Camera Tripod for Video or DSLR – Best is Manfrotto Tripod

I’ve been listening to your comments and I realized you’re right i need to get a tripod to have my steady shot so i actually found that you know being on a budget this little difficult sometimes to find the right price right so we’re looking at about a hundred and fifty dollars manfrotto tripod which would convert to about 110 us so i went to a local store and I settled upon well I wasn’t really care to be honest I walked in there i have no idea which one to get in the salesperson sparkly through the different models you know you’re relaxed with your Porsche types tripod i felt a lot of one that was 159 Canadian which converts roughly 2 120 us it is called the nest NT triple seven and triple sevens good luck in some culture so I thought maybe thats a ood sign I was pretty excited about it and I’m very excited to take it out of the box let’s make it happen where’s my knife there don’t try this at home folks ok like Christmas and we know I felt like the holidays if you see my other videos all about outside thinking outside the box right here alright so you can see if knocked out good sturdy box we held it and work what he’s not as a carrying case and you got your strap for walking about with us always useful feature now and you can tell by the video now why I need tripod to have more sturdiness all right mind stepping aside boy here it is well here it is in all of its glory and you can see we have our three legs this right here is a hook it looks like there you go yeah its retractable and so that would actually be to keep it contained so when you’re transporting it it will open up on which is a definitely nice feature all of these are able to retract obviously that spinner here looks like we have an extra arm know so we can actually leverage that oh and look at that thing by place an extra key in case you get its not a key a screw in case you get a through loose that’s right folks I might understand that just saying it looks like we also have an allen key there you go well good stuff start manual which is always very important although i don’t speak this particular way reflect on the other end you can have english alright so there you have it folks it’s like you’re actually wait wise it’s not too heavy it seems to be i would say six and a half pounds so it’s very easy to transport like and select so I like the fact that the length easily adjust out you can just simply turn the knob and then you can actually reduce a good height here actually when you stretch it up to its full capacity reaches the height of 6 foot 3 manfrotto tripod so then that’s later so then what you do when you lock it in place and that’s just by sitting at like so and that will ensure it is secure now another thing that dust is the actual are what I’m going to put on right now so the other thing i like about it is that you can extend the arms and i’m all about out stretched arms and business this and it always helps to have an outstretched arm to help you along now you are going to insert it like so and then spin it in to secure it in place where we are and then you can actually adjust it any direction you want it’s very responsive giving you that incredible versatility and flexibility that we all want for a nice stable shot now it’s also idiot proof enough now this propeller like structure here you just sit and relax you stop when you can no longer locket now that was an exciting your map you can reach even greater heights check with that I’ve already seven the bottom to hear now I’m going to do the third one against something that propeller and locking it in place and lock these 12 and then you’re good to go this is going to give you that six-foot-three high which is going to allow you to reach even more beautiful look at that I feel so short now I don’t know about you but this is quite a stretchfor me it’s not going to lower this bad boy on this like I said it’s that easy about now this is a much better right to work with now if you notice here this right here is actually able to remove that’s right i can make this happen it don’t know why you would want to do that but here it is manfrotto tripod right there some talks super easy and voila now you notice here there is a bowl now you can actually pivot it when you put it in the bowl you want to make sure it’s done here with a bowl yes i do it back in now the advantage of having a bowl is that the bubble level will adjust to ensure that your shoot remains on the level no matter what surface or structure or room you happen to be in let’s say for example you’re not Emporium and you know how sometimes you’re watching the show and you end up on steps because you know what is a packed house so let’s say he got just got here and these up a little bit like that so it’s making a little off-kilter what you do with the bowl if you can actually adjust it as you can see right here and that will actually show you that you’re on the level so that is the advantage of having this bubble level now check this out this is a quick release plate I like this because you push the button here and you’re able to remove this and that’s where you’re going to put your camera and then yes set it and forget it and has a stopper no matter what you do even if you’re accident prone just going to stir that you don’t work drop your camera now the other thing is if you want to lock it in place you just simply turn this knob here and you are good to go with the black alright not thought was so action ok what I’m going to do is taking off the plate I want to put the camera on the place so I test the camera here you flip it over and you see how there’s a screw here and through here just what they get along what you would be matched up and then you just screw it until it can’t screw anymore you can just do it with your fingers of studying the back now you do you slide it in and you’re good to go and again you want to secure your going to lock it up and you are great so when you’re using your bad boy here one thing I did notice is that when I’m panning i don’t know if you can see this right now but what is happening is that related actually lifting what I’m trying to can and that is definitely a source of contention for me because if you want to be smooth and stable the whole reason you get a tripod you don’t want to have some toughen up and down action because the thing can’t stay click grounded the other thing that I wasn’t too impressed with is that as i move up and down it’s one speed and as I span it’s a different speed so again there’s no continuity or you know really smoothness to the whole thing is very rigid and it seems to need a bit of a chiropractic adjustment if you ask me now in terms of the actual sound that it makes there is no sound that’s one of my features that i do like about it because it is quiet so overall on this is actually very sufficient at this price point to be able to meet my needs hands down that it I have with my hands are down the tilt the pan is working i’m not lifted off the ground and the 120 us or 159 Canadian actually makes this guilt free purchase it is sufficient for my needs because I just want to have some stability and in all more smoother transition from my youtube video manfrotto tripod overall i would recommend the Nest NT 777 well I certainly hope you enjoy this video as much as I’m always making us now you want to definitely subscribe to see more and make sure you make those comments we love to hear your thoughts suggestions or ideas and your questions and don’t forget like us on Facebook thanks for watching

