Best Artwork Top 10 of 2018

welcome to diced our law hey everybody I'm Tom vassal and welcome to the best game artwork of 2018 part of our series of live top ten lists now back in 1080p thanks to Derek pointing out a trigger I needed to put which is why our stuff on Monday Christmas Eve was not so hot but hey we are back and we're talking about best art working games now a couple things here this list I do my best when I make these lists to take my personal opinion up the game out of it because good artwork is good artwork but at the same time our work is extremely subjective like my number one is probably not someone meant most people's number one I would guess and you know I might say I might not put one on the list and people would go why wasn't that on the list that's the best artwork artwork is just crazy really different for everybody you know some people might think a certain piece of art is great I've been in many modern art museums and I have no idea why people like any of the art there but I mean and there's other museums I've been to and I have like the art so it is what tis so if you have any questions of why specific games doesn't show up on the list go ahead and ask those at the end I'll try to cover any of those and let's get started so top 10 best game art where a 20-18 number 10 is a game that somehow was left out of my top 100 games list it would actually have been in the top 50 probably because I like this game a lot but somehow it missed everything but I also really liked the artwork for this game and that game is monstered lands now monster lands I like the the cover straight up there like a look at that monster and you got to kill him alright but throughout the game there's all kinds of artwork now this kind of art we see in a lot of different games but there's unlike the monster art I like the land art I like the weapon art I like the hero art I think I got some heroes here yeah so we have these different heroes and different people that you can be and I just like it it has a very stylized look to it very cartoony you know you're going out and slang these fantasy creatures and things like that and yeah so it's really cool art my number 10 monster lands and yes this was a Christmas present for my daughter melody alright number nine number nine was also on my top ten components list in fact it was number one on that list really like the artworks stylings of this game look forward to seeing more games from the same company and that's who goes there so who goes there first of all great cover the artwork here which if you don't know what this game is about it's based on the short story that the movie the thing came from a short story called who goes there and so this is based on that but it has like a very cartoony style without being silly okay so this the cartoon eyes the different characters is dr. copper and it's cool it's clean it looks neat and at the same time isn't like a hahaha cartoon because you are talking about people who are not sure if the other one is you know infected by some alien symbiote or not I don't know I just really like this artwork this artist I'd love to see more of the working games but the same company I have seen some of their games that are coming out in 2019 and such and the artwork there is just as good so that's my number 9 who goes there number 8 is a what is termed as a bag building game where you pull tiles from a bag this game drew me in because of the artwork at first the cover itself looks really cool and that is groves so I just I think groves that that's just a pretty cover right that's just a pretty looking game and it shows the different seasons of different groves that each of you has your own trees in this game so these are actual player boards they're fantastic I mean from winter to spring the summer to fall you each of your own player board they look really pretty I would love to get a print of these four trees and put on my wall that's how much I like this stuff so that is groves here's the different fairies that are in the game too and I like fairy art working on it and the fairy art work was fine but what really attracted me to this game was well the trees themselves just how pretty that was so my number eight groves you'll notice that there's different styles number seven is a different style than the ones that we've seen so far more cart but and I get another fantasy maybe I'm kind of attracted to fantasy style artwork I guess as a whole number seven is legendary creatures now I I think that Eduardo and first pencil games has a really good eye for art and I think what attracts me to legendary creatures is how different this art looks at other games it almost looks like fantasy art you would find in a well-done children's book now the game itself is out of children's game legendary creatures is a full-fledged small deck builder style game but the artwork in it as you look at the different monsters that you have the Cyclops the Unicorn the Jabberwock and all of different things but each of these creatures where we see these creatures and other fantasy games but they kind of have their own stylization in this game and it's a yeah and there's like just uh why is that what not a Minotaur not a Cyclops centaur thank you I don't know why but again first pencil games has kind of a very distinct look to their games I always think their games look really fantastic and yes so my number seven is a legendary creature someone asked if expansions are done as lists no I just looked at first time games number six is a game that actually came out with a second the second season of it came out like today or a few weeks ago anyway and this is dice throat so dice throw now dice torn attracts me for a couple reasons when you look at the cover you look at all those characters those characters look awesome fantasy artwork really well done artwork huge fan of the artwork but when you take a closer look at the characters themselves they do a really good job at making them realistic a lot of times when I see fantasy art work especially with female fantasy artwork you could take the heads off of the different characters and switch them and they would be the exact same and that's always boggled my mind I was just playing I was just playing a superhero video game and I was thinking I could take the heads off these different characters they all look the same but here they don't they're very distinct look to each of the characters and a very diverse look and a really cool look and not afraid to use colors and this is season 1 season 2 also looks really cool so dice thrown is a lot of fun and how pretty it looks so that's my number 6 number 5 is a reprint and it is a good family style game but I love the artwork today's really silly silly