Can VILTROX Speedbooster change CANON EOS M50 into full frame DSLR Camera detailed review

Ahoj! This is Zdenka Darula. I know that
many of you watching my channel have been waiting for this video for a long
time. Me too. I was getting comments popping up and me from everywhere. What do you think of Viltrox Speedbooster? Is it any
good? Is it gonna turn my camera into full-frame camera? Well, guess what? I’ve got such speedbooster right here. I got it last week. I had a chance to review it,
play with it, tested it out and today I’m gonna answer all that. What do I think
about this speedbooster? Is it any good? And mainly, is it gonna turn Canon EOS
M50 into full frame camera? Today, I will be working with two cameras.
One is Canon EOS M50 which is filming right now. The second one is my
main DSLR which is Canon 5D Mark iii. I have three lenses. EF lenses. Canon 50mm lens, 24 – 105 and 70 – 200 millimeters. What am I gonna be doing
today? Obviously testing and it’s a lot of fun because when just think you know
it all about your equipment, sometimes you realize you don’t know much. So let’s
dive right into it. So let’s start with for the samples. We’ll look at video right
after. Here is 50 mm lens on a Canon 5D Mark iii DSLR. This is how it
looks like when it’s on full frame camera. Second photo here. We have
Canon EOS M50 with 50 mm lens on it and just regular adapter. And here
we get that 1.6x crop because of the cropped sensor, so right now the lens
actually became 80 mm lens. Here I need to mention something for you to
realize. Truthfully, I needed to realize it myself thanks to Paul. Hi Paul! Because
I shoot on full-frame camera for so many years and this is my first
mirrorless camera with cropped sensor, whenever you put any lens on Canon EOS M50, even the kit lens, you need to multiply the focal length 1.6x
because of the cropped APS-C sensor. So for example, the kit lens which comes
with the Canon EOS M50, 15 – 45 mm is really equivalent to 24 – 72 mm. Lastly, I have photo here which was taken with Canon EOS M50, Speedbooster and the 50 mm lens. Let’s just compare the photo from
full-frame DSLR and Canon EOS M50. The lens now becomes 56 mm, which is
a lot closer to the 50 mm on DSLR. F-stop is lowered as well from F/1.8 to F/1.2 which means two things. You will get a lot nicer
bokeh which is the blurry background and you can also get a lot more light in
which means you can use faster shutter speed and lower ISO. Let’s quickly look
at the other two lenses. Here is a photo from Canon 5D Mark iii which I took with
the 24 – 105. Here is photo from Canon EOS M50 with regular adapter and 24 –
105 mm lens. I had it obviously zoomed on the lowest 24 to make sure I
get a very wide angle. Lastly, here is a photo with Speedbooster and 24 – 105
mm on Canon EOS M50. Much closer again to the full-frame camera.
Let’s quickly zoom in 100% and look at it. When I put out the telephoto lens
outside and I try to see how much I can see on Canon EOS M50, here is the
photo I took with actually Speedbooster first. It is much closer to the
full-frame camera when i zoom all the way in. Here is it another photo I took
with just a regular adapter and I put it on a canon EOS M50. Now, I gotta say I
was quite surprised how much I can see. Because of the cropped sensor 1.6x
200 mm now becomes 320 mm. I can see so much more. I can
get so much further. That will be amazing lens for windsurfing shots in the summer.
Anyways, I was very impressed. Let’s zoom in 100% and see. It’s a very
sharp. The quality it’s beautiful. I don’t have any issue with that. If you are
wondering, what the focal length will be on a Canon EOS M50 and the Speedbooster, all you have to do is multiply the focal length by 1.13x
to get the end result. And now it’s time to test out the video. I’m not gonna do
video with the Canon 5D Mark iii. I simply hate doing video on that one.
Let’s put 50 mm lens with regular adapter on a Canon EOS M50.
Now we are looking at footage 50 mm lens with Speedbooster at
1080p. Another footage here we have is 50
mm with a regular adapter in 4K, and here is footage with 50 mm
lens and Speedbooster in 4K. Crop is much smaller now. What do I think?
