Ambie's Amateur Art: Stuffed Fables Mini Painting

hello everyone I'm ambi and this is my amateur art series where I'm currently painting stuff fables miniatures so this is going to be a regular ish series now I'm planning on doing it every other Wednesday at this time hopefully this time is good for people but I won't be doing it two weeks from now because that is the week of dice I work on so but after that I'll start doing it every other week hopefully and then it will always be miniature painting either once I finish stuff fables I was gonna make some pieces for dungeon pits because I like that game yeah so last week I made or not last week last time which was a few weeks ago I think I painted these crawly thingies and stuff fables so I'm done with that this week I'm gonna do the mongrels which are these doggies her robotic dog things Oh to that view okay so I tried making a wet palette I've never used this before so this is an experiment but this is a wet palette I looked up online how to make one its parchment paper on top of paper towel on a Tupperware lid so it's supposed to keep the paint's wet longer so like if I mix the paints then they'll stay they won't dry out before I'm done using them which seems like it will be useful so that is my new thing for this time yeah so it was pretty easy to make and hopefully it works out we'll see hi Jeff alright so this is the mongrel okay and then this is the card that I'm basing it off of picture it's like a orangish yellow metallic dog thing monster I'm not really sure what it is it's all of all of these things are like evil toys but I'm not sure what what type of toy this was so far this product seems cool okay so I'm just gonna do like lightest yellow oh yeah last time I had it like it's a metallic dog thing monster yes okay but like what the type of toy who has this type of toy no Brees last time with these metallic crab doll things I ended up watering down the paint a lot and then it ended up looking more old and stuff which was a future that was unintended so I'm gonna maybe do something like that again so I'm just doing a quick like painting everything this color for now and there are four of these bad guys so I think like for most of the bad guys and stuff people's yeah for all of the main bad guys there's four of each mini for all of the non boss bad guys cuz there's these big bosses that are a lot harder and there's only one of each of those but they're special and only up here in special scenarios I'm just trying to get everything covered for now just to make sure there's like that most of the gray is covered and I'm still just using normal acrylic paint I will probably never buy fancy piece although I saw some pictures of contrast paints recently and they look really cool I guess it like does different colors in one coat and you can just do one coat and it does really cool colors I don't know how it works oh my gosh so this it's bittersweet it's like a skeleton so on the inside on the bottom there's it's like ribcage and stuff it's hard to get to how much would you charge to paint the six characters from gloom here for me I don't do Commission so I don't know this is just a hobby for me and the gloom Haven miniatures are like they seem like they would be harder to paint than these cuz these are pretty they're like at least the one that I played I'm playing the mind if you think with maven and it seems very small and like this this miniature is a lot bigger and seems like it's easier to paint I think I'm almost done with this coat for this guy oh yeah so the what palette um it's this is a Tupperware lid you can also put it in a Tupperware but then I read online that like the walls of the Tupperware get in the way so people prefer using a Tupperware lids sometimes and then you can also close it and seal it off if you stop and then theoretically it'll stay wet I have not tested this yet because this is my first time using it but yeah Tupperware lid and then it's a paper towel with water on it so it's like a soaked paper towel and then parchment paper so then you put the parchment tape paper on top and then flip it around so both sides got wet and it seems to be working well but it basically just googled how to make your own wet palette I don't remember the exact google terms but but there are a lot of different ones some people use sponges and some people use paper towels but it's basically some sort of absorbent surface like a sponge or paper towel and then parchment paper on top it seems to be working although I probably didn't mix enough color for minis I'm not good at gauging how much paint I need for her thing like I normally do too little at first and then I end up overcompensating the next time I mix color did you go to origins play anything new that you were like no I did not go to origins I've never been to origins one of these days maybe I'll go but it's kind of that a weird time I was actually visiting my family in that weekend's though last weekend so I wouldn't weigh but yeah and it's kind of far because I live on the west coast so I haven't played anything new recently I think I've mostly been playing existing games that I already have but I am going to dice tower Khan in a couple of weeks I can't um yeah so I'm going to dice our car in a couple weeks which is why I will be doing one of these streams that week and hopefully I'll get to play some games there anyone in chat go to