5 T-Shirts That Made $10,000 to Over $100,000+ ๐Ÿค‘ With Print On Demand ๐Ÿ’ƒ

– Hey, everybody! So today I’ve got a fun video for you. I’m gonna be revealing five T-shirts that made over $10,000
with print-on-demand, some of them making well over $100,000. But that’s not all. In addition to showing you the T-shirts, I’m gonna show you exactly
how they were marketed and why they were so successful, so that you can launch your
own successful T-shirts and sell them online as well. But that’s not all! I wanted to make this video
even more interesting, so in addition to all of this, we are also gonna play a fun game where you can win some points, yay. Here’s how this game is going to work. I’m gonna show you one T-shirt onscreen, and then you will have
five seconds to guess how much you think this shirt made. Option A, Option B,
(electronic beeping) Option C, Option D,
(electronic beeping) and if after those five seconds
you’ve guessed correctly, you win 10 points. I know that some people
don’t like my dancing videos, on the other hand, I’ve had
a bunch of people tell me that my videos haven’t had enough dancing in them lately, so… Anyway, let’s take a look
at that first T-shirt. Here it is! How much do you think this
print-on-demand T-shirt made? You have five seconds, go. (cow-bell clanging) All right! Drum roll please.
(drum rolling) This print-on-demand
T-shirt made over $100,000! If you guessed that
correctly, congratulations! You’ve won 10 points. Yes, this insanely simple one-word T-shirt made over $100,000. Pretty crazy, right? So how has it been able to do that? Well, to answer that question, let’s first of all look at
where this T-shirt is selling, and that is on Amazon, the biggest online
marketplace in the world. Coming and taking a look at the sales numbers for this T-shirt with the Premium Jungle
Scout Chrome extension app, we’ll be able to see, using
this sales estimator tool, that this has sold over
2,000 units this year alone, and it’s still making
money even to this day. So what’s the secret to this T-shirt? Well, this T-shirt was created at the height of a news story. It’s November 2016. One of, if not the most controversial presidential candidate of all time wins the U.S.A. election, Donald Trump. Even before he is officially
declared the winner, users on Twitter start
using the hashtag #resist in response to the results
connecting the word resist to the anti-Trump movement. As the anti-Trump movement grew in the days and months
following the election, several protests broke out. One of the biggest happened
on January 21st, 2017, The Women’s March. Throughout the march, that
same hashtag, #resist, was used to communicate and spread awareness through Twitter. All of this culminated on January 25th, when Greenpeace hung a 70-foot banner from a 300-foot crane
that was visible behind the iconic White House shot,
that featured one word, resist. And when was this T-shirt launched? February 1st, 2017, just six
days after Greenpeace hung their famous sign that
went viral in the news. Following news stories and current events can be a fantastic way to launch a successful T-shirt design. For example, this is a
T-shirt I’ve highlighted on this channel, that
has made over $10,000. It was based off this
tweet from Kanye West, that went viral after he created
the phrase, dragon energy. If you’re interested in building your own T-shirt print-on-demand business, then Merge by Amazon is a
great program to consider, especially if you don’t like having to pay for ads or traffic. And that’s because by leveraging keywords and trending topics like this, you can literally make sales within hours of posting a T-shirt without
doing any active marketing, thanks to Amazon’s insane
amount of organic traffic. All right, let’s move on
to the second T-shirt, and your next chance to win 10 points. So, here is T-shirt number two. How much money do you think
that this T-shirt made? You’ve got five seconds, go! (cow bell clanging) All right, time’s up. Drum roll please!
(drum rolling) This T-shirt made over $12,000. Yep, this simple text based T-shirt was originally made with print-on-demand although now, given its success, I wouldn’t be surprised
if it’s now mass-produced to increase profit margins. This funny T-shirt
design is another example of eBay stores that are creating
simple text-based designs, slapping them onto T-shirts and then listing them on eBay, and piggy-backing off of the traffic that visits there each and every day. In addition to that, though, there are two other reasons why this design has been successful. The first is that it’s in reference to the famous song, “Relax”. You know, ♪ Relax, don’t do it ♪ ♪ When you want to go to it ♪ The second and probably biggest reason is because of this! (audience laughs) – You have not worn that
T-shirt since you were 15. It doesn’t even fit you anymore! – Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.
