All About Camera Angles and Moving Shots : Uses of Birds Eye View Shots: Camera Angles

Hi. This is Kevin Linenmuth and for Expert
Village I will be talking about camera angles and camera moves. The bird s eye view is a
shot that s directly overhead from your subject. It could be overhead from a person or location
or whatever. You see this a lot on TV you see it on shows where they’ll show like a
city shot. Your directly above it and looking straight down on the buildings it makes everything
seem very small. It s kind of on a natural, it s not like a natural shot of course bird
s eye view but it doesn?t really necessarily look a bird flying over. Though it could be
used for that if you?ve seen any of the old Beast Master movies where the person is seen
through the eyes of bird. That s a very literal Birdseye shot and that’s pretty cool and that’s
also use for an effect. It makes things seem less significant. It makes them seem very
small. Used as an establishing shot as well like the extremely long shot .You just see
everything. Everything s wide open and you can just see where it all take this. So again,
you know it s not something that s use randomly its ending its use for a specific purpose.
Just as the extreme close up is used.

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