Burglars Caught on Camera Stealing the Weirdest Things

– How are you doing? I’m Kallen and this is Slapped Ham. Today we’re looking at burglars who have been caught on camera
stealing the weirdest things. So hit that subscribe button and get ready for more weird
and fascinating content just like this. (ominous instrumental music) Burglars caught on
camera often use windows as a point of entry to make their way into the homes of their
unsuspecting victims. They’re often unsecured, making it easy for the
criminal to push it open and gain entry to the home. The burglar in this video however has a slightly different interest when it comes to the home’s windows. In the video captured on the
homeowners doorbell camera, we can see the casual burglar appear in the darkness
of the homes front yard. Without hesitation the bold criminal approaches the front porch and
walks right up to the door. There’s nothing particularly
unusual about the burglar other than his extreme focus on his task and his complete lack of care
of who might be watching. This particular burglar seems to have a very
particular need in mind. He walks onto the homeowners front porch and picks up a window frame
with a pane of glass inside. He walks away carrying the large window seemingly satisfied with
his new acquisition. The thief’s behavior suggests that he chose this home for his burgling because he knew he would find exactly what he was looking for. One possibility is that the
man is a nearby neighbor who knew that these home
owners were doing renovations and decided to take the
opportunity to walk away with an expensive new
window for his own home. Stealing from your neighbors is hard work. After a long night of
breaking and entering, burglars caught on camera sometimes just need to kick back with a nice cold drink
to take the edge off and congratulate themselves
on a job well done. At least that seems to be the case for the bold burglar in this video. The doorbell camera footage
this homeowner captured begins with a white truck
pulling up in front of the house. It’s late at night, so what
could this driver be doing? We see a man get out of the truck and walk quickly across the front yard. When the man reaches the porch, he doesn’t waste any time
trying the doors or windows to see if they’re open. He doesn’t look around to make
sure there’s no one watching, he seems entirely confident
in his dastardly mission. Instead of casing the house
to try and get inside, the burglar in this video
heads straight for the cooler sitting outside of the front door. He reaches inside and pulls
out a four pack of beer. The man quickly turns and
walks back to his truck holding his illicitly acquired libations. Is this thief a neighbor who knows that this neighbor makes a habit of keeping ice-cold refreshments
in a cooler overnight? Or was this simply a crime of opportunity? Either way this petty theft is certainly a bold and
bizarre act of thievery. Perhaps the man should have
simply asked his neighbor to be invited over for a drink instead of getting caught on
camera stealing the brews. Burglars caught on camera
rarely carry out their crimes in the light of day. The dark of night is much safer for their sneaky and
daring acts of thievery. However, the woman in this video is either very bold or very stupid. As she carries out her criminal activity in the harsh light of day
when anyone could be watching. The woman appears to be
taking her dog for a walk when she suddenly decides to walk away with something that doesn’t belong to her. The doorbell camera footage picks her up as she’s walking by the front
of the house with her dog. However, she decides to make a quick stop before carrying on with her walk. It seems that the home’s
welcome mat has caught her eye. Holding the dog’s leash in one hand she leans down and
picks up the welcome mat from the front porch and boldly walks away with her prize in hand. Perhaps this thief is in the midst of their own home renovation project and needs a new welcome mat, and decided to take this
opportunity to grab some goods from an unsuspecting neighbor. The mat does say welcome, but it’s doubtful the homeowners meant that the neighbors are welcome to steal whatever catches their eye. Buying furniture for your
home can be expensive, especially if you want to
decorate an outdoor space. One way to cut costs is to simply liberate
some tables and chairs from your unsuspecting neighbors. If they leave it on their balcony that means it’s free
for the taking, right. The man in this video seems to think so. In this footage, we see a man standing on
a balcony late one night. The balcony seems to be
facing some sort of alley. Just under the balcony
there’s a large vehicle that he may have climbed on
to gain access to the balcony. It’s likely this vehicle
will enable his getaway. The man seems to have his eye on the homeowners outdoor furniture. He moves around the balcony, stacking up the four lawn
chairs and a small table in preparation to make
off with the furniture. He begins piling the stolen goods on top of what appears
to be a covered grill. The video ends before we can see if he decides to take
the grill along with him. Either way his decision to
steal a set of outdoor furniture is certainly unusual. Porch decor seems to be a popular target for burglars caught on camera. Things left outside are easy to steal, so thieves usually have no problem making off with these poorly guarded items when no one’s watching. While many thieves seem to target large ticket items such as furniture, some like the woman in this video are more interested in their neighbors whimsical decorating touches. The burglar in this video
seems to have her eye on the plants and floral decorations adorning this stylish front porch. In the corner between
the porches two doorways hangs a large red flower decoration. The burglar is likely a friend or neighbor as it’s unlikely that this bit of decor could have been seen from the street. The woman stops to admire
the decoration for a moment before slowly taking it off the wall. She glances over her shoulder
towards the front door as if nervous that the
homeowner will walk out and catch her in the
middle of her thievery. She walks casually back to her waiting car and drives away with her meager prize. If you’re stylish in
your decorating touches you might be wise to limit yourself to the inside of your home. A jealous neighbor or passerby might just decide to steal
your style for themselves. This video appears to take place outside of an apartment building. There’s a small patio just
inside an unsecured fence with a few parking
spaces on the other side. The thief in this video
doesn’t get too close with these getaway vehicle however. The man walks across the parking lot from an unknown location before easily walking around the fence and going straight for his
target, a large outdoor rug. The man quickly folds the rug not taking time to roll it properly and easily walks away
with his ill-gotten priors tucked under his arm. The burglar caught on camera
is carrying a backpack and something else in his hand while making off with the rug. So perhaps the theft of this rug was just one more stop in
a long night of thievery. Regardless, the burglar
seemed focused in his crime, so he’s likely to be a neighbor
who spotted the rug before and returned at night to walk away with a new piece of decor. Before we get to that number one spot and take a look at a daring
five man heist caught on camera, remember to hit that subscribe button and tinkle the bell icon, that way you’ll be in the loop
about all our latest content. Not all acts of thievery are as petty as many of the crimes on this list. Some burglars caught on camera make away with a big ticket item that
the homeowner will surely miss. The burglars in this video clearly have their eye on a bigger prize, As five mask thieves are involved
in this late-night heist. This is not a case of a lone neighbor taking advantage of a situation to walk away with a bit
of outdoor furniture. The thieves in this video
have set their sights on a large jet ski. The burglars apparently decided that the quickest way to bank
off with their target item would be to unhitch the wheeled
dolly holding the jet ski from the owners vehicle and
simply wheel away with the item. With such a large object, it take several burglars
to wheel the jet ski across the driveway and load
it into the waiting truck. The thieves are quite
brazen despite their masks, not worrying about
keeping themselves quiet as they load the stolen
item onto the truck. The video ends before
they make their getaway. But with all the noise it’s surprising that they managed to make
off with such a large item without getting caught. If you want more weird
doorbell camera videos and check out that video on the top there, otherwise there’s a scary
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see you all next time. Pew! (ominous instrumental music)