just silly I guess is the word there's really silly themed game and that's dinosaur Tea Party now dinosaur tea party shows dinosaurs dressed to the nines drinking tea and eating crumpets sure and this is kind of funny because it's not the only Tea Party I think there was a dragon dragons tea party thing game it came out this year too but that is her tea party I really like the art in this game really well done the art is the main focus of this game you see all these different dinosaurs ichi-san horse is a big giant card that shows a very different looking dinosaur I mean this t-rex drinking tea is just absolutely ridiculous and at the same time he isn't ridiculous he knows that ridiculous and don't you insult him while he's drinking tea I kind of like that mix of the things here so really cool here's up just a close-up look at the artwork and the dinosaurs are not like stabbing each other there's no violence here they're just going to a tea party and that makes for some nice art so my number 5 dinosaur Tea Party number 4 is a game that when it came I was excited because of the theme and because of the art and many people said I should have put it on my best components list and that is Sarah Bria so Sarah Bria the inside world or kind of like inside out the board game to some degree where you are playing as these different emotions although here you know can you tell what you these are the bad emotions which was are the good emotions it's kind of hard to tell but I think you can guess I just like they did a really good job here they have these emotions of joy and greed all kinds of different emotions and each one has its own distinct look to it which i think is fun so here we are empathy and look how nice and friendly at a malice that guy don't you Kenny if you give him a hug you will be stabbed to death alright and I like that it's neat the whole game but it's not just the characters themselves if you look at the background and then in background here we got the hall the troll Mountain playing so it's really cool and while this game wasn't a huge win for me game wise there is definitely no folding for me on how it looks here is comfort and satisfaction can't get him but I just again I like the way this looks the board everything together some fantastic art and so that is cerebral number what number we are number three is a game I just played for the first time this past month and I was attracted to this one because of the art here and that is the boldest now the boldest as another game from Sophia Wagner who does some fantastic stuff and this game has this really cool punky steampunk like futuristic theme but also like you're there I don't actually know the whole theming of the game in fact the gaming almost feels like they took the game and based it on the artwork but in this game you are going out and trying to fight these machines that have been built by humans but they're like running around the forest now causing problems but you just have this it's almost all over twisty and the future types things I don't have any pictures of this one yeah this is like an example of this artists work go to the next slide here and here are some of the pictures in the game and I just like how they look they almost look like they're the borrower's but I think they're full-sized humans but they had this borrowers look like where they're just grabbing anything they can get their hands on and it gives the game its own cool flavor and its own cool vibe it's just a really neat look at this game and it's also a pretty fun game I'll be doing a review of it in a couple weeks so that is the boldest number two this one is a game that has stunning artwork the company that puts the there games together maybe they obviously make small card games but their games always look fantastic that's jellybean games and the game is lady or tiger oh I'm sorry the lady and the tiger but the story is the lady or the tiger I'm not sure either way I still say the answer is the lady but look at that nice toccata me there between the lady in the red dress and that tiger it's very disney-esque this artwork just fantastic so flip over here's some more of the car artworks and these cards are big giant tarot cards they just look great like each of these cards could be something you could put on your wall I mean you want the fierce tiger or the beautiful lady diving I picture here and yeah here's just a picture of lots of the different cards and they're really neat each each lady looks very different again each of the Tigers looks different which is pretty impressive and yet the whole thing is tied together through some brilliant red and blue and even black and white coloring in it I'm just very impressed with the whole production of the lady and the tiger but the artwork is what you know seals it for me so my number 2 lady and the tiger number 1 this is fantastic artwork and this game again this was another game that just did it wasn't a really big hit for me but I love the artwork involved in it and I'd like to see more of it and that is crossroads of heros now I don't really know the art is done by the designer Pat Piper so I might argue that he's a better artist and designer but I like his art a lot it gives me almost like a Eastern vibe of tintin style artwork I guess that's the best way like again it's it's cartoony but it has a serious vibe to it also and I think we got a couple here's the different characters that are in the game and each one of them has a distinct look to it each of them can has a like an evil scumbag look to them and also a very positive look to them and just the different pictures that are in the game look really nice I got any more yeah like here's one of the characters this is why young I think is how you pronounce that but even just the little artwork for the device is the background stuff you can't necessarily see it here but this background it has like an art style to it and it's just I think one of the reasons I like this one so much is that it it has this it stands out in the crowd and I guess it's what I'm looking for them the games mile s some of the games just have really beautiful artwork right but they don't necessarily stand out in the crowd and that's kind of what I'm looking together so that's my number one crossroad of heroes so again these this is a very very specialized list right this is what Tom Vasa looks like for art although I would I'd go to the mat if you want to say any of these look ugly because I think they look pretty there are games that there's a lot of great artwork out there now right so but I tried to also pick something over the overall game there's a couple games where the covers looked amazing good one will be Treasure Island right oh great cover but the