Best 360 Camera For VIRTUAL TOURS??? (Early 2018)

So you’ve decided you want to shoot virtual
tours and you’re looking for a 360 camera with that purpose in mind. When
shooting a virtual tour a lot of things don’t apply that I talk about in my
other videos, things like video things like stabilization things like a
low-light because most virtual tools are shot during the day so I have the 4
best contenders in front of me now I want to put them side-by-side to figure
out really which is the best camera you should buy if you want to make money
with virtual tours to be perfectly honest with you the best 360 camera
choice is using a DSLR. I know what you’re thinking.. DSLR? What? They don’t shoot 360. Well actually they do back in the day panoramic photographers would use a DSLR
with a nodal head and they’d point the camera in all directions capturing a
mega high-resolution 360 panorama which they then stitch together into an
awesome-looking 360 they still do this today and this is still the best option
but that takes way too long who’s got time to download all those
files stitch them together photo by photo by photo I want to be able to do
it in minutes which is why in this video we’re going to choose the best
point-and-shoot 360 camera so the two things you should look for in
a 360 camera for shooting virtual tours are 1: resolution and 2: dynamic range
these are crucial because all buildings you might be shooting in will have an
interior and an exterior that is significantly brighter than the interior
which is why dynamic range is so important you need a camera they can
capture both of them harmoniously in the same photo and not completely blow out
the background or underexpose the interior and this can be achieved in two
ways the first way is just shooting in HDR mode some cameras like this one have
HDR mode so you can do it right there in the camera which is really handy because
it means there’s less post work later on the second way is shooting in RAW a lot
of these cameras now can shoot in RAW which means you have a lot more control
over your highlights and your shadows in post so if you like editing in Lightroom
or Adobe Camera Raw you can really recover any detail that might have been
under or over exposed next is resolution and when you choose a 360 camera you
need to make sure you choose them with just a base level of resolution
resolution isn’t everything but it’s something I would prioritize exposure
over resolution but if you have about 15 megapixels or more you should be okay
don’t settle for some cheap crappy camera found on eBay it’s worth getting the
name brands that you might have seen on my youtube channel because they will
deliver so now I’m going to put these 4 cameras to the test in a high
contrast room that I’ve got here really strong lighting coming in through the
windows and we have shadows inside so this will be a good test of which of
these four cameras is the best for virtual tours now i will be shooting RAW
when I can which is with 2 of these cameras and i will be shooting in HDR
mode for the cameras that also allow HDR and you know what I’m gonna put the
samples from all of these photos that I’m taking today down in description if
you want download with them and pixel peep them yourself if you want to edit
them and see exactly what workflow works best for you
i’ll make them available for free check the description so here are the photos I took with each camera I used the settings that produce
the best overall look exposure dynamic range and so on so the photos in front
of you are as good as they possibly can look with each camera I color corrected
them in Adobe Camera Raw I will show you the original images a little later with
the Xiaomi Mi Sphere I shot in RAW and I found that looks slightly better than
auto exposure the Mi Sphere is always super contrasty so I found that helped
a bit again the Insta 360 One looked best in RAW I shot this in DNG RAW
stitch it in Insta 360 Studio and I must say I’m pleasantly surprised at how good
it turned out here’s the Theta V and I shot this in HDR rendering which is a
setting within the app and damn I’m happy with this I don’t know what else
to say finally here’s the Fusion and this photo
was taken with RAW on and ProTune on however this isn’t a RAW photo you can’t
yet stitch RAW within the GoPro app so this is just plain auto exposure so here are
the things that are important to me when shooting a virtual tour now I want to
address all of these things one by one to see how the cameras stack up against
each other I’ll give them ratings and see which one
wins overall taking a look at the sharpness and straight away the Fusion
draws my eye as the sharpest of the 4 followed by the Mi Sphere and this is
from a wider perspective when we punch in I think that all but confirms that
Fusion #1 Mi Sphere #2 believe it or not the Theta V comes in 3rd and Insta
360 One 4th and this is really interesting because the 2 cameras on
the left have a higher resolution and the 2 cameras on the right yet the
Theta V and Fusion are beating the Mi Sphere and One respectively
so why is that well the answer is lens quality because the 2 cameras on the right are the most expensive they are designed the best and the lenses are
engineered in a way that despite having a lower resolution they’re able to
capture details in a way that makes the resolution look higher than it actually
is moving on to dynamic range and looking
at these 4 images here I think they’re all totally acceptable and I’d
be happy shooting a virtual tour with any of these if I had
mixed lighting I know they’d all do a pretty good job first I want to look at the
highlights and when i zoom in super close on all 4 images they’re all
looking extremely different the Theta V is no question handling at the best hey
the Insta 360 One is doing a really good job normally it’s not that great
