting red because they were
getting really really hot because the lights are old
and they’re really bright and they’re really hot. So then I finished the video, I sent it to them, and they’re like “Oh, this is great, we love it.” And it really wasn’t great at all. It looked really bad. So what did I learn through all of this? You gotta be comfortable with your gear before you use it on a paid project. So, test out your gear
on personal projects or you’re gonna lose clients. Guitar case, that’s gonna stay. ♪ Say say say I’m sorry ♪ ♪ I could just say say say we’re through ♪ ♪ Why did you take take
take my heart away? ♪ (door closes) All right, lesson number two: knowing when to give discounts. Also, fun fact, C Stands
make great coat hooks. (snap) All right, do I have a story for you. So a few years ago I was hired
for a destination wedding. A woman hired two videographers. Myself, and someone else. And without getting into too much detail, the day before the wedding, I couldn’t make it down to the location, but the other videographer could make it. So, now here I am, calling rental houses
in the middle of nowhere to get camera bodies and lenses and lav mics for this other videographer to shoot this wedding. So, the only person that
could actually go up and pick this stuff was the bride. Oh I am the worst human in the entire world. She’s already stressed out and now there’s a videographer “Um, sorry, can you go
to this rental house “and pick up a lav?” And she’s like, “I don’t
even know what a lav is!” But now she’s picking it up. So, we finished the project, the other videographer
did a really great job, and guess what I did? I sent this woman a bill, for the full price that we agreed on. What? I wasn’t even there! All right, so, what’s the lesson here? Know when to give discounts. This woman was so furious
when I sent a full bill. And looking back, it makes sense. That’s a stupid move, but I didn’t have a lot of
money then and I needed it. And in that case, the best thing that you should always do is take a hit on your business because your integrity is worth more. Know when to give a discount. Lesson number three, do not charge for things that you did not agree on up front. All right, a couple
years ago I did a project let’s say it was for $2,000. And I had to travel a very
far distance for this. So I sent them a bill with transportation because I heard somewhere that you’re supposed to charge
for transportation. But, we didn’t agree on it up front. And then I get an email back, they’re like “Well, you
got transportation in here, “we didn’t talk about this.” And I was like “But I
needed to get to this spot.” And they’re like “Okay.” And then I never heard from them again. So, make sure you label
everything up front. Where are my keys? All right, lesson number four, safety trumps everything. (cart rattling) (funk beat) All right, so it was about
five or six years ago, we were making a music video one day. And music videos notoriously have super low budget, but
we want to get creative and have fun, so we don’t make money, we put all the money into the production. And at that time, we
had not shot with a RED, so we’re like “Let’s get a RED camera.” And the DJI Ronin had just come out and we’re like “And we’ll
put it on the DJI Ronin. “It’s gonna look so good!” So we spent all the budget on that, and the one thing that we didn’t rent, which is arguably the cheapest thing that you can rent, was sandbags. I think you know where this is going. So, it’s lunch time now, and everyone’s getting a little tired, and someone bumps into this Ronin and RED, and all of a sudden the RED falls over and then it hits a light stand and then that light stand falls over and hits another light stand. Literally it was like the domino effect. Like it was, what do they call that, Rube Goldberg Machine? We built our own Rube Goldberg Machine, so everything’s falling
and then one light, there’s an assistant here, goes … an inch past her head. It could’ve destroyed her. Luckily it didn’t, but I could’ve faced a serious lawsuit there. So always put safety first. Like literally out of everything in this video, this should be the one, put safety first always. Do not risk your life or the crew’s life for the production. I don’t know why I walked by the cart, I still need this. (chill pop beat) What’s up guys? Fancy tricks with remotes. All right, final lesson. The last mistake for you. Always, always get everything in writing. Couple years ago, everything is always
a couple of years ago. In the last couple of years I haven’t been making as many mistakes, but a couple of years ago, I was on the phone with a client, we agreed on $4,000 for a project. I was like “Wow, 4k, all right, let’s go.” So we went out, we shot this whole video, we spent around like $2,000 to $3,000 on like locations, people, talent, all this stuff, and then
