Colourful Pine Cone Photography | Macro Photography Tutorial

Hi guys i’m Ben from adaptalux and
today I’m bringing you another macro photography tutorial today we’re going
to be shooting pinecones we’re gonna do these with some really interesting cool
effects, so let’s get started Okay so today’s subject really easy one
that you can do at home on your sofa, on the coffee table, pine cones. So I’ve got
a couple here to try I’ve got a nice long one there which will be really
interesting and a smaller one as well. I’ve had these around for quite a
while now so they’re nice and dry and they’re opened up but if you’ve just
gone out and found yours and it’s a bit damp and closed all you need to do is
leave it out for 24 hours or so to dry and they’ll open up like these ones. If
your the other way around and yours are dry and you wanted to experiment with
them being closed, pop them in a glass of water or a bowl of water for a couple of
hours and they will all close up again which is really really interesting so let’s
have a look at the equipment that we’re going to be using today so we’ve got the
d5600 with a 90 mm Tamron macro lens the novoflex tripod and the adaptalux studio is going to be sat on a mini tripod
we’ve got a few colored arms a couple of white arms and bunch of colour filters and
diffusers to give us some different effects which we’ll talk about in a
little while let’s take a look at the setup I’ve got the camera on the
novoflex tripod down at the same level as the coffee table so that we can shoot
across and you can sit on the sofa and shoot in comfort as well which is really
good we’ve got the lighting the adaptalux studio is sat on the miniature tripod so that you can move it around change how
the lights falling on the subject and it also means that you can get those
lighting arms up and over the top around and gives you a lot of flexibility about
how your lighting is going to be affecting the subject for camera
settings I’m shooting at between f11 and f/8 this is a manual lens so I’m just in
that by the ring here I’ve also got an ISO of
around 800 and a shutterspeed of 1/60 but this is going to change quite a lot as I
manipulate the lighting as I change the environment we’re gonna be playing with
these settings so speaking of the lighting what we’ve got here is the
adaptalux studio set up with an Amber and a blue lighting arm there are coming
down and seemingly facing each other pointing across the subject so that
you’ve got two different colors one coming from each side and for a subject
like the pine cone it’s really interesting to pick up on the edges of
all of these little spines and manipulating the subjects as you can see
that I’m doing here changes pretty dramatically the look of the image based
on where the light is falling on those spines so you can see this way around
it’s mostly blue because it’s reflecting straight off but this way round it’s
mostly orange or amber because those spines have changed direction I’m gonna
get started now and change all of these lights around change the settings a
little bit move the subject around and see what interesting shots we can get
out this pine cone just by changing a few things here and there so I’m getting some really good shots
here that I’m happy with but I just wanted to pause and show you something
that might not be obvious from the the sped up footage what I did there was
changed one of the colored lighting arms so I changed the blue lighting arm out
for a white lighting arm that you can see there and then I used a color filter
on the white lighting arm too to provide that blue color again and what that does
is it means that the the color intensity is quite a lot softer it’s not that
harsh deep blue color it’s a it’s a more diffused color and you can do this in
two ways with the adaptalux studio so you can grab the blue arm and pop a
white color a white diffuser on there sorry or the white arm with the blue
color filter and changing things around like that really changes the look of the
image combining that with one of the colored lighting arms so a diffused
light and then a harsh light can create some really cool looks so I’ve got some shots that I’m pretty
happy with using this this longer pinecone i’m sorry I don’t know the
different names of the pine cones if you do just let me know who I’m gonna call
this one the long one and this one the small one I suppose
it’s the more conventional one when I think of a pinecone I think of these
small ones but anyway I’m going to change over to this one you can see that
it’s got some cobwebs and things all stuck inside there this one I give it a
little bit of a clean before we started shooting but I’ve left this on the way
is because I think those spider webs I’m going to create some really
interesting highlights when we put the colored light on there so I’m gonna find
out here’s a tip for when you’re focusing
manually like I am if you use the zoom function on your camera you can move in
and out of your image so if we select where we’d like to be in focus we can
zoom in a little bit just the focus move in even more to get it as precise as
possible and when you zoom out all the way again it’s going to be in focus I’m pretty happy with some of the
results that I’ve got this shoot the long pine cone in particular is really
interesting when you shoot down the length of it you can have it almost look
like fire coming from the back when it’s out of focus with the amber lighting arm
and then obviously you can, well, changing the amber lighting arm for the blue one
for instance makes it look underwatery really cool effects you can get just by
changing filters changing the arms and putting different colours into the scene the smaller smaller pine cone was interesting I particularly liked the the
fact that all of these sort of scales are really close together it looks like
a dragon or something like that so it’s very fun playing with the red and blue
on there very sci-fi so that’s it for our pinecone macro photography tutorial
it’s a really easy subject you can shoot at home on your sofa on the coffee table
you just need to go out and get yourself some lovely pinecones make sure you let
us know what you think in the comments give us a like while you are down there and we’ll
see you next time

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  2. This is the second one I have seen. Very interesting. Great ideas. It is a lot better then getting up for the golden hours. Love Macro

  3. A cracking series of inspirational macro shots. I am tempted by the lighting system but it’s a bit too expensive for me! Keep up the fantastic videos. Thank you so much for your wise words.

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