Continuous Shooting – Canon EOS 650D DSLR Camera Tutorial – Canon

You need more than luck to
get a picture like this. But that doesn’t mean you can’t
take great action photos yourself. The trick is to take multiple shots
of the moment you want to capture. You can’t physically press
the shutter this quickly. You need something called
“continuous shooting” So choose ‘continuous shooting’
from the menu. This camera shoots up
to 5 frames per second. When you’re starting out, try to set an aperture
between 5.6 and 8 to get a reasonable depth of field. Remember it’s all about movement. For a good spread of shots you need a
position that covers the complete action.. ..not just where you think
the best moment will occur Hopefully that shows that you can get a whole sequence,
almost 15 shots there, of a ball going from hand into basket Now I’ve seen what they’re doing and I
know the action will get closer to me as I shoot. So I’ll select AI servo and keep
the AF points on their faces. The camera will then track focus
with the players as they approach …ensuring all the shots are sharp. So there you have it. Continuous shooting. A really exciting
way to break down the action, and bring a moment to life.

6 Replies to “Continuous Shooting – Canon EOS 650D DSLR Camera Tutorial – Canon

  1. Hi!Just bought Canon 600d, and everytime I use the viewfinder, I need to press twice the button to take a shot. the shutter stays open ,waiting for me to press second time and close. This doesn't happen in Live view. why?

  2. Ufortunately, it's only practically doable, if you turn off IS (which is a given anyway for action) and turn off RAW (no way, I'll never give up RAW, for anything). So the EOS 650 only flashes "BUSY" in the finder and takes a picture every or every other second. Same as every other affordable DSLR.

  3. when i play this video, some background music is on and i can't hear the voice, is it from the original video or Youtube playing up..

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