Computer Basics : What Is Print Contrast?

I’m Johnathan Ayres with Network for Success
and today we’re going to talk about, What is print contrast? Print contrast refers to
the differences in darks and lights on a piece of paper that you have printed. So contrast
means how much difference there is between the dark tones and the light tones. So for
example if you wanted to print text, you’d want, print the text in black and white and
you want the black to be very black and the white to be very white. Now you can set those
differences on a printer both through the computer program that you have on your computer
and through the printer. Let’s take an example on the computer first and show how to set
the print contrast. I have a document right here in front of me and it’s just a very simple
document it has some pictures and some text on it. And what we’re going to do is we’re
going to start the printing process. So the first thing we do is click on print. And then
it comes up with our choices and in this case we click on advanced and then we go to the
choices in advanced for setting the color options. And those color options are going
to offer us choices for different types of set ups. We can print in gray scale, we can
do black only, we can do half tones smooth and just the simple RGB, red, green and blue
settings for color. So if we wanted to change the contrast on this document we would manipulate
these settings. And then I could make the document lighter or darker.

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