A Day In The Zoo-Dolphin Show, animals love us(shot on iPhone)

make a vlog we are here today at the Attica Park “look he grabbed me” he grabbed me chill what exactly are you looki- ah turtles good evening certainly let’s gather children yayyy children gather here where do we want to start from ? no one ? awww look how cute they are oh a pomegranat CAUTION PONIES BITE why is one tooth shorter than the other ? he probably broke it accidentally he may had a toothache let’s go go there are wolves around here WHERE ARE THEY? I want them I want them let’s go they have claimed me he looks at the camera never, I never want to leave how do you feel that we came in the attic park perfect I like it very much any other comments? I am hungry me too Natalia how do you feel that we came here to day? I am very happy any other comments? I think that’s the comment of the day this sums everything up what’s up? Demetra it’s coming look this one is trying to get the phone I like this baby I don’t know, how many are on me right now ? 3, 4 is he hitting on her ? we are eating what’s your experience with your food it’s perfect I can’t even wait for you the bottle had a lot of water in it did it have a lot of water? it had a lot of water and she just threw it away she should be ashamed and we are like we are dying and no she throws it away okay I will remember that

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