Best Vlogging Camera 2015

So what are the best cameras for vlogging
were gonna share our three best Recommendations for every price range in this
video Welcome to Video Influencers were here to
help you build your influence And your income with online video I’m Benji
and I’m Sean today were gonna Be talking about cameras a really popular
question everybody wants to know You know I’m ready to vlog but what camera
I’m ready to make Youtube Videos but what camera so were gonna answer
that question right now Thanks for so many of your questions we’ve
seen them and we appreciate it And always Tweet us or comment below with
questions and hey in this episode Well put some extra details and show notes
of everything were talking about In the Youtube description with these cameras
Alright Benji the first camera talking About vlogging and you’re a prolific vlogger
you and your wife now Judy have vlogged For how many years Four five years now – how
many days have you missed – Not Very many So you have tons of vlogging experience
you’ve used different cameras And the first camera were talking about for
Youtubers and vlogging is the what Were talking about this the Canon ELPH 110
HS the Powershot now this is the Thing lets back up before we even talk about
the camera probably the most Asked question in this question is whats the
most affordable camera I can get So this is the one we’ve used for years this
is called the Canon Powershot ELPH 110 HS And Sean you said that you could get this
used for under a hundred dollars On Amazon yeah And even back in the day we
were buying it for a hundred And fifty dollars this was our go to camera
this was the workhorse we Dropped it you know we took it around the
world with us this thing gives You HD its easy to use affordable and what
I love about it is like you don’t have To think you turn on the camera you hit record
and especially for someone Like Judy who shes not really a technical
person even though with all her Experience she just wants to be able to hit
a button and it records at its Optimal level for the amateur for the beginner
and this is the camera That we used for years Yeah and I still think
it’s a great camera a couple of Other features on there is this 24mm lens
which means it’s a good wide Angle lens to hold on yourself some cameras
they zoom in too far the other Thing is that it has image stabilization there’s
a little IS on there and vloggings All about hand held and you’re walking you’re
driving and so that actually helps The shot be smoother and so the Canon 110
HS and another one its just like Is the Canon 300 HS Yeah that’s the up to
date one right Yeah it’s a little bit Newer the very newest one is not as good these
to this day the time were Shooting this video are still great options
some of them are out of Production but you can still pick that one
up so the 110 HS the 300 HS Alright lets talk about the second camera
and this is what you guys are vlogging With now the Canon S120 why do you like it Alright so this is gonna be for those people
that wanna spent a little more money And wanna step up their quality and the thing
that makes the biggest Difference on this is a bigger lens okay still
a good wide angle so that You can get those close shots but it’s a better
lens it’s a bigger lens It’s a touch screen you know but again like
all these bells and whistles are great But its another great reliable work horse
of a camera that steps up kind Of like the quality of the image that you
get and what I really like about it Is even though it is slightly bigger than
the original we talked about earlier But its small enough to fit in your pocket
its small enough to fit in Judy’s purse So this is the one that we use to this day
there are new versions of this But we still use this and we will continue
to buy this until we find something Just as good on a note though this is something
we haven’t talked about In fact its not something a lot of people
think about the microphone Is on the top of these cameras so what youre
finding with a lot of cameras Especially newer versions nowadays they’ll
put the microphone on the front Because it makes sense what you’re shooting
is in front of you but with vloggers You’re talking behind the lens right you’re
talking to the back of the camera So you have to be able to get good audio from
behind and in front of You so that’s another thing that Ill point
out that’s on all these cameras Good yeah make sure the mic is on top and
then make sure that when You film you don’t put your finger over it
Oh totally Because people will Do that and then cover up the microphone Canon
S120 also has a 24mm lens So its also good and wide and it also has
really great image stabilization so another This might be the best all around camera also
has wifi so you could take Pictures for instagram when youre out there
sync them right to your phone So that’s an awesome feature of that and then
our final camera that were Talking about is the Canon Powershot G7X now
people are talking about this All over Youtube Totally This is a majorly
popular camera right now one Big difference that it has its gonna be the
S120 but with even better video Yes even better in low light situations when
its dark better lens yeah better Lens more features but one of the most popular
things about this is the Fact that you can have the flip up screen
that’s huge and neither of these Cameras have the flip up screen for when youre
filming yourself and so Daily vloggers are switching to this the ones
that can afford it because It is an expensive camera but they’re switching
to it because the Quality you get out of it is just like light
years ahead of these ones Yeah absolutely and so when it comes to the
affordability now You can get this one for under 80 used on
Amazon on Refurbished You can get this one retails new like 350
now and again you can shop That down used or look for a Refurbished deal
this is 650 new Right now at the time were shooting this video
so that’s way up There and so my final recommendation and I
think that we agree on this Sure Talking about really the best like all around
camera for Youtube right Now for vlogging I think is the Canon S120
Oh totally yeah One of the downsides with this is that its
super expensive but it Has some weaknesses Has some glitches The
autofocus gets weaker over Time and it’s a little more fragile there’s
more parts to break where as You guys just hammer this thing Hammer it
And these two are very Durable this one is a little more fragile
so Don’t forget the price And the price Its accessible And if youre
gonna protect your investment You want something that’s gonna last and be
dependable for vlogging So check out all three of these cameras research
them well put extra Show notes and links in the description below
but if youre looking For an all around if you can jump from a lower
price range and You need a camera to get started I think the
Powershot S120 would be The way to go Thank you so much for watching
make sure you put In the comments what video cameras you use
we would love to hear About the equipment that you use to vlog Absolutely
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100 Replies to “Best Vlogging Camera 2015

