Artifact Cards: Magic the Gathering Game : Death-Mask Duplicant Artifact Card in Magic the Gathering

Hi I’m Mike Lopez with Expert Village and
today we’ll be discussing artifacts from Magic the Gathering. And now I’m going to talk about
Death Mask Duplicate, Death Mask Duplicate is an artifact creature that is a shape shifter
and once again it counts as every and all creature types. Is an uncommon and Death Mask
Duplicate costs seven to play, well by playing seven you’re going to get a five, five creature
and this creature is going to have imprint on it. Now once again you can pay the imprint
cost or not, you can leave him as a five, five or you can pay the imprint cost. The
imprint cost is when Death Mask Duplicate is in play you pay one and remove target creature
card from your graveyard from the game. Now once again this creature card could be bigger
than Death Mask Duplicate and that card will now go on to this card Death Mask Duplicate
so if it was an eleven, eleven you will have an eleven, eleven and it will also have the
abilities. The abilities of either double strike, haze, a land walk, protection from
and or trample. Once again this gets all the bonuses that, that creature that was removed
from game had.

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