Creative Photography – 13 Tips and Tricks

cool so today we’re gonna show you the
creative process of how to step up your photography game it’s early December
Christmas is around the corner so we came here in a local store with toys and
decorations to gather all the gadgets we’re gonna need for this specific
photoshoot because this is a huge project, we’ll have three models and more than 10 tricks to show you the key component is to be organized
we had a brainstorming and we wrote down a huge list with all the gadgets we
gonna need the next important step was to sit down and see which trick goes better with what model having everything written down speeds up the process of the photoshoot and makes you look extremely professional this time we’ve got a craft paper to use as a foreground we’ll put a whole on it to shoot through our model and we found the perfect wall to use as a background to blend all the colors together on this trick we hold the prism between
the light source and our subject in order to cast a rainbow on our subjects
face we found this Christmas decoration with
interesting shapes again we use it to cast interesting shadows on the models
face this time I will use a candle to make
our photo look just a bit more dynamic this time we will go for an abstract
photograph we use the balloon as our subject we will diminish our model to a decorative situation and I think we’ve got the perfect background for this we found a nice corner of nature inside the city we are located in Athens Greece by
the way so we put down a mirror we blend it with nature and we’ll have the subject reflection show through the mirror what I like about this image is
that you have the unique opportunity to blend your sky around earthly tones our next trick again with the mirror: set your camera on a tripod make a photo with the model holding the mirror make a photo just with the background and cut out in Photoshop the reflection of the mirror to show just the background on this trick with dressed our model
with silver aluminum foil the foil itself gives you a futuristic look blend it with a natural background and you get an image with a lot of conflicts here we use the prism again but this time we put it close to the lens to get some artistic reflections this time we’ll go for a creative
portrait we’ll shoot through a red tablecloth
using Christmas lights to lead us to the models face we got some fireworks to
play around and we used a shallow depth of field to give emphasis on the sparkles we’ve got the same craft paper wrapped it around our model put a red ribbon on it and make it look like a Christmas gift it doesn’t snow in Greece
often so we got our handsome fake snow to play around and make this photo look
more original I would really like to thank my models
Maro Fiona and Nastia as well as Chris for shooting backstage video for all the people participating I will put all the social media links down below if you want to check them out and follow them and of course thank you all for watching if you like the video please like, subscribe and share

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