Carbon Transfer Prints- The Wet Print

The Wet Print is an alternative photographic print lab specializing in the 19th century carbon transfer process. The goal of The Wet Print is to provide photographers with exquisite and beautiful ways to present their work. Taking a slow approach, I believe allows for the creation of art that has value. The carbon transfer process requires days to complete a print, granting one the time to be more meticulous and thoughtful. Along with good communication insures the photographers intent is captured in the final print. Most clients have never seen their work in carbon before, so it’s always exciting when they receive a print for the first time. They remark on the beautiful tones from rich blacks to creamy whites, the luxurious feel of the heavy cotton paper, a three-dimensional depth and texture, and what a surprise it is to see their work in such a marvelous format. For me there’s joy and creating prints that clients are going to be proud to present to museums galleries or collectors. Prints which can be trusted to last generations, and if well cared for millennia. Using pure carbon pigment ensures the image will never fade. The emulsion resists scratches, fingerprints, peeling, and other abrasions. The heavy paper prevents tearing folding and general deterioration. The carbon print has existed for a century and a half and has passed the test of time It’s always an honor when a photographer trusts me to make a print of their work. They have put a tremendous amount of effort, time, money, and resources into making a remarkable image. As Ansel Adams said, “The negative is equivalent of the composer’s score, and the print the performance.” My goal as a printer is to give unforgettable performances, recording light, in true photographic form, on paper.

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  1. Amazing process. I love alternative photography and your explanation of the process was very eloquent. I would love to take a class of instruction on this process. My favorite alternative process is Mordengage. (Not sure if I'm spelling it right.

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