I showed them the video and they’re like “Wow, this looks great, “send along the bill!” Sent the bill for $4,000, and he was like, “$4,000? I thought we said two?” And I was like “No, you
definitely said $4,000 “on the phone.” And he was like “Well, do we have this “anywhere in writing?” Nope, we didn’t have it in writing, we just agreed, over the phone, and I went out and spent $3,000 and got paid two. So always get everything in writing. All right, so here’s the truth. It takes a lot of courage
to start your own business. Nobody’s gonna hold your hand and trust me, you’re
going to make mistakes. But what’s on the other side of that? You’re gonna learn, you’re
gonna build a business from the ground up and you’re gonna start succeeding, which
is the exciting part of the chase. From there, you’ll start
getting the clients that you’ve always dreamed of. It might be one year, it might be five years, or it might be 10. But I can promise you, if you stick at it, it’s going to happen. A friend of mine once told me that you’ve gotta make a lot of shit before you shit gold. That always stuck with me, and as crude as it sounds, it’s so true. So go out there, make some mistakes, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll shit gold. (chill pop beat) Guys, guess what? You made it to the end of the video. Just like in the last video, ASMR clap. (soft clapping) I realized I didn’t film an outro. That’s always fun when
you’re really into the video and then you’re like “Wait a second, “I didn’t do anything to say “here’s the end of the video.” So you guys made it to
the end of the video, thank you so much for watching. If you guys enjoyed this video, please press like. That stuff always means
a lot to YouTubers. Did you know that? That’s why everybody
always asks you to do it. Because they’re like “Hey, algorithm, “I need your help to build a career!” So if you could do that, that’d be really helpful. Thanks so much. Subscribe and hit the bell to be notified for future videos. And I thought I’d also take
a quick second to mention Lizzie and I just announced our big travel course and photo course that we’re gonna be doing in the next little while, so if you guys wanna check that out, we’re going to the Azores, which is this awesome island in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, one of my favorite places. We’re hosting a course, we’re gonna teach you everything about business, photography, you’re
gonna have an amazing time. There’s some testimonials
and other fun stuff so if you guys wanna hit the link below to sign up for that photo course and just have a killer time in Portugal, I’d love to see you guys there. All right, guys, we’ll catch
you guys in the next one. Peace out, let’s say
guys a couple more times. Hey guys, hey guys, I’m a YouTuber, what’s up guys? Hey. Hey guys. – What’s up guys, I’m a YouTuber. – Sup guys, I’m not a YouTuber. – What’s up guys, I claim
to do this for a profession and people are like “Oh,
you make money with that?” That was my weekend. Bye. (chill hip hop beat)

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    As a result, my footage was almost unusable; overexposed (specially the bride´s dress), and so shaky than was almost imposible to rescue something (I did, because I was good as editor and colorist). So I decided to take the footge and…rescue something to help the person who hired me. It was so embarassing.
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  22. Mistakes are the prices of getting there…Here is one I made. My business was booming and I hired someone. We were both overworked and I had a shoot in Africa in order to get everything done had them pack my gear for the trip while I finished up a project. When I got to Africa I discovered I had no tripod mounting plate and battery charger. I was in the jungle with no chance of replacing them. What did I do? I mounted the camera with gaff tape or went handheld – that was the easy part. For the batteries, I figured I had about 8 hours of roll time for a week shoot. So I shot listed everything turned the camera on only for the shots I needed never reviewed the shots. I got through the week sweating bullets got home and delivered a video the client was crazy about (I did get rehired) but I nearly had to bite the dust. I never go anywhere without a checklist for gear which is doubled checked by me or whoever is actually traveling I also take 2 battery chargers and I have a phobia for not having enough batteries so I always carry at least 2x more than most shooters would ever think is necessary.

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