– Yeah, yeah… – Oh, okay, okay. (audience laughs) – Yep, this shirt is a
replica of a T-shirt used in one of Friends’ most famous scenes. So really, this T-shirt
is mostly bought by fans of the Friends sitcom,
and it’s a great example of what I was talking about in this video. Because, yes, while on the
surface it seems like a good idea to create a shirt like this and to sell it to fans
of the show Friends, doing so would be illegal,
since it’s infringing on the trademark rights
of the Friends logo. So instead, think of clever
ways that you can reference famous celebrities, shows,
video games and other media, that fans will recognize
without infringing on things like copyrights and trademarks, to successfully and legally
piggy-back off of them. And by the way, if you
are enjoying this video, and you want to learn even more, then you should be sure to
download our free ebook, “The 6 Steps that 6 Figure
Online Stores Follow to Make $10,000 a Month.” Inside that ebook, you
will learn how to utilize print-on-demand and
drop-shipping to launch a successful, money-making store. You’ll find a link to get that ebook in the video description below. Okay, on to the third T-shirt, and another chance to win 10 points. So, how much money do you
think that this T-shirt made? $10,000, $20,000, $50,000, $100,000? Well you’ve got five seconds
to make your guess, go! (cowbell clanging) Okay, time’s up. Drum roll please.
(drum rolling) This T-shirt made over $57,000. Yes, this T-shirt is aimed
very specifically at OB nurses, and how do you think that they drove the majority of their sales? Through this, a very successful Facebook advertising campaign. Check it out, this one
ad got 36,000 reactions, 5400 comments, and over 9,400 shares. They listed this shirt for sale on the print-on-demand website, Teespring. Using TeeSpy, we can see that this shirt has had over 2300 sales, which translates to over $57,000. Pretty cool! So why did this T-shirt sell like crazy? Well, believe it or not, it’s actually in a super hot niche for print-on-demand items. The reason why the nursing niche is such a super-hot niche
for print-on-demand products is because nurses are extremely passionate about what they do. A lot of nurses do it for
more than just the money. So, I’ve got a question for you. Can you think of any
other careers out there that people might be passionate about besides the money that they earn from it? I can think of several. In particular, I can think of teachers. Many teachers will say that they do it for
more than just the money and they feel very
passionate about what they do which is why this is also
a hot print-on-demand niche with this T-shirt making over $30,000. So yes, there are certain niches out there which are super-hot and make for great print-on-demand
stores and campaigns. But back to that nursing
T-shirt from before. Let’s say you wanted to also create your own Facebook
campaign to target nurses. What are some ways that you can do that? Well, if we come here to
Facebook’s advertising tool and create a dummy ad, we can see our different
targeting options. Obviously we can type in the job title of who we’re targeting, in
this case registered nurses, so this is one way to target nurses, however this just means that
the people we’re targeting must be interested in nurses, so will very likely target
their friends and family too. So another good idea is to cross-niche them with demographics So if we come and narrow the audience, let’s cross-target this
by selecting Demographics instead of typing in an interest. Under Work, we can then select Industries, and then click on the
Healthcare and Medical Services. By targeting people who
actually work in the industry, we’ll be able to avoid the mistake of hitting their friends and family. Although something to keep in mind about this particular shirt
that made over $57,000, as in this shirt here, as we can see, it was targeting a very specific nurse, an OB nurse. Unfortunately, that is a very specific type of career to target
with Facebook ads, however targeting nurses in general was clearly very successful for them because what ended up happening was that, surprise, surprise, other nurses knew OB
nurses from their hospitals and started tagging them in the ad. Don’t you just love it when people start
advertising your products to their friends and family for free? And by the way, if you
are watching this video and you have learned something and you would like even
more free education on starting your own online store, then you should be sure to subscribe and click that little notification bell so that you don’t miss
out on any of our videos. Okay, the next T-shirt and your next opportunity to win 10 points is this T-shirt here. How much money do you think
that this T-shirt made? You’ve got five seconds, go! (cowbell clanging) Okay, time is up! The answer, for 10 points, is this shirt made over $18,000. Yep, this print-on-demand
T-shirt made over $18,000 but how and why? Well, first of all we can see that this T-shirt is selling on eBay and it’s taking advantage of the millions upon millions of people that visit there each and
every day, which helps. One thing that you may
have noticed, though, about these T-shirts on eBay is they are priced pretty low. Their profit margins will
be low for just one sale, but you know what? The real way to make money
both offline and online isn’t to get the customer
to buy one item from you. It’s to get customers to
buy multiple items from you. And because these eBay sellers do that, their profit margins greatly increase for each additional T-shirt
that their customers buy. I remember earlier this year, I was visiting Texas after my operation. While there, I discovered some of the nicest petrol