100 Replies to “Burglars Caught on Camera Stealing the Weirdest Things

  1. LOL! Too funny! Well, I guess it isn't so funny for the ones they are stealing from. Especially the jet ski. Another great video!

  2. One night, right before Christmas, I heard a strange sound out front, looked out and saw 2 guys trying to pry an antique bench (that was bolted down) off our porch. I guess they thought it might make great gift for mom or something…
    I banged on the window and screamed, "You need a bolt cutter, fools!", and they went running off.
    That was the same Christmas we gave a REALLY alcoholic eggnog party and one of our friends took the christmas tree we had bought but hadn't decorated yet, and went home with it. A couple of days later, they must have felt bad, because they came back and propped it against our front door. It looked like they had dragged it behind their car for fifty miles, but we decorated it anyway. It became a yearly joke, and we bought two trees every year for our eggnog party, and left one outside to be kidnapped….

  3. Better not try to steal anything delivered to my doorstep.. they'd have to walk up a long driveway.. dodge a variety of growing pots, two groundhogs, one possum and three resident raccoons, tools, yard implements, two flights of slippery concrete stairs, then step over a zillion cats… only to find maybe a butt plug or dildo…

  4. My upstairs neighbour had some guests round that stole my welcome matt just cos I told them to stop partying above my head and walking into my flat.

  5. Do not show me these videos without a story afterwards on how they were caught or punished. I see anything as scummy as this happen in my neighborhood someone is getting fucking shot. Not many things worse than a thief, they deserve nothing less than having their teeth kicked in or shot.

  6. I don't care how "weird" it may be perceived, but I HATE thieves. UGH! I do LOVE your channel however. Keep up the awesome job.

  7. Sorry. All of those silly thefts was made by me.
    Because once I see something useful I might decide to borrow it from you for all eternety.

  8. Kallen, you don't usually have me laughing at your videos (I'm usually hiding under the blankets), but you made me legit laugh with "the doormat does say Welcome, but…"

    Regarding daylight burglars, you're seeing them more and more. They pick up Amazon packages during the day when the homeowners are at work.

  9. Someone stole a decoration off my front door the other day! What's with these people that are just grabbing pretty things they like from random houses?

    I mean, I'm flattered that they like my good taste, but damn!

  10. My sister's rabbit was stolen from outside her home, a week later someone knocked on the door and asked if they could have the hutch as she didn't need it now!😂 Some people have the cheek of the devil.😈

  11. Not related to the video, but are you feeling okay? You look like you are either sick or exhausted at the beginning of the video..

