Best Vlogging Camera 2020? GoPro Hero 8 Vlog Setup

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  1. Since the 360 one R does have replaceable sensor/lens combos like the upcoming 1" Sensor with the Leica lens and the main screen can be rotated in either direction, already works with a Rhode GO wireless, and can do either a 5.5K 360, or a 4K standard action camera, making one less to carry in a gadget bag. Makes it look mighty interesting to me.

  2. I think the Canon M50 will best fit for me because I can use it for more than just vlogging and as a photographer I like that I can multipurpose.

  3. Great one my friend! Literally looking for a go pro for my first season of the Bobby K Design show and BOOM! Sean delivers once again!

  4. Ive had the 6 and 7 seen no reason to go to 8 my question is will the media mod be compatible with previous models of GoPro

  5. The best solution is a Gopro 8 RIG !
    With a Rode videomicPRO or Wirless go and lavalier.
    A better led light, and a battery selfie stick which can recarghe the gopro and led light!
    You can make the better rig for your needs! Bigger, smaller etc.
    This gopro solution is at least good for rich an noob people!

  6. So this past holiday Go Pro had a holiday bundle, so I got the shorty selfie stick, 2 batteries, 32 GB micro sd card with reader, head strap and Go Pro for $350. Plus Light kit and Media Mod I am at $480 total. However there is a reason why I went with GO Pro instead of A proper camera. Not only do I do talking head videos, vlog, but I also do action camera activities. I needed to be able to strap the GO pro to my friends cars for some race footage. If they dont have a proper roll cage, the setup needed to mount a DSLR or mirrorless camera would have raised my overall total. Which I cant afford atm, but I thank you and the team for all the content. I have improved in my video quality, editing and presentation.

  7. No matter what are you vloging with, it’s’ a matter of your personality and if you grab the attention of the crowds. If you want to progress with cinema and video, get the best you can afford. If you want to talk to camera 🎥 you can use what you already have.

  8. I opted for the GoPro Hero (USA product) . It is a proven rugged little camera with a very good image quality and image stabilization. I can have it in my pocket all the time. It has survived drops from 5 feet to concrete. People around me are not afraid of it since it is so small as compared to my Lumix G85. I can place it in the hot shoe top of my G85 and have a back-up of what I am filming if I am making an interview, filming B-Roll, filming any kind of activity. Hopefully I will buy the Media Mod as soon as it is available.

  9. for $600 plus I would rather get a canon m50 and slowly upgrade my lenses and microphones/gear. I have a go pro hero 7, they are nice but they are over priced. As a youtuber myself I dont see this as a good investment in the long run compared to a mirrorless camera or DSLR

  10. Insta360 One R with the 1" Leica sensor looks better. I am also a fan of the Osmo Pocket with the Freewell Wide Angle lens

  11. Would you guys ever consider how to have a better "presence" on camera or some tips on how to display personality on Camera. Thank you!

  12. Action cam drama's 2020

    Osmo action: you can make vlog since 2018.
    Insta 360 One R: ok guys, flip your screen now!.
    Gopro: Please wait guys… Youd needed 3 months for selfie screen and media mod, from launching Hero 8.

  13. Your videos have been a huge help. In the past 2 weeks, I’ve gone from knowing NOTHING about cameras, editing software and SEO to being confident enough to upload my first video yesterday. I’m looking forward to this never ending learning process and soaking in any pro tips you continue to send our way! Thank you!!!

  14. You can’t change the lens like on previous GoPros and lenses on action cams get scratched. No fix either. It’s a brand new camera if you scratch it. Ouch. Could be a deal breaker.

  15. I don't think its a good blogging camera..Its fixed focus. Wished they put a sensor like on the Galaxy s10 or Pixel 4 XL

  16. The best is the one you use every day. Your phone. Why would you want towalk around with all that crap. The battery wont last long and it will get hot and crash

  17. This is the BEST VLOGGING CAMERA cause you can do vlog and cinematic at the same time. You can aquire both stabilized footage and good audio

  18. I am starting my vlog channel and decided to go with go pro 8. I did not know all these other accessories were going to be available so happy with my decision now!

  19. I’ve been vlogging with the GoPro 8 for the past 4 weeks, attached is a rode wireless go. I have to say the set up is easy and I just pick it up and go

  20. Do you think that these mods will be compatible with the hero 9 when it comes out in October? I really like this rig but wouldn’t want to buy it all only for it not to be future proof. I personally think it will work but wanting other opinions on the matter.

  21. Got my media mod today, so far I'm not too impressed with it. But it's still day 1. I've actually been really happy with the internal mic on the hero 8, and I don't feel like the media mod improved it really. Please it's reallllly tight when getting things screwed onto the bottom of the gopro due to it making it bulky.
    I was looking forward to a flip screen but I may end up on skipping it 🙁

  22. The go pro mod I so overpriced and the light is just a joke at 40 US dollars….l.
    Godoy 16US dollars so much better.