stations in the world, Bucc-ee’s. They were selling huge cups of soda for like 60 or 70 cents each at their massive soda stations. And here is the thing. As I discovered, Bucc-ee’s
is actually quite famous for its super-low-cost soda. Now, at best they’re
probably breaking even but the reason why they do it is because it means that when potential customers are choosing between which petrol station to stop in, they are way more likely
to fuel up at Bucc-ee’s, since it means that they can
get some cheap soda as well. Now Bucc-ee’s aren’t just selling soda, they are selling petrol as well, and this whole thing
about upselling customers to multiple T-shirts, successful eBay stores know this. And so check this out, this eBay store has this big
listing to direct customers to, which features not just one T-shirt but 12 designs, all in the
same niche, motorbikes. “Oh man, I really like this shirt. “I’m gonna get this one. “Hey what’s that? “That T-shirt, it looks pretty sweet, too. “I’m gonna pick that up. “Hey, I really like that one as well. “You know what, let’s just get all three.” And there is something
else about this T-shirt that is quite noteworthy as well. You may have noticed something, that it’s in the niche of motorbikes, Pretty hardcore bikers too, who customize their
bikes and work on them, and this is actually pretty relevant, because the demographics for
these type of motorcyclists, it’s quite specific. It’s predominantly middle-aged
males, and you know what? Unlike teenagers who are mostly broke, middle-aged men who own a motorbike generally have a lot more money to spend, which means that this niche
can be extremely lucrative. And demographics is
something to keep in mind when you’re choosing a niche. The fact that my YouTube channel skews much older than
most YouTube channels, whose biggest age demographic
is usually like 13-17, is a big part of why my channel makes more than 10 times what other similar YouTube
channels of the same size would make in AdSense revenue. So now that you know a little bit more about the motorcycle niche, perhaps you’re going to be
able to successfully guess how much this shirt made here? While not directly in
the motor bike niche, it certainly crosses
over demographic-wise, which is why it was smart for the designer to focus a design to be
predominantly on the back rather than the front, which you usually see,
for obvious reasons, in shirts aimed at motorcyclists. So how much did this shirt make? You’ve got five seconds to guess, go! (cowbell clanging) All right, times up! Drum roll!
(drum rolling) For 10 points, this shirt made over $100,000. Yep, well over $100,000,
more like $150,000. Crazy, right? They have sold over 8,000 of these shirts. So how do they do it? Well, they use the print-on-demand
service, Teespring. Over time, this Teespring store has built up a very large
following on Facebook, targeting the niche of
conservative Republicans that are also interested in gun rights. And this isn’t the only successful T-shirt they’ve launched and
advertised on Facebook. Check out this T-shirt
they’ve launched here, and this design that
they have advertised here and this design. I think if you’re gonna take away one thing from this video, it’s probably that politics sells, no matter where you sit along the scale. This might surprise you
but this is actually one of the most lucrative niches online. Not only are they extremely passionate but they skew older and
thus have a lot more money. Plus, Facebook’s advertising
tools are surprisingly very, very effective at targeting
these specific customers. For example, let’s take this T-shirt here and imagine we are creating
an ad for it on Facebook. With Facebook’s targeting options, we can do a great job at targeting our ideal customer avatar. All right, so since
we’re targeting fathers, we want to make sure that
we’re targeting males who are living in the United States. Next, you want to come
down to interest targeting. Now, yes, this T-shirt is aimed at fathers with older daughters. We can’t just target fathers
with daughters very well but we do have a great option to target fathers with older children, so come and click Browse, next click Demographics, after that choose Parents from the list, then click All Parents, and then you want to select Parents with Older Children and Parents with Teenage Children. Excellent, now this is obviously a shirt aimed at those who align with conservative political parties and with Facebook demographic targeting, you can actually target that directly. So click Narrow to cross-target and again click Browse, but this time, come to Behaviors instead. From here, we can select Politics USA and of course, we want to
choose the Conservative option. So now we’re targeting males in the U.S.A. with older children, who also align with conservative political
parties and we’re targeting about 1.8 million people. This is still reasonably broad, and we have more room to
narrow it down further for our initial ads. So again, click Narrow. As this T-shirt features imagery associated with motorbike T-shirts and with the design on the back, that’s what we’ll target here. So type in an interest
related to motorbikes, such as people who are interested in their specific types of motorcycles, and boom, now we are
targeting 280,000 people that must meet all of these interests. This here is our ideal customer avatar. So that’s it, how many points did you win? Let me know in the video description below and again, if you would
like to learn even more about print-on-demand,
then you should be sure to download our free ebook, “The 6 Steps That 6 Figure
Online Stores Follow to Make over $10,000 a Month”, and you will find a link
to download that ebook in the video description below.

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