Artist Highlight: Tina Bongorno (Origins 2019)

hi I'm Tina I'm a freelance illustrator basically when I start an illustration for the dice tower Tom will give me like a quick little description of each of the contributors and I'll start with that and then do a lot of like I'll do a deep dive into like all of the videos they've done recently watch a lot of their the top ten videos and then do a little creeping on Twitter to find more some more pictures of people so for a while when I was working on them I feel like I had like almost like a disturbing knowledge of everybody's particular board game tastes so yeah it was just a matter of picking out those things that really make each person stand out from one another so I actually do a lot of nerdy focus shows but origins specifically is full of like a lot of really creative imaginative people so I do these 60 second marker sketches there they're more like 600 seconds or 10 minutes and they're just these like really silly marker sketches and at normal shows they do a lot of like pet portraits and caricatures and stuff but at origins I really get to like you know let my nerd flag fly and draw D&D characters Pathfinder characters and stuff like that lots of unicorn unicorn casts and all kinds of crazy stuff and also print wise I get to I don't have to like curate my selection so much I can just have all that nerdy stuff out there for people so had to restock the Pokemon already I actually for a really long time I wanted to be an animator growing up so I really looked to animated shows and that kind of like cel-shaded style and that's something that I really try to push at least most recently is that's sort of like juxtaposition of cel-shaded characters over a more like painted background so like some of my big influences are like miyazaki movies avatar last airbender and also i watched just a ton of anime growing up so you can probably see that influence in there a lot and like looney tunes and stuff so just a lot of silly cartoon animation stuff so you can find me at Tina Bongiorno calm or I'm also on Twitter Instagram Tumblr all that good stuff thanks so much for watching the diced our videos find more great videos and reviews as well as our top rated audio podcast at dice tower calm

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