Chasing the Sun with CHICAGO Photographer // VLOG #013

hey what’s up guys welcome back to my
channel so today I’m doing a shoot with Ofo, Ofo’s a really good
photographer he’s also one of my best friends I’m gonna leave links to his
work on to his Instagram channel so do check that out so today all for ones to
kind of like take us through what he looks for in terms of like you know your
light in and your frame in structure and anything else of just looking around to
see exactly how like say for instance even you’re fashionable can also you
know determine the exact location that we want to shoot and kind of complement
each other so we’ll take a look at all all right guys so come check it out it’s
gonna be fun another thing I like about Chicago is that Chicago has really good
architecture so you’re gonna see a lot of like really cool locations locations
to shoot at so for example Chicago’s downtown and South Loop locations has a
lot of like buildings with clean lines and structures so I think that’s where
we’re going to check out today so we’re about to go do some real daring photo
shoot into areas where we’re technically not supposed to be there so it’s gonna
be very very fun Chicago summertime is one of the best
like we hate every season until it’s summertime people you’ve never seen
before we just show up from nowhere so thank y’all go kind of adds you know a
little or has its own little flavor during the summer that
you know most Midwestern cities does not have when you do photography how do you
go about like selecting your locations I usually use the feel to what I want to
create if I want to create an inner city style feel Chicago has like a lot of
different locations that help us you know get that feel in this particular
shoot I want it to feel a little bit more you know big-city starting at the
same time I wanted to have a lot of you know modern look to it as well and so I
think where I chose kind of draws out a lot of lines it goes with shadows see I told you guys just look it over
Eddie that was very cool here what are we doing the word we’re trying
to light chase the Sun why is that important well we need the colors of the
Sun we need a tone for this particular issue
we losing it very very fast so we gotta chase me we got to try and get it before
that sundown you know tall to the image goes way I like that a lot so once you wars nice really oh that’s cool I like that yeah
a lot of movement yeah we’ve had to go
and guess who created decent shots nope okay guys so now we’re chasing the
Sun we’re moving locations because the Sun is setting you know from
photographers one of the best times to shoot from what I’ve noticed is that
photographers like to shoot really early in the morning when the Sun is rising or
really just before the sunset they called it the magic hour or the golden
hour because you get really beautiful colors that makes your photography pop
and draw some more inspiration so that’s what all is doing here if you guys like
to shoot with Oppo definitely check out his page I’m gonna leave the links to
his Instagram in the description box down below
hit him up if you’re in Chicago or if you have a book in maybe travel to write
hi to a lot in all over the place especially in Florida and then Atlanta
doing a lot of both portraits and a lot of weddings as well so look me up
Oh for skiing calm all right and then umm yeah so when you hit up or for just
dropped my my cold fresh pepper and your hokey open like a 80% discount alright
guys if you guys enjoyed this video don’t forget to hit uh sort of thumbs up
again I post weekly videos so do subscribe check out my channel I’ll see
you guys the next one

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  2. BRO, u and I look identical! This is crazy. Except I'm 5"6. Not to be overbearing, but I have a few questions. What's your routine for building arm muscle (I'm a bit scrawny) and what are some brands that you buy in terms of selecting shirts? I was also, planning on going to college in L.A. but money said otherwise lol. I'm looking to somehow move there after graduation, so I'm glad you cleared up some misconceptions about the city. Other than that, I'm honestly shocked.

  3. Hi, I’m moving to Chicago this December and would like to try out modeling. I’m 5’6 with a curvy figure how can I get modeling jobs ? What basic tips do you have for someone who’s new in the industry?

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