7 Cool Drone Photography Ideas

what’s going on there my friend Ricky
Borrows here. Today we’re gonna talk about drone photography ideas, for drones that
have a camera on them. Now most it’s not all drones have cameras on them, and you don’t have to have a certain level of skill in order to take some really cool
pictures. Both of these drones are a product of DJI. This is the Phantom 4 Pro
and this is the Spark. So your first drone photography idea is to create
illusions with your drone. So the way that you accomplish this is by taking
either one of these drones and having them point straight down at a tennis
court. Move your subject in a position that makes him grab on to the lines of
the tennis court and positioning his feet and arms in such
a way so that it looks like he is falling. These kind of photos are just
great for social media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc. People go crazy over
this kind of stuff. It’s something that’s so simple, that you can do right
off the bat. So the second drone photography idea, that you can take with
either one of these drones is by flying in a manner so that you can get a
bird’s eye view. The dronie technique is one of the most popular ways of doing
this. The third drone photography idea, that
you can do, is by reversing the footage and by playing it fast. The fourth drone photography idea is by
putting your unique photography skills into play. You’re always telling a story
you’re always getting people to see, you’re always inviting people into your
world. You’re saying to them this is how I view life. This is how I
want you to experience my world and a drone can give you that perspective
that nobody else has been able to see before.
Number five drone photography idea one of my favorites is the 360 degree
panoramic view is also known as the little planet!
“Tap the camera settings, the camera logo, scroll down until you see the pano button and
then select sphere. Tap the camera button to take the picture and review the
footage by scrolling down and selecting a little orb in the bottom left-hand
corner. Once you export the image it’s going to look like a flat 360-degree
view, so what you have to do is download Theta App and what Theta does is that it
blends the images and it makes it look like a sphere, or like a little planet. So
you have to select the “little planet” feature and then it’ll change it right
over to a little planet. I do apologize that you can’t see the
controls for this app because as I was screen recording this app on my phone and it
somehow blocked all the controls to it. But it’s very simple
straightforward, you select little planet and you can save to camera roll or share
it straight to social media. Number six drone photography idea is to
research other drone pilots and their YouTube channels and their blog posts
and to see what are they doing differently. What
are they doing that’s catching your eye? How can I make a better photo or how
can I make a better video out of it? Which brings me
to number 7 had to think about that number 7 is to use Google Earth and so
there you have it drone photography ideas so you can use
for drones that have a camera on them. The Phantom 4 Pro actually has a
full-frame camera so you can get more detail, you can take better pictures with
it. The DJI spark is convenient you could carry it and place it and take off we’re
you like. The difference between the two and how one’s a
little bit bigger than the other one which makes it a little bit easier to
carry this one around but the quality is definitely in the Phantom 4 Pro
versus spark. This one also gives you more time in the air so it’s about 30
minutes in the air and your Spark is about 12 minutes in the air. They real
simply go the same speed except for this one goes just a little bit faster at about
40 45 miles an hour this one’s about 30 33 miles an hour.
Your Phantom 4 Pro is also at 60 frames a second at 4k and your DGI spark is
1080p at 30 frames to 30 frames per second and I gotta say both of them are
very very impressive. I know that you’ll pick the drone and it has
the right camera for you. So if you’d like to add more value to this video.
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