mixed lighting but with highlights it does an excellent job Fusion comes next
and the Mi Sphere is looking pretty average taking a look at the shadows and
it’s a completely different story the Theta V comes 1st
again shadows are looking excellent I would put Fusion in 2nd while the Mi Sphere puts up a strong case for 2nd the texture of the Fusion is a lot
better I can see quite a bit of visible noise with the Mi Sphere whereas I can’t
with the Fusion finally with the Insta 360 One it’s just not a camera that’s good
at low-light or shadows so this especially applies to mixed lighting
it’s not going to be great in the shadow areas although it will be good in the
highlights so here’s how I see it overall for dynamic range
good old Theta V it’s always been excellent dynamic range and this is
something I’ve said video after video this is the best camera for dynamic
range period end of story next is color and if you haven’t entered full screen
mode yet then now is the time to do it so you can really pixel peep these
colors and straight away again the 2 cameras on the right to stand out more
than the cameras on the left the Fusion and Theta V are almost inseparable they
both really really good for color my skin tone definitely looks best on
the Theta V however this video isn’t about that that’s about photographing
buildings I’m finding it really hard to separate the 2 but I would probably
just give it to the Fusion because the colors are the most accurate to what I
was seeing then in there with my eye the Theta looks great no question and it’s
only 2nd by a hair Mi Sphere 3rd One 4th for those of you who
choose not to color correct your photo you’re going to need a camera that has
an awesome look straight out of the camera with very minimal post-production
needed this is tech instruction the SD cards and this is more or less the look
you will get in most situations due to the awesome dynamic range again the
Theta V is going to take 1st place for straight out of the camera look because
it’s just really well balanced there’s no overblown highlights no crushed
blacks everything is looking a-ok I’d put the Fusion in 2nd place
followed by the Mi Sphere one thing you will need to be careful about with the
me sphere is sometimes the 2 lenses create 2 different color temperatures
and you might end up with a significant blue streak around the seam line
ultimately this can be fixed by the method in which you stitch so you will
want to be careful about this stitching in the app is going to create the
strongest seam line as you can see here it won’t always be there but it will
sometimes so Mi Sphere goes into 3rd place and bringing up the rear again is
the Insta 360 One and while I do like the images overall that it produces
consistently I found it just looks washed out especially where the
highlights meet the shadows and there always seems to be a lack of contrast
and contrast is really important to accentuate the architecture when you’re
shooting a virtual tour next is workflow and this is something that will be
vastly different for everyone but I’ll try to give you an idea of my workflow
for each camera to get the best result possible and how long it took for each
here are my workflows broken up into the general steps you don’t need to read
them all but this will hopefully give you an idea of how many steps there is
for each and even though they all have a similar amount of steps with some
cameras the steps away faster done than others overall I found this Theta V has
the shortest amount of time per step normally it’s about 30 to 60 seconds for
most of them some of the bigger things take a bit longer but overall in my
experience the Theta V has the fastest workflow followed by the Fusion, Mi Sphere
and Insta 360 One look your workflows probably completely different to mine
and that might change but this is just my personal experience and something to
consider when choosing a 360 camera for virtual tours now I’m going to add a
category because there’s something that’s more important than everything
I’ve discussed that will influence your buying decision and that is price you
need the money to begin with to be able to buy a 360 camera so I’m just gonna
mention it here right now real quick here they are here’s the order and I
will put links in the description to where you can find them all for the best
price possible so here’s the final tally what do you guys think do your numbers
look the same as mine leave a comment box below and let me know but otherwise
according to my calculations we have ourselves a winner here are the rankings
excellent job to all 4 contestants but the Theta V has this
battle 1 if you’re thinking about buying a 360 camera specifically for
virtual tours you should pick the Theta V over all other cameras this doesn’t
take away from the fact that the other three are all excellent
and they also excel and many other things outside of virtual tours but if
you’re looking at shooting interiors of buildings the Theta V is going to have
your back it has a great look a great workflow and an affordable-ish price
there’s no doubt that new amazing cameras will be coming out in the future
so if you’re watching months or even years after this video was released use
this video as a guide for what you should look for from a virtual to a 360
camera don’t forget to hit that subscribe button down there for more
awesome 360 photo and video content coming really soon hey there’s gonna be some more Cupix
videos coming really soon so you won’t want to miss those hit that like button
if you liked this video hit the dislike button if you didn’t also I’m on instagram
and facebook so check us out there for more awesome daily 360 content until
next time keep capturing your world in 360 this has been Ben and I will see you
in the next video