  23. i think it's the best vlogging camera but when you have the flip screen option there. other wise you don't know how to come in front of the screen while walking and talking to the camera, for me i am always on the right side of the screen 😂

  24. Shotgun Mic!?? Think again, not even close…GoPro has 100% lied to all of us regarding their "Directional Mic" in their ridiculously priced Media Mod at $80! I'm not promoting anything, but pointing out the TRUTH regarding the "better mics" in the Media Mod. Here's a full disassembly teardown as to what's truly INSIDE GoPro's Media Mod. UGH, buyer's remorse! Here's the link, check it out!!
    I had already sent mine back because of the poor sound quality out of the box. The EQ to these cheap mics is terrible! If GoPro would reduce the price to $50 for using the frame's 3 ports and add maybe the Rode Wireless Go, it would be worth it. Currently at $80? Not so much for me…again, horribly cheap mics enclosed!!

  25. Would rather get the Dji osmo action and buy mic adaptor for £15 and that's me go a smaller compact rig and half the price.

  26. it feels like others, like dji, are moving ahead of gopro. I think they are in trouble because their niche (action/sports) isn’t big enough to keep them going and i’m not convinced people will get all the mods for vlogging (even if it turns out to be pretty good at it). Also the above set up is just too much when the real competition is the iphone someone already has in their hand

  27. Buggy action cam with battery draining issue since hero5, without replaceable front glass. A cam that you can arm with some plasticky fragile mods that will make whole thing no longer an action cam… just great.

  28. Hi, I use the Sony FDR-X3000 with the Rode VideoMicro, the Lume Cube Air and the DJI Osmo tripod. And even though is a great setup with top quality opticaly stabilized video and clear audio, it is still somewhat big and calls the attention. I am going to update to the Osmo Action, Rode Wireless Go and the GoPro light mod. GoPro doesn´t convince me yet as a better camera than the Sony and Osmo Action. GoPro should go for a 1 inch sensor actioncam just like Insta 360 R. The downsize is that the focal lenght is too big, not good for up close and personal vlogging. Great video 🙂

  29. Another great video…Very interesting….I'm still using my Ozmo pocket and its been great for me recording in the casinos. It really does a great job and is so small and doesn't draw attention…I was considering getting a hero seven black or ozmo action to give them a try but the pocket is still working for me….Thanks again for your great content…

  30. I like the shure mv88 mic for my iphone. So versatile. You can do shogun. Or enable a dual interview setup that will record clear sound behind & in front of the camera. Can you hook up the mv88+ to the gopro media mod? If not, is there a similarly versatile ext mic for the gopro media mod? Thanks!

  31. Gopro is like Apple with all the overpriced accessories. I have to hit Powerball Jackpot to get a fully loaded rig. Sheshhh.

  32. i reckon that is the perfect setup. the absolute worst things about using a bigger camera is that is it big, heavy and most people freak out if you carry it around with you. i also cannot stand having to change lenses. it seriously drives me up the wall. i would make the change right now if i could afford to. straight up.

  33. I just got the canon m50 and it’s amazing. Everything I would have wanted and more. Such a big transition from my iPhone 8. Your videos really helped in making the decision!

  34. I’m currently searching for a new vlogging camera to take with me on vacations and this sounds perfect (with the exception of not being able to zoom). The comments are also super helpful! I hit the like button and shared it!!! Such great content 💕 thank you 🙏🏽

  35. Only camera I love more than HERO8 is the GoPro MAX. Switch from 360 to traditional "Hero" mode (with the option the widest "Superview") with just a tap of an icon (no need to carry an extra lens or moments missed fiddling around connecting moduals). And the image quality and stabilization is really good. Virtually the same quality as 4K and has by far the best stabilization. Editing is fast and easy on both mobile and desktop and audio is great (especially when you set priority to active lens). With the new selective exposure control added with the last update, MAX ensures you never miss the shot and always get the best results.

  36. If you don’t want, or know someone who doesn’t want, your GoPro Hero 8 *Media Mod*, please let me know! I am trying to obtain one before my Spring Break/Family Reunion in Hawaii!! Thanks!!!

  37. Very disapointed with the new PLASTIC Media Mod. I am sure it has a manufacturing cost of about $2. For $80 I expected a metal frame . The MIC is junk and not designed to be able to attach a a wind cover. The designed is SO BAD that it is not even weather resistant. Only those who are looking to buy the screen should buy it ….. correction: "are forced to waste $80."

  38. You hit it right on the nail, yes the price is a little high once you add all the accessories but with its built in stabilization let alone the fact that this is a highly versatile camera that you can also take with you on the water or just have the convenience of its size and weight to carry around anywhere, GoPro for me beats any other cameras out there. At the end of the day, most people don’t have the big rig cams or gimbals whether it’s because of price or just not understanding the tech. GoPro is extremely user friendly and versatile. I🧡GoPro and your channel! Keep up the great content🤙🏼

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