Creative Instagram Photo Hacks ! 12 Smart Phone Photography Ideas You Should Know

Hey look, it’s Emily’s birthday party! The girls are getting around to taking some
cool photos, but something’s definitely not right here. While these pics are all okay, the problem
is, they’re just that! And we all know that for our gang, average
is not an option. Here comes Jacob! He brought a cool gadget to get the party
going. It’s a bubble making machine! How about you use it to your advantage? See? The girls cheer up instantly! Why don’t you hold it for us a bit higher,
Jacob? Let’s start with our birthday girl! The bubbles definitely add a sense of whimsical
to the background and lighten up the scene. Your photography subject will be more distracted,
so they won’t have time to make the stiff, unnatural expression that we all know from
our school photos. You will not only have a lot of fun, but also
a good atmosphere and positive memories saved on your hard drive! That’s so much better, isn’t it, girls? Oops, it seems they forgot about someone… No worries Jacob, you’ll make it into some
pictures next time. How’s it going, Emily? Looking for some inspiration for your next
Instagram pics? Shame, these are all too plain to get any
attention. Jacob, what do you think about this? Have we all run out of ideas? Here [handing over], hold his water, Emily. He definitely has something on his mind. Good thing you already have two coffee tables. For our viewers, we think two chairs are more
common! Now a whole bowl of ice… you’re not doing
the ice bucket challenge, are you? That’s so 2014!
Lastly, a sturdy, glass frame. Emily still doesn’t get it, and we’re
a bit puzzled too! So ice goes on glass, and? Guess you should go under there, girl. Great, see where we’re going with this now? Act as if you were a mermaid trapped under
ice. In the current weather, we won’t be getting
such pics in a natural environment anytime soon. But we don’t think you’d like to try that
anyway, so enjoy this clever use of all things transparent. Wow Emily, you look like an ice queen in her
winter slumber, about to break free from an icy prison. Well, those likes seem to be coming in nicely,
Emily! All that hard work on social media has really
made Jacob thirsty. Would you mind giving him a glass of water? Huh? That’s a cool optical illusion. Maybe we could use it sometime. There you go… oh, but wait a second! Say cheese, Jacob! Now look what we have here. The glass is full of water bends and twists
the light like a lens or a funny mirror. You know, like the ones you see in a hall
of mirrors at fun fairs! Whatever passes through it reaches your eyes
in an unexpected way! You don’t have to stick to your own face,
play with shapes and patterns you can find around the house. Stripes turn into waves, leaves duplicate,
faces bend and swirl. The only limit is your imagination. From abstract, to funky, to funny, the possibilities
are endless if you take a look through the looking glass! Ok guys, stand a bit closer. Switch poses! Yeah, that’s the spirit! Hey Jacob, why don’t you do a plank now,
and Emily could do a plank on you! Cool, for sure some of those pics will do. Hey look, here’s our whole gang coming back
from their classes! ‘Sup, guys? Come here, let’s do a group photo! Quick, leave your jackets, this is gonna be
cool. Wow, isn’t this amazing? Human rainbow all the way! They must’ve had this planned all along! Come, take a look. And while this setup does require a bit of
planning, we can’t think of a better picture to celebrate how different we all are, yet
still one big family! Anna’s home, browsing through the selfies
she took today. Sharp shadows! A beginner mistake… Yet not everyone has the time to wait for
the golden hour. Maybe you can take some better ones right
now? To be honest, home lighting isn’t any better
either. Guess you have to wait until tomorrow and
hope for good weather. Or find something that will work as a makeshift
light diffuser? Bedsheets? Perfect! White color reflects light, which means your
face is evenly lit. Bye bye, nasty shadows! Anna got so inspired, there’s got to be
more to this hack! Curtains? Ah, yes, that’s the idea! If you’re bored with plain light, see what
will happen if you take a picture under see-through curtains. The shadow play of dancing patterns make for