100 Replies to “Best 360 Camera For VIRTUAL TOURS??? (Early 2018)

  1. Hi, I'm super interested in the Theta V. How do you edit the 360 photos? Can you also use Lightroom or Photoshop to change white balance and such? Thank you for your awesome work!

  2. i still use the nodal head and the gigapixel 😀 😀

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  4. Good video, Ben. I like the idea of adding B-roll to your videos – it definitely makes them more interesting. However, I would have to disagree with your video about many of the segments. First of all, many of the photos produces a strong blue color on the highlights which is something that should be reduced at all times in post production as it hurts the eyes. Secondly, the Theta V, given or not the best 360 in low-light is acceptable for fast HDR results but in JPEG Only. The inability to shoot Raw (which you can with Mi Sphere and Insta360 one) is a major flaw given the high price tag. And if somebody wants to buy GoPro Fusion for real estate photography – do not bother. The fusion is sloppy. If used for 360 video of real estate campaigns or some personal/other projects that include underwater footage or high-class 360 video – then yes! Otherwise I would just spend them on a DSLR. I would position the fusion maybe 3rd or last if it is only for VT experience. But thank you for the effort of the video – it has given some really good comparison – now it is for every real estate photographer to decide which is most appealing 🙂

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    For this review, I was surprised you afforded the GoPro Fusion a score of 2 in the workflow category. From what others are saying on YouTube, the Fusion software is a bit of a nightmare to work with. Is this still the case?
    I was also surprised to see the Mi-Sphere disappoint in this field, considering how much you otherwise rate it. Would the Advantage fair any better?
    Best of luck buddy.

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    Highlights are always blows out on the Mijia though so bracketing is pretty much compulsory and that adds to the workflow…I haven't found that shooting in raw works as bracketing to get the best possible dynamic range ?

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    I am using the theta SC and I only use it for virtual tours. Is there any reason why I should buy a theta V? I couldn't find a difference for my purpose in the company's comparison:

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    I know how to create virtual panorama (…/asie/hong…/le-temple-aux-10000-buddhas/) or use a drone (…/visite-virtue…/france-angers/capmartin/) but wanna discover new frontiers with 360 camera such as video & time lapses.
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    p.s. the shoot is somewhat of a low light situation as the windows are limited as is the interior lighting.

    Update: After doing further research it appears that at a minimum I should at least upgrade to the Theta V. I would prefer to spend the extra money updating to the Fusion but as of your comparison it appears that the Theta V would be better for my purposes. (ok, so I really want a Fusion but I have to go with the one that will work better for a virtual tour. Any chance things have changed with the Fusion to warrant moving to it?)

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