c2e2 Convention Photography | Its been a while!

Hey, this is Scott of Photography Banzai. In this video I’m going to talk about a convention I’m go to this weekend, hopefully.
It’s called c2e2. It’s a big science fiction comic pop
culture convention. Lots of customers, cosplayers, should be there of course.
Gonna try to take photos. So I’m thinking about ways to take photos. What should I
bring? And it’s been a quite a while since I’ve actually gone to any type of
convention and taking photos. So there’s a little bit of apprehension. It’s… you
know it kind of out of practice and indecisive about what to bring. How to go
about it. So I’m thinking about it, and I’m going to go as light as possible. X100F. Has a nice decently wide focal length. That’s pretty much the reason I
bought this camera is for situations just like this. It’s small, its unassuming.
When you take a photo of someone, they’re not… They don’t have this big
camera in their face making them nervous. And it just just really works out well in
situations that are super busy, super crowded. I have a little bag I’ll be
bringing with. So pretty much the smallest that I’ve got that still is
able to fit this camera. You can see I added some stuff to it in the past. Goes
with the theme of the convention. Pretty simple! It has a few pockets here and there. I do have info cards for people. I’m
going to try to give them, or at least try to motivate myself to give them out
while I’m taking photos. So the people can see the pictures afterwards, which is
a good part of the fun… Is that these people are able to see their costumes,
you know, afterwards. So I have one right here. This is my cosplay specific social
media stuff where the photos will go. And then on the back I printed out some
mailing labels that you can use your standard printer, and just put whatever
you want on them. So I put the actual Photography Banzai side which is the
technical learning side of the photo stuff. Pretty simple to do in that case.
So I’m going to try to focus on simple compositions. It’ll be quick most of the time I’m sure. And this camera, it just works out well
in those cases. So if you go to similar conventions, you do things like this. I’m
curious to find out what you do in those cases. Do you tend to go really hard?
Bring a lot of gear and just get as much stuff as possible. Do you do lighting in
these situations it is really challenging, so I’m impressed if you’re
able to manage that. There’s only so much room in a lot of the situations. Of
course I’ll have friends most likely around, which I can spend a little bit
more time left hopefully. We’ll see. Besides that I did think about trying to
make some type of video. I can still use this to get simple clips with 1080p,
which is good enough. Just the autofocus is not like the Canon. So I had
considered bringing that as well, but then I had to use a larger bag I have to
potentially bring a tripod. Which I don’t think that would be a good thing. It’s
probably actually banned in situations like that in busy conventions.
Who knows, maybe not. But it would just add a lot of extra stuff and potentially
take away from the photos. And I don’t want that to happen. In that case maybe
eventually I’ll try to make informational videos about the
conventions we’ll see. So all that said, really the goal at least for me and I
hope for you as well is to really enjoy taking photos. Find what works best for
you at least for me it’s kind of towards the side of simplicity with equipment.
But I do try to grow in both ways with the more advanced stuff when I can and
the simple stuff when it’s best to really enjoy just taking photos. I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, please consider subscribing that helps me out a
lot. Likes, shares… help out a lot as well. Thanks again!

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  1. Excellent video Scott. Nice to see you using the x100f for your convention work. Do you ever find the lens a little short for portraits? I only ask as sometimes I used the digital tele or even the TCL adapter for the closer work when I owned mine.

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