Cleaning Up and Removing Distracting Reflections in Car Photography – Acura NSX

hey welcome back to the channel in this
video we’re gonna look at the Acura NSX in this video we’ll look at removing
well not really removing but dealing with some of the reflections there kind
of cleaning it up you’ll see here in the reflections on
the side of the car you can see the buildings a little distracting so we’re
gonna clean those up as well as clean up the entire photo for final edits so when
this video I’ve done one of these before was probably over a year ago we’re
looking at the Porsche GT 4 and this is another example and I want it to go
through this photo it’s a it’s an older photo but I want to show you some of the
techniques I used to when the reflections are there how we can clean
those up make them look a little better so for this here this is in Lightroom
I’m just going through some basic edits here before we go into Photoshop so
really what this we’re looking at some of the edits looking at some of the
clarity with the particular photo looking at some contrast Corrections as
well and it was a bit warm I mean it was the Sun was setting but the warmth
probably want to take that down just a bit and we’ll increase the shadows as
well in the car and some of the sharpness so here in Photoshop we’re
gonna make a first gonna make a new layer and this is going to be a clean up
layer for the background and I’m using a variety of tools here clone stamp tool
mostly we’re just taking out some of the leaves the bigger stones and some of the
other distractions in the photos not not too many pretty clean photo pretty clean
environment as well but clean up these under the car by the shadow and here by
the garage door as well this is pretty typical I’m not going to go through this
we’ll just go through this quickly I’ve done this in other videos and the next
adjustment layer this will be to clean up the car and this will take the
majority of the video this will take the most time I will be skipping through and
fast-forwarding just going a little quicker through some of them but with
these Niq sand what I do is we’ll take a look
around and we’ll start cleaning up some little blemishes there’s a little bit on
the tires here these are very very small but might as well clean them up these little
dots here from them being brand new tires okay and we’re just taking a look
around see what we can quickly clean up in the photo before we get into some
some more elaborate selections and cleanup here’s some of the power lines
we can easily take these out and on the tire as well and I’m gonna make a
selection here with the pen tool just so I don’t bleed over into the the wheel
well itself make a selection this will be point two pixels 0.2 or 0.3 is
usually quite good you don’t want it on zero because it’s gonna look way too
sharp your selection it’ll just look look odd and there we go that was an
easy cleanup there and you’ll see there are some reflections this is this is the
I don’t know what this is but anyway we’ll take this out this is using the
same technique we’re making little selections around throughout the entire
car and just cleaning it up using cloning portions of the sky to that now
here you’ll see a couple things on the side now there’s a couple lights here
this really doesn’t need it much but I want to clean it up to make the the line
a little cleaner so we’ll make a selection around here this will just be
a quick cleanup okay and we’ll point two pixels again and we’re just cleaning
this up here okay deselect that once we’re done okay before and after and
moving over let’s take a look on the front a little bit there might as well clean
this up seeing that we’re here this really doesn’t need it much but just
looking at this I might as well make it a little cleaner making the selection in
the reflection a bit cleaner and we’re gonna sample a portion of this now we’re
gonna inverse the selection I just want to get the sky first sample there and
get rid of that tree and we’ll inverse again to go back to the original select
and I’m just using a portion here that’s pretty good
all right here on the side you’ll see there’s another there’s an SUV there’s
also my tripod you can see some homes that are across the street so I’m gonna
want to cover all of this and I’m just making a portion here where I think the
reflection will look good I don’t really have anything close so I’m gonna have to
back out a little bit and it will sample a color and a texture from let’s do it
over here nice and dark making sure we don’t get any of the the other portions
of the car we just want the the dark black area yeah we’ll just paint that in
and it kind of came with this cool little reflection here I kind of like
that so on the top I want to clean this up and color it over this and like I
said we’re just forwarding through here we’re speeding this up and a lot of the
the selections and the cleanup is the same throughout the car it’s really
going around with the pen tool making selections and in cleaning up using
other portions of the photo too to make it look a little better well clean that
up that looks great I love the front there that looks that looks amazing and
we’ll clean this up close this off same idea just painting over this so really
the the whole process here with the photo is going through looking at some
of the areas that could need some cleanup making a selection where where I
think would be a nice reflection and just cleaning up using using portions of
the car and here’s a little bit more know here’s a whole home we’re gonna
want to get rid of and we’ll make a selection over here this is just as easy
as the rest of the photo making sure this selection is good and point to
pixels and we’ll just start sampling from below here and painting out until
we get a bigger selection that we can use we’ll increase the brush size and
there we go so before and after with that making good progress so far and now
the side of the door probably the most difficult it’s not
very difficult but it’s probably gonna take a little time it’s making a
selection around and we’re gonna want to go down here and I like that portion so
I’m gonna want to leave that and I’ll curve around we’ll just close this off
doesn’t matter where it is they’re in the bottom and same thing using a color
a texture and we’re just starting to paint this in you’ll see the top still
has to be done but the little keyhole is on the side there so we’ve got to be
take an extra step be a little more careful and before and after and one
little portion here kind of forgot this let’s close that off clean this up and
we’ll make a selection around the keyhole and I’m going to want to sample
from the left and I did kind of bleed over into the selection I previously
made but we’ll clean up that and now we’ll make a selection around here
and start painting around making sure I don’t paint directly on that keyhole
again and there we go before and after looking great and this last little
portion paint that in will leave the the Darracq that’s the reflection of the the
rear fender their little intake hole and as final steps what I’m doing is I’m
cleaning up just the bottom here you can see this happens this is quite common
you’ll see some little water streaks to kind of run down from the from the doors
and I’ll just want to clean those up so that’s just some little cleanups at the
end and really the final thing what we’ll do after looking at these before
and after we will take it back in the library what to make some some final
adjustments and these adjustments here in Lightroom it’s just to finalize the
photo I’m on a darken the sky a little bit I want to darken the foreground just
a bit more and look around the chromatic aberration do some lens correction and
these are of course whatever you want to do to the photo but I just want to do
some final small cleanups with this photo
before we finalize so really that video is looking at a particular way to clean
up some of the reflections when they are in the photo of course you use a
polarizer if you do have the opportunity it will eliminate a lot of those
reflections but if you do not have one if you did not use them there is a way
that you can clean up the reflections to make the car and your photo look a lot
better than it originally was so that’s it for this video thanks very much and
we’ll see again in the next one

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  1. Nice work. Do you find it faster to do all the clean up instead of taking 2 or 3 exposures with different settings on your CPL and masking them in Photoshop?

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