origins I don't actually know a lot of the games that are coming out one Oh so many parts to this piece what kind of paint are you using I am using acrylic paint like for just for painting I get I get so this is one of them I get big and this is the white I get big bottles at the craft store it's like the paint that you use for a painting like canvas painting or something but not the really fancy kind because that those are more expensive under sign is really hard to get okay I think mostly done with this face yeah it does look kind of old metallic because I like watered it down a lot so you can like the gray kind of shows through still a little which I thought was cool from last time so trying to do that again yeah so I have two more but I'm kind of running out of paint so I guess I didn't mix enough but that's okay that they're gonna be like slightly different colors because they're different toys so I'm gonna mix some more No numbers oh and last time I put wash on the little creepy crawly things and I don't really know how to do wash so it kind of went over the whole thing and made it look kind of dirty but that's okay because there's supposed to be old dirty toys anyway but then I googled afterwards and I guess you're only supposed to put wash on certain areas that you want to highlight or I guess not really highlight dark light darken and so next time I will do that so only do wash on certain areas so that was something I learned but luckily like all these mistakes still look decent enough and because these toys are supposed to be ugly it's it's fine to make mistakes um I didn't realize these figures would be so hard to get to everything so after I finished these mongrel is the last basic bad meaning I have left and stuff fables is the dark hearts which are like little stuffed animals without a heart how much of stuff fables have you already finish painting I've painted all the heroes and the crawlies so which is one of the bad guys one of the sets these these things and then yeah so I'm on these ones I guess there's three sets of normal bad guys so the crawly is these mongrels and the dark hearts and then there's a bunch of bosses I don't know five bosses there are so those are each independent miniatures so then after I do the dark hearts I'll have to work on those and then I'll be done and then I'll be on to my next project need ideas for new projects too because I don't have that many games with miniatures in them like I like painting well I mean I haven't painted that many miniatures this is one of the only main big projects I've done but a lot of games with miniatures I don't really like enough to own so so I don't have them you are fearless that paints my afraid to actually paint my face yeah well this this game has I think like pretty forgiving miniatures III mean I don't actually know because I don't have that many do some integers so there's not much to compare it to but I think the measures are pretty good like they have pretty good details there they're made well I think I don't know and they're cute and also I'm playing it with kid so they are not as critical about how it turns out I guess although I think like whenever I make something I'm probably the most critical because I notice all the mistakes whereas if you're looking at it far away and you didn't make the mistakes it's less likely for you to see them all so just in general with anything you make what happens I also figured if I mess up too bad maybe I could just like spray paint over it with one color and I'll be back to what it was or I think there might be a way to just like remove the paint I'm not sure so Jeff painted rmn with his daughter and she gave them pink shirts and gold helmets that's pretty cool okay so Kent says you can soak minis in simple green or purple power cleaner to remove paint so I guess that's what moves paint yeah so it's all if you've mess up that badly and want to remove everything you can do that so it's not like it it's a permanent thing I guess hi Trevor you got Tokyo Highway you blame me but if the kids enjoy it that's a good thing right so you're welcome yeah Tokyo how he's a fun game okay the kids thanked me but your wallet does not I'm kidding is it that expensive the the reprint whatever I only got the two player one from Japan which was expensive for like two player small game like that but it was not available have I played mice and mystics and stuff fables um I've played mice in mystics like one scenario but it was a long time ago so I don't remember much of it I think I liked it but I can't really compare it because it was a long time ago I know my husband did not like mice and mystics and he likes stuff fables a lot better I mean enough that like we own stuff fables now so $45 for the reprint yeah that's about how much the two-player version was oh yeah so my husband really likes stuff people's better because I don't remember what you didn't like about mice in mystics though and I don't really remember that the mechanics of mice and mystics so yeah sorry okay now I've got those alright so now what should I do so yeah because wet palette is pretty cool cuz these paints haven't dried out yet I haven't even used nothing too much but okay so I'm looking at this card and there's a red glowing eye and I can do that last probably I'm not gonna make it glow either there's just like different shades of yellow orange metal everywhere patchy that patchy