Capturing surf action with the Canon EOS-1D X Mark III

Photography is about patience. You have to choose your moment. So you have to be patient and… You have to be prepared. Especially when you are talking ocean photography. It’s nature. You can’t predict that. And so you are trying to put all the elements in your favour. It means working with the right surfers. It means working with the right equipment. Getting the right camera to freeze these moments. I want a fast camera that is very reactive. Because it’s going to happen once and if you miss it, then you are not going to be able to make it happen again. I’m based here in Tahiti for this wave at Teahupo’o and so basically I’m waiting all year for the right conditions to happen. It’s like a window where everything happens and that’s when you have to be ready. Teahupo’o is very famous but it’s one of the heaviest waves in the world. It can be very dangerous. It’s very shallow, it’s really heavy. The whole ocean is breaking on dry reef. I’ve seen some accidents, people getting injured and all of a sudden it’s a different story. But the reward is insane. Time stops, basically, then you are into that commitment. It’s like a game, you are trying to get the action and I like that challenge. The whole process is so intense that when you have finally for the photo and you are looking at the back of the camera and you are like, “Wow.” It’s pure joy to capture these moments. I’ve been using Canon cameras for years and I’ve had all these 1DX series. But this new body, there are three major improvements. The focusing, then how many frames per second the camera is capturing but also the buffer having no limits. And I think all these factors are really important for a sport photographer because you want to be ready and you don’t want to be restricted by your camera. I’m out there, shooting photo from the water at Teahupo’o. The game is to be in the barrell for a split second with the surfer. And be as close as possible, that’s why I’m using a fish eye. So imagine now, how short that moment is, Having 20fps is a game changer. And that’s what I’ve been discovering these last few days using the 1D X Mark III When the conditions happen and it’s great and you know you are creating great images you can’t stop. That’s how sometimes you end up swimming for 8-10 hours. Just because it’s so good. I’ve shot yesterday like 4000 photos or even more, and video, and shooting Live View a lot. And the battery was still like at least 50% or more. Well because the ocean is always different, is always offering different conditions. I don’t count the time. I love being out there. And the more I live here in Tahiti, the more I realise that Teahupo’o is really unique. There is a huge potential to capture images that are not possible to capture anywhere else in the world. The new 1D X Mark III you are able to really able to capture the action as you were never able before.

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  1. dood looks so funny sittting on the jet ski without at least a life vest on.. He must be so pro he doesnt need that crap. lol

  2. Wow sooo looking forward to this body!! Fun to see that you guys take your time with pro bodies but when they hit the light of day they're rock solid and perform!

  3. As a sony alpha camera user I am excited for the competition cannon brings with this camera! I am truly impressed by not just this camera and its specs but by the film itself! Can not wait to see what cannon does with their mirrorless line up to match this camera! I wouldn't object to a switch if the specs matched this in the mirrorless body

  4. Feels like a BBC production. Just incredible! The story, the pictures and the film all come together in great harmony. I am convinced. I will try to buy this camera as it would improve my work quality dramatically coming from a 5D mk 3. Awesome job, Canon! I'm glad I stuck with you! 🙂

  5. Here knowing I wont afford it…but happier that those who already tested it💕👌✔😎 What a way to start the year Canon! So cool😎

  6. i think I will stay with my canon 1dx mark ii unless you give me a nice trade in percentage where only 40% I gotta put it for the mark iii

  7. Inspiring video. I'd love to be as skilled as this guy. Both the photographer and the surfer. I'll start saving for one… Might be able to before you get to the MK6 lol

  8. So and now please make an EOS R version out of this. 🙂 Then the world is happy again :). I would love to use the amazing RF lenses with a camera with this technology.

  9. This Camera will be a beast, and i am happy to see that Canon doesn´t limit themselves in the pro bodies. But i´m sad that Canon restricts the "cheaper and less professional" bodies to protect their 6000$ cameras. For Professionals which can afford these cameras, nice. I just cannot recommend Canon anymore since Sony got so strong in their game. It´s sad, but still, awesome pro cameras.

  10. наконец-то я смогу полностью раскрыть кидание бокалов молодожен перед рестораном в балашихе, спасибо, Canon!

  11. slick, very slick presentation. The right tool for the right job. Maybe some exaggeration when saying 'I swam all day'. I am not sure if this is possible.

  12. I really enjoyed this review.
    I'm 2 yrs new to dslr's. I have used Canon my entire life. Starting in 1980.
    Q) What was used for the audio ?

  13. I got Sony A7R IV, good job Canon. You make want to get 1D X Mark III. Can't wait to see what you guys do with your Mirrorless lineup in 2020.

  14. Just pre-ordered this beast of a camera to replace my "old" 1D MKIV. The jump up is going to be massive in terms of PQ/ISO and technology. OMG i cant wait!

  15. Such a beast of a camera! Definitely looking to get one as soon as possible. Only complaint about this video is why wasn’t it uploaded in 4K? We wanna see that crisp full frame footage!

  16. countdown to all the "why I'm leaving Sony" vids. It's going to be beautiful seeing them all eat their words. On the bright side, there's about to be a bunch of used Sony gear on the market, hahahaha.

  17. Thats very awesome, beautiful, excellent 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌⚘

  18. Awsome film. but that part where he was with the camera and long lens w/o any straps with a jet ski on the wavy ocean. huh.

  19. I used to shoot hand held with a 300mm 2.8 and some people said that was insane and I'm just lying. Many says 70-200 is already a super heavy lens 🤦🏻‍♂️ Now you can see the guy shooting hand held, at the sea with perhaps 300 or 400, or even 200-400mm. It is manageable and some situation you just need to hand hold it, because monopod is not the solution.

  20. I’m looking forward to saving up for this and purchasing a couple lenses. This past year has been rough on me, and had to sell my 5D Mk iii, 7D Mk ii, and my C100 Mk ii due to financial constraints. I also had to sell all my lenses. Hoping this year to be back to shooting.

  21. Would love this to shoot my lessons in a Waikiki, rather than a Gopro. Hey sponsor me Canon, I would love to switch cameras. The crowd will go wild

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