Best Point and Shoot Camera Reviews 2017 – How to Choose the Best Point and Shoot Camera

## Search for the best product
reviews online. Top Products presents, our pick for the top
5 Point and Shoot Cameras. For this review, we chose 5 brands known for
quality Point and Shoot Cameras, showcasing a variety of options that are available. At the number 5 spot is the Sony W830 Compact
Camera chosen not only for its features, but also because of its budget friendly price
tag. Sony doesn’t need any introduction as it’s
a leading manufacturer of electronics, particularly digital cameras, smartphones, headphones,
and PlayStation consoles. Its Sony W830 Compact Camera is ideal for
basic photography purposes, as it features a 20.1 MP sensor and can shoot 720p HD videos.
The camera itself is compact and lightweight, and it can be bought in 2 color options as
well as with a camera bag, if you want to protect it in the long-run.
When it comes to downsides, some customers aren’t satisfied with the quality of the
pictures. Remember that this is an entry-level camera and Sony makes higher-end ones as well. Next on our list at number 4, is the Ricoh
Theta S Digital Camera Ricoh makes intelligent digital cameras suitable
for various situations. This brand also sells a wide variety of printers and printing accessories
to check out. For this review, we’re interested in the
Ricoh Theta S Digital Camera which is capable of 360-degree spherical panorama images and
videos. Once you’ve captured your images, you can
quickly transfer them to your phone, thanks to its built-in Wi-Fi connectivity.
When it comes to flaws, we have to mention that some people struggle to use the Theta application
this camera comes with, but the camera itself is excellent. The next product on our list was chosen because
it is a great choice for people who are looking for a Point and Shoot Camera with lots of
bells and whistles. At number 3 we have the Panasonic LUMIX 4K Digital Camera. Panasonic is recognized worldwide for making
high-quality electronics such as digital cameras, shaving machines, earphones, and cordless
phones. We selected the Panasonic LUMIX 4K Digital
Camera because it’s capable of 4K video recording and incorporates Leica lenses.
In addition, you’ll be able to take gorgeous selfies because the 3-inch LCD display of
this camera tilts at 180 degrees, acting as a mirror.
But as a drawback, some customers complained about small zoom problems; keep in mind that
this device comes with a warranty. When choosing the right Point and Shoot Camera
for your needs, TopProducts knows that budget can be an important consideration and our
number 2 pick, the Nikon Coolpix S7000 Digital Camera takes the spot for best value. Nikon is a renowned brand which specializes
in cameras, binoculars, and accessories for them. Its products brim with technology, yet
they remain easy and fun to use. The Nikon Coolpix S7000 Digital Camera is
designed to be excellent in various situations, thanks to its 16MP sensor and full HD video-recording
capabilities. Best of all, once you’ve snapped that gorgeous
picture or fun video clip, you can easily send it to your smartphone using its built-in
Wi-Fi and NFC features. Still, no product is perfect and this one
received complaints regarding the quality of the pictures. Bear in mind that this camera
is not a DSLR, though. And finally, the Canon PowerShot SX720 HS
Digital Camera made it to our Top Choice position because it provides a good array of features
with an affordable price. Canon is a leading manufacturer of photography
gear such as cameras, lenses, and other accessories. Its products are sold worldwide at affordable
prices. The Canon PowerShot HS Digital Camera comes
with everything you need: optical image stabilization, Wi-Fi, and full HD video recording.
Also, thanks to its 3-inch LCD display, you can clearly see what you’re pointing at
and are more likely to take an amazing picture of your friends or a landscape!
But unfortunately, some customers complained that the camera didn’t work when they received
it, which could have been a result of not reading the instruction manual. These are our top 5 Point and Shoot Cameras.
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