  1. Any suggestions for a vlogging camera under $300 with a flip out screen? Basically any cheaper version of the Canon G7X?

  2. Keep it up, Benji and Sean! I love how you guys are helping many aspiring youtubers like me! I hope for greater and more successes to come for you guys, and keep all the helpful videos going!

  3. I use my phone (samsung galaxy s6) to vlog with and it's great but I still want a camera and it's so hard to decide.

  4. I heard the Canon ELPH 310 HS is better. What are your thoughts. Also the 310 is barely used at 75 bucks – probably a steal?

  5. Any suggestions for a vlogging camera under $300 with a flip out screen? Basically any cheaper version of the Canon G7X? πŸ™‚

  6. Any durable camera you can recommend for a parent with a toddler which will probably drop multiple times or a one that you can use with a case while in use?

  7. Hey Sean and Benji!!! i need a quick respond from either of you, my husband bought me two camera and i just started my YouTube, he is so sweet that he is fully supporting me.. Any he bought me a canon eos m10 and canon rebel eos t5i and i just want to keep one…which one should i keep..My channel is about beauty and stuff… thank you in advance : )

  8. thank you for your video, it is really helpful. I am shopping around for a blogging camera for my daughter.

  9. Thanks guys checked in UK and spotted 'Canon Powershot SX610' for under Β£100 in Argos sale. Bargain ?

  10. I use the Canon Vixia HFr600. It was like, $120 at Best Buy, and it does the trick for my general videos on my channel. I use soft box lights but the microphone is great. I record bands for a Music Monday series and if I don't have my recording set up with me, it has a mode on it to record audio for bands. I had the T5i for a few days and was very underwhelmed with the quality and the price of it, since you needed an additional microphone to get rid of the hiss in the audio. So, I returned that and did my research and came up with the Vixia. It's a video camera, so I feel like a nerd using it, but, it really is great. I haven't used it for vlogging yet, so I plan to when I'm on vacation. The battery lasts over an hour of recording video straight. Which is nice, and the screen flips out so you can see yourself. The con is that the lens is not wide. It doesn't capture enough, the iPhone captures more actually. I have to mess around and see if that can get fix somehow in the settings, but it is not good for wide shots.

  11. what camera are you using for this video? I want to start a channel and will probably sit still and talk for most of the time! Thanks ^^

  12. Im using my samsung galaxy s6 edge for my videos and it works beautiful because my phone has a 4K. But i think i wanna get the cannon powershot s120 because i dont wanna run out of battery and memory space.thats the only downside using samsung phone.

  13. I use the A6000 for our videos but I haven't tried it with vlogging. There is a hack I know so that I can see the monitor because it is not a flip monitor. I just wanted to know your guys opinion on using this camera for that purpose?

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  15. what about sound quality? I have a 5 year old camcorder. Great video, terrible audio. I want to blog on the go and not have to carry a microphone as well.

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    What’s the best camera for food videos? And type of lighting you recommend. TIA.

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