artwork in the game it's good but just not as good as that cover and so there's are things like that any love for starship samurai yeah a starship samurai looked I like the art in that but it just did make my top 10 Grimm forest also some fantastic art working Rin FAR's it was probably a strong 11 or so empires of the void great artwork Haven was on my short list ryan lockets artwork is always really good and so I would have considered that one here what other ones ever Dell you know I've never never really got a close look at ever Dell so I know that the components are great I don't know much about the artwork which is why ever dough would you say you're more drawn to cartoonish artwork I don't know I mean most games have a cartoonish look to them I'm definitely not attracted to that serious man on the cover art that's in a lot of the euro-style games do you think that writing art is more prone to subjectivity than rating games a hundred percent yes definitely art is extremely subjective I mean we can both love a game and I might think it looks pretty you might think it looks not there are games where I've set there England who likes his artworks but obviously some people really do also I was trying to pick just sheer artwork in here not necessarily graphic design a game can have good artwork and bad graphic design or vice-versa so some games have just amazing graphic design but here I was talking mostly about just the art for that okay I just learned to not take Tom seriously regarding art from now on okay cool I never call them who cares um where does root fit on your list root was definitely one I considered I really liked the cartoonish little almost like chibi animal style art I guess has a nice strong red wolf feel to it did I consider fest oh no I like fest uh but there's just a few pieces of art and I do like the food to it um let's see here what else people like super deformed chibi art well yeah that jeebies are giant head of the thing I don't know I don't I don't think I liked chibis when I first saw them but I've seen them so much now that I'm just getting used to it did I have any of my top ten I don't think so no I didn't cryptids want the best games I played but it's ugly sure and it cover for Krypton is fine but the artwork inside Rising Sun has some good artwork in it but the game is not really about the art in fact I don't even think about the art when I'm playing the game I'm thinking about the components and the component production of the whole game is very good but if you said hey tell me a good piece of art and Rising Sun I don't know that many people would know it do you think you tend to avoid crossover with other recent lists or did it work out that way for this list I try to put a wide variety of games on my list but I don't care too much about crossover which you'll notice in a couple lists but I have my component list here too and the only one that was a crossover I guess was who goes there and I didn't actually even consider any my component games except for Grimm forest I considered and I considered Debra that was a bit of a way of the Panda but even though there wasn't enough art in way of the Panda between two castles is not on my list vindication was not a mess I love the vindication don't get me wrong it's a fantastic game just didn't hit my top ten for art did you exclude the new version of our braid them you know I haven't even seen it I have the new version Arboretum it's sitting on my desk right now and I've seen the cover I haven't seen the cards so I'm sure it's fine although I don't know if I would consider that it's a reprint isn't it so I don't know if that would if I would count that for this list or not Google no I mean Google looks fine but if you if you when you said that to me either like look the box is right over there I look at and be like well what did the game look like so if I'm having a hard time like when I was making as les someone said hey did you put lady in a tiger and I was like of course because I remembered the artwork that strongly I guess I consider the minis and games of the artwork as well sure I don't I look at that as something different I think that modeling is a big deal and I think that models are art okay but when I'm talking about artwork I'm talking about the drawn artwork in a game do you like Nico's art architects and Raiders yeah I think that their artwork is fantastic it does look say me to some degree which isn't necessarily a bad thing and when I see their art I definitely know I definitely know it's there's there's a couple artists I know as soon as I see him Vincent do trait the Nico there's a couple orders and I go yeah that that's their art but um I just didn't make my list that's all and maybe it's because a lot of its Amy I think it's good what do you think about the artwork for the big trouble little china board game I wasn't I thought the artwork for big trouble little China was fine the board looks cool but the characters have stuff they didn't look bad at a sudden they look fine they look like drawings of a movie villainess has some good Disney art Vilnius was definitely on the short list to make this list brass you know I still got my copy of brass yet so I haven't had a really good chance to take a close look at brass from a distance when I see people my game group playing brass it certainly looks good on the table but it looks good as a base of the components it's tough having a chance to get really into the art or not so maybe it is fantastic art I don't know and that it looks like that's it okay so lots of fantastic games if you're watching this later on put in the comments what your favorite art is there's again I'm if I say I like the art of a game and someone's like that lore it looks hideous it's no skin off my nose right there's we could all enjoy different games and it is fantastic I think we can all agree sometimes that there are some games that are just ugly it's a lot of games that are ugly but we live in an era now where most board games look pretty good not just in the art but the production and the values are just off the charts it's fantastic and I'm so pleased unfortunately it means when a game like carpe diem comes out what's hideous artwork and graphic design it's really noticeable which is unfortunate for the people who make those games I guess but overall fantastic so thanks for joining me live I'm gonna be back at 3 o'clock with crowd-surfing talking about the Kickstarter projects and stuff so I'll see you then until next time though I'm Tom Basso and you've been watching the top 10 best artwork games before I go I should mention I'll be back tomorrow doing a top 10 party games or I think or innovative games one of those two anyway see you next time I'm Tom basil