an always captivating photo. Like from an old George Michael video. Remember that one? It does look a bit silly from the outside
but it’s the inside that counts, isn’t it, Anna? Just drop it on Instagram and let those likes
flow… One more break in the park to brush up on
that knowledge, Jacob? Emily’s right there on the phone to remind
you of what’s really important. Wow, look at the composition of that pic! Isn’t DIY amazing? Would you like to send her something back? Well, it can’t be anything too obvious,
that’s for sure! Trees, sky, grass… she’s seen it all already. Think, think… oh, would you look at that! Once again your book provided the answer. Take a picture before the sun hides behind
the clouds again. You can do something similar with other round-ish
objects you have lying around. Perfect, now let’s wait for her response. Well, of course she likes it! After all, it’s amazing to see you putting
your heart into your vision. These rainy pictures look so deep and romantic,
but how can Anna recreate the same effect? What’s the weather like? Wow, seems the sun isn’t going anywhere
today! So… should you wait until the weather gets
worse or maybe we can figure out how to speed it up? After all, a picture frame is also a window
of sorts. Once you remove the picture itself… Grab a water sprinkler and spray the glass
thoroughly with water. We’re talking real rain effects here so
it has to drip a little. The only thing that’s left is to take some
selfies! Be sure the camera focuses on you, add some
cool lighting, and enjoy the stunning effects. Jacob thinks Anna looks charming even doing
something as simple as washing dishes. In the crowded kitchen, it is hard to get
the right angle… “Jacob, this is irritating give me some
space” – she said. But Jacob is determined he can get the shot. “Oh wait a minute!” That’s perfect! We’ll use the rinser to create a lovely
lighting pattern illusion and give the image a dreamy, playful look. Hey Crafty Pandas! I hope you’re enjoying this video as much
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a Comment down below! We read them all! Jacob thinks Anna looks charming even doing
something as simple as washing dishes. In the crowded kitchen, it is hard to get
the right angle… “Jacob, this is irritating give me some
space” – she said. But Jacob is determined he can get the shot. “Oh wait a minute!” That’s perfect! We’ll use the rinser to create a lovely
lighting pattern illusion and give the image a dreamy, playful look. Emily got inspired to update her profile picture
with a cute and playful image. So Sarah is going to help her out. “Maybe we should use a household item like
a pillow?” Nope, too cliche… “How about a can of coke?” “Darn it, the whole shirt is a mess now…” “Wait, don’t worry,” Sarah has a brilliant
idea. “Emily go ahead and stand up” give Sarah
a second to “dress” you up with a handful of flowers or keep you hydrated with a slice
of watermelon. Just like that, in a second Emily becomes
a part of nature! Jacob just installed Tinder to find a date. First things first:
He needs to set up his profile picture. Next step – a lot of right swiping… Unfortunately, it looks like Jacob has – no
matches – so far. This photo is clearly not helping him. Jacob needs to figure out how to make his
profile stand out a bit and a toy Lambo might just be the tool to make it happen. Let’s grab a shoe box, throw the junk out
and put all these extra props inside. “Hey Jacob, don’t forget the jacket, it
might be chilly outside!” The denim jacket, the cap and the shades make
Jacob look like a real ladies man. Cover the box with grass – we’ll need it
in a second. Ask someone to help you out with this photo
project. Luckily, Emily is just passing by and can
be your photographer for today. “Do you mind helping us out with the photo?” Perfect! Put the car on top of the box and hold the
camera just a foot away. Jacob now needs to stand a bit further away
in order to compensate for the small size of the toy car. After a couple of shots, Emily has managed
to get the perfect bad-boy photo. It’s a shame, boys can be so clueless with
the girls that are clearly into them. It’s time to swap out your old profile picture
with the new one, meaning we’re back to swiping. Finally – It’s a Match! Now we’re in business. “Hi! Love your car…” Good luck with the date, Jacob, hope turns
out well! Hey Panda Papparazzi,
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