Chinese Artifacts: As seen on TV School Project ft. Germer Mosh & Four

Hey guys Dhruv here, and today, I’m making a a video about China for my REACH thing for my REACH class so um, Well, I really hope you like it so 4: Screech!
Dhruv: Whapaa! Have you ever wanted to buy something, but not be able to buy it because you aren’t strong enough to carry your coins around? Have you ever wanted a lighter version of money? Well, all of that is solved by Eve Ry Bank! Now you can cash in all your worthless coins made from gold, and get all new super amazing money bills backed by it’s amount in gold! Anyway, this AmAzInG new invention will change your life! It works as a simple IOU slip you can trade. You can use it to buy clothes, or to buy a palace! All of this power right in your lockbox! Wow! Many of those silly European people who will come to trade with us already use paper money! Some of you haters out there might be thinking… “Wow, what a boring product! It’s so useless and boring!” -sticks his tongue out- And the price is not *29.99* not *49.99*, But 99.99 BUT WAIT! If you order now you’ll get half of the money you paid for the same price! BUT WAiT! If you buy now you’ll be entered totake part in a Chinese money lottery! (Don’t take points off) BUT WAIT! “WOWTHATSSOEXPESIVE!” NOITSNOT! Okay Hey guys Dhruv here, and well. I hope you liked my video. Well. Maybe you couldn’t tell by the beginning sequence

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