Adobe Photoshop Elements Sun Ray Effect Photoshop Elements Tutorial 10 11 12

Hi, this is InfoPuppet and we’re going to
do the sun ray effect. You’re going to love my next Photoshop Elements tutorial. Photoshop Elements 11 is open up. This work fine in PE 10 and PE 12.
Lets go ahead and check out the images we’ll be working on today. Love ’em! They’re so beautiful. The first thing we’re going to do is letsgo to the tool bar and we’re going to select
the Brush tool. All right. Now what we’re going to dois come down to this dropdown menu next to
Brush, we’re going to scroll down and we’re going to find this brush down here, #63; its
called the Dry Brush Tip Light Flow. Love the name of that brush, but I want something
that’s not too solid and that’s why I selected that first. Now I just went to Brush settings
and we’re going to change the spacing to 44%. Hey! blb blb blb blaa brl. Uhhhh. Man! Now what I’m doing is just brushing and I’m
going over the lines that I’m drawing; Oh sorry I’m a little shaken up here. By the way, the redo button is at the bottom
of Photoshop Elements. Doesn’t it look beautiful? I’m so talented.
We’re going to go up here and select Filter and Blur and Radial Blur. You want to make
sure your amount is at 100%, you don’t want it on spin, you want zoom and good quality
is good. But here’s the trick: you have to move this diagram so that the lines in the
diagram are kinda’ facing the way you want your rays to go. I think that looks good and I’m going
to click on OK and look at that. It looks awesome. I just went to Filter and I clicked
on Radial Blur again just to give it a little bit better effect.
Now what we’re going to do is we’re going to right click and select Duplicate Layer
and that makes it a little bit brighter. That might look too bright but I’m going to show
why we’re going to do this. I’m holding the shift key down, I selected both layers at
the same time, I’m going to right click and select Merge Layers. Here’s where the magic
happens: I’m going to change this from normal to soft light. Look at that! It looks so magical.
This normal image now looks cool. Part 2
Lets go to technique number two. This one’s even better. What we’re going to do on this
version of the sun rays is we’re going to go to the Brush tool and lets just get a regular
brush. I’m going to scroll up and select Brush #9. It’s a hard brush and now I’m going to
go up to Create a New Layer, click on that so I have my new layer, always work on a new
layer; never draw on your regular image. Now I’m just drawing little white dots near the
clouds. If you ever find clouds that look like this with a little break in them, always
take a picture because you’re going to do this effect and you’re going to love it.
Now what we’re going to do is go to Filter a d Radial Blur and bhaaaah, it looks horrible. That’s
because the radial blur is still set to the last image we were using, so we’re going to
go back to Filter, Blur and Radial Blur and again it’s very important; we want our rays
to fall this way towards the road so we have to move the image in the same direction so
the rays are pointing in the same way. Look at that! Much better. Now I’m going to go back up to Filter and Radial Blur and it
stays at the presets I just changed them to and
I’m going to do it a couple more times, Filter and Radial Blur. The rays are a little light
so we’re going to duplicate the layer by right clicking and selecting Duplicate Layer. Looks
a lot better. Now we’re going to hold the shift key down, select both layers, right
click and select Merge Layers. Now I’m just going to grab the Move tool and we’re going
to move this to line it up so that the rays start at the break in the clouds. With this
effect you’ll always have to re-adjust. Okay, looks great!
Now for the finishing touches. I’m going to go grab the brush tool and I’m going to change
the size to 43 pixels and I have the opacity at 100% and now I’m going to create a new
layer; you have to draw some light where the beams are shining, right? To make this look
real. Look at the beautiful job I’m doing; it looks just like it should look. I am so
good at this. It looks awesome. NOT. What we’re going to do to make this look like the
road’s just slightly lightened up is we’re going to turn the opacity down to about 18%,
and then I’m going to grab the Eraser tool and I’m going to bring the size up to about
33 and the opacity all the way down to 12. Now we’re going to go into fast motion and
all I’m doing is I’m taking that hard edge away from this circle that I’ve drawn. Looks good. Lets take out some before
and after. This is before
and after and before and after. Now if your image is a little bit too bright you can always
dim the brightness on the main image to make this effect really look great. Check out some
of my other tutorials for that. Click on this link to see some of my recent uploads. Thanks
for watching from InfoPuppet.

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