Applied Photography

[ Music ] My name is Randy Snook, and I
teach in the photography department. Commonly our graduates end up doing either
commercial photography which includes everything from advertising photography
to architectural photography. And then the other group are primarily
doing portrait and wedding photography. What really distinguishes our program
specifically is that everyone who teaches in it has been part of the
photographic industry. We know the ins and outs of how to make
a business run, and we are passionate about teaching our students those very skills. The department here really opens up a lot
of doors for whatever you’re interested in. I could do event photography,
weddings, portraiture. Wildlife photography is definitely my passion
but through the courses I’ve taken here, I’ve really fallen in love with the
manipulation I get to do in Photoshop. Our beginning classes is actually hybridized
in that it teaches both digital skills and it teaches traditional darkroom
skills, and we’ve actually found that those traditional darkroom skills
are very important in the learning process of understanding the foundations of photography. We have an entire class that is devoted
to how to run your photography business, how to market your photography business,
and all aspects of running your business, and that’s just something you don’t
get when you go to a four-year college. It’s opened up my mind to a different
things I can do with photography. I like the control I have with it. I like the creativity it gives me. There’s a very intentional focus on preparing
students for actually running your own business because most photographers
actually are self-employed. [ Music ]

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