Well, when you put 50 mm lens with adapter or speed booster on Canon
EOS M50, listen to this when it’s focusing. In very simple words, 50 mm lens is EF lens. It is not the STM. STM lenses such as the kit lens 15
– 45 mm have different technology which makes the focus
extremely silent. So, for me, if I’m gonna be using 50 mm lens or any
other EF lens on this camera, I’m gonna be using it for B-roll. It is absolutely
amazing to use it for b-roll. But if I’m gonna be using it for talking like right
now I’m definitely going to reach for STM lens like this kit lens 15 – 45
mm. I also noticed that the auto focus with the Speedbooster is
definitely much faster than the auto focus with just regular adapter. I read
online about the battery issue. Well, if you leave the Speedbooster on Canon EOS M50 overnight, turned off, in the morning it will drain your battery a lot.
So just get into the habit that you will take it off from your camera. I do it
anyways. I just leave whatever I want on the camera or I don’t leave any lens, so
just get into the habit and it should be fine. Also, Viltrox suggests that if you are changing lenses, you take the
speed booster off your camera, change the lens, then put it back on together. Don’t
leave the Speedbooster on the camera. Just detach the lens and just attach it
again to avoid error which might be lens rejection. Answer to the question if you
can turn Canon EOS M50 into full-frame camera? No, you cannot. It can
get a lot closer to the full-frame camera but there is so much more to the
full-frame camera. That’s why the difference. What I always say, you cannot
turn a regular van into a Ferrari. Do you really need Speedbooster? For the price,
it’s amazing. When you think about it, you are gaining extra lenses. Prime lenses.
For example the 50 mm lens with the regular adapter is 80 mm
lens. With the Speedbooster is 56 mm lens. Plus you get a lower
F-stop. You get more light in. It’s amazing for low-light situations, for
b-roll. You get huge variety. Right now, it feels like actually I have way too much
equipment. Way too many lenses. I don’t even know what to do with all of them.
It just it gives me such a different range now, I have to kind of get it
through my head first to decide what I really need for the next shoot to take
with me because I just did just so much I gained right now. Because of this. It is
definitely worth it by my opinion. I’m very pleased. I was first very sceptical.
I was seeing all these videos online about it and I was like thinking… oh yeah… well, they are just selling it. You know they are just …Maybe it’s little bit overrated. But now, that I got it, I’m hooked. I like it myself.
I’m definitely hooked. So that’s it when it comes to Speedbooster video. If
you’re waiting about my eye updates just just I’ll say something after I say
goodbye okay? For the new faces if you liked today’s video please hit the
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comments, want to say hello or suggest topic for a future video,
please leave it in the comment section below. I read all the comments and I
always try to respond as much as I can. Now, when it comes to my eye. I’m seeing
optometrist tonight. I had to wait for awhile to get the appointment.
I’m not feeling pain right now, which is good. I’m still seeing those floaters
though but what I want to say mainly that I would love to thank you from
bottom of my heart too. For the all comments you guys left me and girls left
me. Also for emails. Many of you were sharing your stories, your life stories
as well. It brought me so much closer to you. I want to just explain. When you start YouTube channel and you start filming the videos and kind of look at the lens, it kind of
feels very silly. Just to talk to the lens because you don’t see any people
behind it. Now, that the channel grew into 5000
subscribers, some of you I already kind of knew from the comments. We were
communicating back and forth but now that you were writing me so much more, I
just don’t see the evator anymore in just a few comments. I actually see real
people. I got to know you. Many of you I already know my name and it is fantastic.
I’m realizing that I have such amazing fantastic group people there. You guys
are phenomenal, just beautiful people. All of you, so thank you very much from
bottom of the heart for all these comments and emails. You definitely
mentally lifted me up. I am as you can tell I have in a better mood today, so
yeah, it is just I’m just blown away with the kind of people you are… anyways … thank you so much. I’ll keep you updated and I will see you in the next one. Cau… Ahoj…

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