  12. It’s easy to assume that these are just neighbours or friends- the really determined ones are likely homeless looking for things to add to their touch down spot and hoping that these items have some value so that they can exchange them for drugs

  13. I would like to see a video of thieves getting caught in the act of stealing and hauled away to jail. That would really be satisfying!! 😁

  14. Guy: Dude Hold my BEE……R o shit
    Be right back

    :drives to neighbors steals neighbors beer thats just sitting outside in a cooler unattended


  15. I had someone take care of my house while I was away for my son's birthday vacation. My workers needed something from the house so they went to get it, with my permission. They were horrified to find a party going on in the house! I called the house sitter and told her to get all those people the Hell out of my house and clean up the mess. I knew there was a mess and the such as my worker's sent me all the photos via cell phone. I got home and discovered my underwear were missing!!!!!!!!! YUCK!!!!!!!!! Who the Hell steals underwear anyhow????????

  16. Not much lower than a POS THIEF!! People work their asses off to be able to get the things they want, and some low life piece of $h¡+ drain on society comes along and takes it from you… I don't care if they stole a 10 cent piece of gum… IT DOESN'T BELONG TO YOU!! DON'T STEAL IT!!!

  17. I know this will sound like BS, but a crackhead in our neighborhood would come up in our driveway, and steal pieces of gravel. We caught him one night after seeing him doing it several times on video, when we asked him what he was doing he said he was selling gravel & asked if we wanted to buy some! Of our own gravel😂 I know addiction isn’t funny but I couldn’t help it, I lmao! He was arrested several days later for stealing underwear off a woman’s clothesline, then knocking on her door trying to sell her underwear to her, lol. People please stay off crack, I never in my life thought I’d ever see something that funny & messed up, at the same time🤦🏻‍♀️😆

  18. I'd go several better. Port cullis over the porch… and the front door, remotely operated from a secret control panel somewhere within my property, plus the wifi camera door bells. Only way you could catch these b words.

  19. #2 is a guy who is either homeless or sleeping on the street that night for some reason, just stopping by to grab a rug so he doesn't have to sleep on the ground!!

  20. Reminds me of when my grandma was alive these two guys went unto her balcony and only stole two patio chairs. She lived in an apartment upstairs. They actually climbed up a two story apartment balcony to steal two outdoor chairs and these weren't the metal or iron or whatever but those cheap plastic outdoor lawn chairs they sell at some places for Like for less than 5 dollars. What the hell.

  21. 2:50 Libation, I had to look that one up ! " A libation is a ritual pouring of a liquid, or grains such as rice, as an offering to a god or spirit, or in memory of the dead. It was common in many religions of antiquity and continues to be offered in cultures today.
    Various substances have been used for libations, most commonly wine or other alcoholic drinks, olive oil, honey, and in India, ghee. " I guess that can describe a stolen " 4 pack of beer " or is it milk .? ? ? . . .

  22. Stealing is not cool! They'll get caught eventually. Slapped ham thanks for the video!!! Have a great friday the 13th slapped ham fam💕🐷💕

  23. This reminds me of something that happened in my car about a year ago; I had to go to the local DMV for registration renewal. Common thing you do when you own a vehicle of course. I left my folder of VITAL information (SS No., Credit Card data, license etc.) when I left the DMV and stopped to get a bite to eat. Got caught up in talking to an old friend for hours and when I returned discovered somebody had been rummaging through my car. Didn't touch the folder AT ALL, literal, "Idiots Guide to Identity Theft," folder and instead, get this; stole a cigarette lighter and the cars ash tray with about 5 used cigarettes in it o.0. Not sure if he/she was stoned, stupid or both but I counted my blessings and now keep the folder someplace much safer than my glove compartment.

  24. Someone a few years ago tried to sneek off with a dolly we had in the backyard, claiming that they thought it was a rummage sale. My sis caught them just in time lol.

    And when I say dolly I mean those things that make moving heavy objects around easier.

  25. 🚢⛵🚤🚣🚙🚃🚜 they steal anything! Ya they are lucky the owner didn't come out with a gun 🔫😡….. I believe they just want to sell stuff for money 💰 to but their drugs! 💊💊💊💉💉💉🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬😱 I hope they all get caught! 😲 .. Lol 😆

  26. That happened to us years ago, we were stationed at Ft, Sill, OK and roofers stole our fishing boat but were caught by the military police, terrible people!

  27. A few years ago someone broke into our backyard to steal my two birds, not exotic expensive ones but lovebirds. It was really fast because I had just uncovered the cage and noticed that I had run out of bird seed.During the time I bought the seed the thief jumped the fence and took them. Still pisses me off.

  28. Burglars are like rapers for me: in both cases i felt the same loss of profound intimacy, the rape of myself identity and the shock of long lasting psychological scars. I hate burglars at the same level as murderers.

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