100 Replies to “Camera Tripod for Video or DSLR – Best is Manfrotto Tripod

  1. I'm sure you've figured this out by now but there are knobs on the tripod head that adjust the resistance of the pan and the tilt. If you're standing behind the tripod the top knob on the left will adjust the tilt. If you loosen that it will prevent the leg lift. The lower knob should adjust the pan resistance allowing for faster or slower panning.

  2. Panning is a problem you say. Can you spread that legs (not yours ๐Ÿ˜‰ of that tripod to make it more stable?
    I now also look like a tripod – listening to your nasty words (if you have enough fantasy)! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. nice tripod. I wouldn't mind getting one of these (due to the height) but I can't seem to find it in the US unless it's double the price.

  4. Looks like a knock-off copy of a Miller.
    The knobs on the left side of the fluid head will adjust the friction, that'll fix the pan/tilt speed difference issue.

    Usual fail points on the cheaper ones are the 'propellors' on the legs with the plastic coming off the metal screws inside, and the plastic stoppers the keep the sections of the legs dropping out.

    If you don't have a weight to stabilise it from tipping as you whip it around, use the rucksack you carry the camera and LED lights in.

  5. I don't know about Tripods but my MONOPOD is really EXTENDED right now, and I am able to MOUNT on it. Oooooooo yeahhhhhhh

  6. Well, I don't know what to say other than thanks. I was watching tripod reviews till I landed on this one and when I landed, I totally forgot about the tripods. Everytime, I rewind the video, all what I want is to catch the brand name!

  7. This tripod was purchased in a local store. Here is where you can see similar tripods in the same price range

  8. HUH?…what Tripod…I didn't see one…I guess I'm getting old…I've got to get something for my memory…But my eyes are perfect…good thing HUH?

  9. Only dirty minded MALES would make certain comments about this video, I must say I enjoyed this video about this tripod and it is one of the breast demostration I have seen in a long while ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Can you make a video on the proper form for picking up change? I have a back problem. And do it slowly so I don't miss anything.

  11. Can it allow the camera turn into 90 degree which allow us to snap portrait mode? instead of forever landscape mode?

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  13. Ah, you fixed your sturdiness problem. How are your shots coming out now? Are they sharp or still a little blurry with the tripod?

  14. ะขะตะผะฐ ัะธัะตะบ ะฝะต ั€ะฐัะบั€ั‹ั‚ะฐ…. ;-))))

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