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  1. First of all, I have to say that I am shocked, that Everdell is not only not number one, it is not even on the list.
    But making a list about artwork and not mentioning the artists seems disrespectful to say the least.

  2. Apparently no one played Archmage this year (made by the company that made Everdell). This game has outstanding artwork and the cover is one of the most beautiful covers of all time.

  3. Man that is the crappiest list you've ever put together. All kiddie games with the a lot of same art style…what about; Everdell… Treasure Island…Architects Of The West Kingdom…Guardians…The Forgotten City…The Grimm Forest…just to name a few with WAY better artwork than this list you just gave us. Big fail on this one in MY opinion. Hope your next top ten is better…

  4. Empires of the Void II has spectacular art on the board, both in the background and with the modular planets.

  5. This list, especially the bottom end, isnt that surprising for someone who loves comic books, whose favorite movies are comic book movies. I don't go to Tom for aesthetics in general, lol.

    After all, I am one of the people who enjoys going to the modern art museum that Tom doesn't get.

  6. No Nemesis?? Why is it not at the top or towards the top of this list and the top of the components list? Maybe you can consider it for 2019s list?
    A shame Haven isn't on it, also no Empires of the Void 2. 🤔

  7. First of all, I'm slightly disappointed that this particular top 10 list wasn't done in collaborating with Gamer Joe, who occasionally does segments for Board Game Breakfast talking specifically about beautiful artwork in board games. As for my personally choices. I'd have to go with Architects of the West Kingdom, Spirits of the Forest, The Tea Dragon Society Card Game, The Grimm Forest, and (for a rather obscure one) Wonderland (by Renegade Game Studios).

  8. Yes, rehabilitation for Monster Lands. I missed Monster Lands in the top 100. It is a great thematic strategic dice placement game.

  9. I do agree that art is very subjective.

    As I just bought Scythe in 2018, I find Scythe to be my favorite artwork in 2018. Lol

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