Artist continues story of women brought over on brideships in1862 | Vancouver Sun

today we're here to talk about the new exhibit by Tracy mcmenamy's the girls are coming a visual voyage of the brideship Teignmouth I approached Tracy and we started talking about what possibilities there there might be for a show related to two women in the sea Tracy went away and did some research and came back with this amazing and somewhat chilling story of these these young women and girls who were brought over in the 1860s on board the Tynemouth and just the story of their harrowing journey and and what they went through so I started here at the Vancouver American maritime museum archives and I came across the story of the bride ships my process once I've done the researches and I moved to the material the girls were referred to as cargo and an invoice they weren't people they were objects so what I did with this sculpture is I found an old oak pallet that is still has stability in it but is falling apart and quite fragile and I have tied ripped pieces of wedding dresses in crinoline onto it em in bundles and I had in possession some sales from a heritage ship that we have here at the Heritage stock outs in front of the museum old super old sails that are decaying and falling apart and moldy and I just fell in love with them because they have there you can see the history and the memory in the sails and I came across an old oil lamp from the same era 1860 so I used the suit I hold the lamp like a paintbrush and I paint with with the suit and because it was a steamship there was sit on the boat so the materiality of the sail cloth and the suit is where I started and every piece in the show has either both or one of those materials throughout all of my research the one thing I really wanted to know is the names of the girls I knew they were girls and I had some names from some of the articles but I didn't have a full list and on my very last visit at the end of October I was at the BC archives and I came across the full passenger list which for me was just it was the icing on the cake of the entire show so that I could make a memorial to all of these girls put their name up so everybody could see who they are hopefully at the during the show I'll hear stories of connections with families from our province who are connected to the girls so I have a video running that gives each girl limelight and an opportunity for us to all think about them and see their names

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