Best camera gimbal for HALF THE PRICE of the others?!

What’s going on everyone, Kellan Reck
here and today we’re talking about the feiyutech a que mm can it top the Ronin
s we’re just gonna find out check it out now so they UTech a k2000 this is actually a
piece of gear that I was wondering at work I used the Ronin s all the time
when it comes to stabilization seriously I use it every single day I love it get
amazing shots with it so when I was given the opportunity to try the
feiyutech KK 2000 I said hey let’s give it a go let’s see how it compares can it
match up can it get similar shots and what can it do well I gotta say it did
fantastic now let’s see exactly where it had strengths where it had weaknesses
we’ll dive in and check those out here so first of all the payload of the FEA
Tek a K 2000 is 6.2 pounds that’s two point eight kilograms you can actually
get a pretty decent camera on here I was using a 5d Mark 4 with no problem had a
large 16 to 35 millimeter lens on it it did a pretty good job it actually was
able to stabilize hold that steady and had no problem stabilizing with its
motor and getting it balanced really not an issue now if you put a Canon 1dx mark
to one of those larger cameras on they’re gonna start to run in a few
issues Canon c100 might be a little tough but I didn’t test those so it’s
worth a go to see what you can do with them if you want to get a bigger camera
on the FEA tech infrastructure you can go with the a k4 thousand 4500 and
that’ll let you get a lot more weight onto your stabilizer so the thing you
take a k2000 is gonna come in at about half the price of the Ronin s the Ronin
s goes for about six hundred dollars where the 8k mm is for about three
hundred dollars so you’re definitely getting a little bit of bang for your
buck here if you’re looking for an entry-level stabilizer it’s gonna do a
lot for you honestly the fact that these are even below $1,000 is crazy
they produce such good images and its really changed the game when it comes to
these steady shots the FEA tech a k2000 weighs quite a bit less than the Ronin s
coming in at 2.7 5 pounds while the Ronin s is 4.1 pounds so this is without
your camera even added on top of it so you know when you’re running around all
day carrying one of these stabilizers weight can become a factor so to have a
lighter gimbal is really gonna make a difference on your arms and your back
just about every part of as you’re using this camera throughout
the day so that actually was something that I really liked about it and the
lightness didn’t make it feel like it was cheap it’s got a great rubberized
grip it’s got a great build a touchscreen really everything about the
FEA tech 8k mm feels professional feels sturdy there’s nothing about it that
feels cheap when you compare it to the Ronin s balancing is incredibly easy you
just slide your camera onto the plate slide it into the slot on the bak mm and
then you just have to make some subtle adjustments and then the stabilizer once
you turn on the gimbal the motor inside is really gonna correct and make sure
that that camera is totally steady I’ve used Gibble’s like the glide camera you
really need to make sure it’s stabilized by itself doesn’t have a motor and
compared to that this is absolutely so easy the motor just takes over and
really builds it out for you you want to get it somewhat balanced prior to but
the motors gonna do most of the heavy lifting now this is a smooth gimbal and
the shots look absolutely fantastic check out some of these you can see that
I’m running at full speed and the motion is totally smooth
looks like I’m gliding across the ground this FEA tech a K mm really does have
the capability to match the other gimble’s on the market puts out a great
great image there’s a couple different capture modes when you’re in default
capture mode the movement that you make with your hands on the gimbal can be
pretty sensitive I like to go with a smooth capture mode because the
movements are a little bit more subtle it eases with you as you move and it
really is gonna allow you to get those subtle movements that you really want to
capture a nice smooth motion the default capture mode could be good if you need
quick action movements but that smooth capture mode is what I like to use
there’s also a scroll wheel on the side that has a few different features you
can allow it to adjust your zoom and focus but you can also dial in your
settings and use a very fine-tuned adjustment on your pan and tilt of your
camera so based on what setting you have this rotation wheel set to you can use
it to really really get down to a nice smooth move as you rotate it your camera
will slowly pan this is a nice feature that a lot of other gimbals don’t have
it’s also good to know that all three axes rotate freely so you can get that
full range of motion you’re gonna be able to get all the shots that you want
with this gimbal it’s got great controls there’s a touch
screen so you can toggle between your modes you can toggle between various
settings you’re able to actually connect your camera to the gimbal itself so you
can adjust ISO and shutter speed you can adjust some of these features through
the touch screen on the gimbal it does a lot for you and the touch screen is one
nice thing that a lot of the other gimbals don’t have there’s a joystick
for moving your camera there’s a trigger on the back which if you double tap will
recenter your camera on the gimbal if you triple tap it’ll kick into selfie
mode there’s a lot of different features with the feiyutech
a k2000 that make it stand out in some ways a lot of them are similar to the
other gimbals and you want those standard things like the trigger and the
joystick to control the movement of your camera but the touchscreen again is a
standout feature of this gimbal and connecting to their app will allow you
to control the camera and build in movements so you could do a time lapse
that has a subtle movement of the camera over time and that can all be done
through the app the Steadicam comes in a really nice packaging and it comes with
a few different things obviously you have the Steadicam itself you’ve got a
tripod extender that’s gonna let you set the Steadicam down on the table or on
the ground but also you can close that episode it becomes an arm extension that
you can use two hands to hold the Steadicam it’s gonna come with a battery
pack and four batteries these last about 12 hours when they’re fully charged
there’s no backup so you need to fully charge them you use all four of the
batteries so there’s a there’s no way to unless you were to order more you’d need
to only use these four batteries for your full shoot but that 12-hour
duration is gonna really let you get a full day’s worth of shooting out of one
set of batteries one charge of batteries there’s a plate to put on the bottom of
your camera that’s gonna let you slide on to the camera and then there’s two
easy screws that’s gonna let you attach the plate to your camera really a nice
setup it’s got everything that you need it’s gonna let you
the shots and get your camera setups nice and easy easy for transportation
packs up nice and tight and does a great job for shoes
overall the FEA tech aka mm was a fantastic gimbal I really didn’t know
what to expect when I first got this again like I said the Ronin s was really
something that I used every single day and I’ve come to love and I recommend it
to everyone but now after having to use the FEA tech aka mm I would want a
hundred percent recommend it as a starter Steadicam a starter gimbal
because of its price because of the way the shots look and because of the ease
of use it has so many great features packed into it it’s got features that
match the other market standards and it really puts out a great shot and that’s
what matters now I will say that obviously a lot of it has to do with how
you’re able to operate the camera on it takes practice to get the shots down
perfectly but to put this camera or to put a camera on the FEA tech a k2000 and
start running around you’re gonna instantly see the shots can be
absolutely beautiful so smooth and incredible so I think this is a definite
definite purchase if you’re looking to get a Steadicam if you’re looking to get
into that game check out the FEA tech NK mm thanks for
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filmmaking so thanks for checking it out we’ll check you back in the next one

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  1. I just learned more specific details about gimbals in 8 minutes than so many other videos that were much longer. Great info… very useful. 😃👍

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