yellow orange metal so I'm not really sure what I'm gonna do I know you guys play a lot of eighteen xx but what is Toby's favorite game his favourite game is rolling stock which is a card game inspired by 1896 so he really likes that like the financial parts of eighteen xx and rolling stock is similar to that but the stock markets way very different and there's no track or anything so it's just the building up corporations and like buying and selling shares of the stuff so he really likes that his favorite game used to be twilight imperium so we used to have ti3 and that was his favorite game until he discovered 18 XX which might seem weird I guess like a weird replacement but it's because they're both super epic games with yeah so like now if he wants to play a super epic game you can play an 18 X X and he doesn't like randomness that much so he didn't like the dice rolling in Twilight Imperium we still like styling for him but each next X just replaced it so it's like a patch of patches of darker orange so now I'm just like painting these spots this one it doesn't seem like there's a whole lot of variation in the colors in the detail so usually I like trying to follow it like exactly what the colors are supposed to look like because if if something has colors on it then I want to match it but here it has some colors they're not that but they're all just orange yellow and it's mostly just looking like it's old so I don't have to make it perfect and they're any good eating sex games that work well with two players so 18 are six games are best with three or more players because of shared incentives they're not zero-sum games so you really want to have three or more players most the time I I've heard that eighteen OE in 1825 have scenarios that are good with two players I've also heard 1860 it's good with two players and eighteen CZ has a two-player variant and so does 1846 I haven't played any of those had two players I played 1860 a two-player but it was a little while ago and yeah I don't know if I like it a two-player still like when we first learned 18 X X we played that a two-player so but like I haven't played a two-player use neck sex in a long time okay so I just like put a darker orange color on some spots because that's what it looks like they have their I think I didn't mix it up again Oh if you want the glowing eye effect it can add either gloss red or gloss clear use the testers paint okay I don't have any fancy paint so I can't do that but that's good to know for other people so I'm doing the orange spots in slightly different spots so that they're not all exactly the same because I think it's more like the seems like they were made out of scrap metal and so they wouldn't all be exactly the same anyway oh so testers pay the fancy you get a six panel on Amazon for $14 or one jug for $4 okay maybe I can look into that later I thought I wouldn't that's not in time for this one are using standard acrylic paint from a craft shop or such or anything especially many paint yeah I'm using standard acrylic paint from a craft shop so it's like a couple bucks for like the big bottle actually I'm not sure these ones I got for free a long time ago so I actually know how much they cost thanks Nelson I'm gonna coming to Pacific on over Labor Day weekend that's when I'll Labor Day weekend no we can't go to specific Kong again this year because we have a wedding I think there was like one year that we didn't have a wedding to go to over Labor Day weekend and then I got sick so I went to Pacific on for one day and then couldn't go the rest of the time but yeah so we are not going to visit VidCon this year one of Toby's cousins is getting married okay that's enough orange Wow 30 min 45 minutes and its own faster okay one more and I'm not sure what I'll do next okay so now I've got all of these with like some dark orange and light orange uhm yeah I'm not sure if I should do more so this is what the picture looks like again I don't know if you can see it and so I'm trying to do that with so far but they're all slightly different like this one I think the orange is darker and the yellow is lighter but that's okay so I don't know if I want to add like too much different color paint to it because I like having the I still like having that the gray shows through and makes it look kind of like metal ish and old and like patched together which is what it is so maybe I won't do that much more okay I'll try to do I okay so the eye is black with red and the inside throw a wash on it I'm gonna do the eye first and then and then I'll try to wash doing the wash hopefully this time the washroom mess it up he's black on the outside of the eye like that no oil not sure what that is is that a wash pseudos black wash okay my mom gamer thanks for coming well Trevor maybe you know are you supposed to wash do the wash over everything or just like certain areas because last time I tried doing the wash over everything I don't know if I just if the wash was too thick or not but it made everything look kind of dirty and then I read that maybe we were just supposed to do the wash on certain parts so I'm not really sure how you're supposed to do it when some of these buttons are more reddish so maybe I can do red on some other buttons this one watch everything especially the crevices but then does it make like everything else darker yeah I put some red on these buttons so they stand out on that one I think you want to watch really watery and brush it over everything I'll let it pull up in the cracking piece but not so much on the flat surfaces oh if you want to minimize dark and use a napkin and wipe it off after 30 seconds okay okay that's so you you probably want to make sure like everything's really dry before you do it then right no I'm not using contrast paint just using craft it collects yeah I know one water to paint okay so I'm actually using like where did it go this furniture gloss thing plus water for the wash because my friend was saying he use it in it like sticks to the cracks really well so I got a little bit of that okay so I probably shouldn't do the wash now because I'm not sure these are dry enough but I will do that off camera expecting trains to be painted I actually did paint some trains so what is the game called Oh North American railways I think there's little wooden trains that come with it and they come in different colors for the to match the colors of the of the stalks and like all of the mast except for one was white and then it was a purple share so I just like painted the Train purple that worked out pretty well but that was a lot easier than miniatures because it was just a it was just one color and there's no like details to it pictures of below and after I need to be posted to Twitter oops so now I'm doing the eyes I put black around the eye and cuz it's got like a black shadow around it and then the red on the inside then I did that I don't know if you can see before and after okay I thought that's what you might mean why don't how many pictures of before unless you mean before wash and after wash that then I can do that but I don't have before they were painted to go back in time okay so yeah I approve of this wet palette my bees mom I had put these color paints out before starting the stream and they're still like what and usually they would dry up and I have to get get more so that's cool oh do you do the bases after the wash too I haven't painted the bases yet I need to figure out what color basis I want so for the basis I just paint him a straight color I'm not sure what I'll do for these guys maybe some I don't know but I'll just pick a color and paint them all yeah I could add more black yeah I'll probably add black wash good seems like the wash could do there's a lot of little crevasses in here like these buttons and the this jaw thing and I and these gears so the the wash would be good so Trevor said you did his bases like steel color yeah so I could do either that or like brown or something but I'll do that also off stream because it's been about an hour now so I think that's it for painting on this stream I think these are mostly done I don't I don't think I need to add that much details to them just because yep that's how they are they're these ugly mongrels so I will try doing the wash and but I'll wait until maybe tomorrow so that it's definitely dry and then I can do the wash and I'll try to remember to do before and after pictures yeah so go back so thank you everyone who came yeah so this is this will print isn't as good as the other one but here's one of the miniatures Lurie and yeah so I'm just gonna let it dry for a day then I'll try doing the wash and maybe dab at it because I don't want like to go in the flat spots and then I'll paint the bases some color I don't have I'm not sure what color but it'll be color and then I will post pictures so yes thank you everyone for coming it doesn't look like anyone has any more questions so that's probably everything hope everyone has a good couple weeks and so I will not be streaming two weeks from now I will be at dice tower Khan but if anyone is coming today stark on come say hi they oh they have some miniature painting stuff there I don't think I'm gonna be attending any of them but still another commissioning still no Commission's no I'm not comfortable enough in my ability to do commissions and this is also just the hobby like it was taking me so long to get to paint this and I've owned this game for a while yeah so I'm not commissioning anything yeah so if anyone's coming dry stark on I think Sam and Vernon are doing like painting classes so you can learn to paint there and they're there they know more about it so that's a good idea um and yeah so hope everyone has a good week and weekend next couple weeks and thanks for watching bye

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  1. @ambierona – It's best to use washes the color you are trying to 'shade'. If you only use a black wash you'll darken everything, but if you were to change the base color of your paint (as I know you're creating your own wash) to say, a brown or a red, you'll get more details. You also want to wash the specific parts of the model that you want to be shaded/have shadows.

  2. Fun! I love that the Dice Tower now has a painting show. And Stuffed Fables? I coincidentally found myself catching up on painting the Dark Hearts, which were a blast (well, until they descended upon my other miniatures, intent on smothering them heartlessly). Perhaps I revisited Stuffed Fables cuz I was channeling my "inner Ambie"? I dunno. All I know is that I'm holding myself to my #PaintBeforePlay philosophy and, now that I have Comanauts, I want to wrap up playing the scenarios of SF. Anyhoo, keep up the painting!

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