Cropping an Image in Preview (Mac)

hello and welcome to the tutorial on how
to crop an image using preview now preview is a program that comes on Mac so if you’re
Mac and you’re looking to create an image for an announcement this would be
a good tutorial it doesn’t have to do anything to do with Drupal or luggage
ISU but it will help you in creating those images for announcements so to get started find your Preview application I am looking in my application folder
double-clicking on preview and opening it Go up to File Open and find the image you wish
to open in Preview so this first example is going to be an example of
what you don’t want in an image and then after that we’ll look at a good example
so here’s our example image I’m gonna go down to you adjust size as you
can see the size is much smaller than what we want the width needs to at least be
1180 pixels so you can’t use that image we’ve tried to make it larger it will
distort it and the image will look grainy and gross and you don’t want that on your website go ahead and go back up to open and find that larger image so this image
is much larger as you can see we’re going to go over to tools adjust size
and this one is larger we want to be so we will put in the width 1180 pixels
make sure the side drop down is set at pixels or not inches or
any other measurement you want the resolution to be 72 pixels or larger
so we will set at 72 which is standard for web images and always make
sure the scale proportionally button is checked that way the height will automatically be adjusted to the width and you wont get any stretched out images you
don’t need to adjust the height to the exact default high for annoucments the program the luggage ISU platform will automatically crop it but the
the width needs to be the exact with for so I will show you really quick how that looks when you put it in your announcement so click on browse under a
banner image find our edited image and there you go see it automatically cropped it but the width is exactly the
correct width, and now I’ll show you what the bad example would have looked like see it crops it height wise but width wise its not nearly large
enough and the program can’t do anything about that because it won’t stretch it
out by default thats not something you’d like on your website thank you for watching this tutorial if you would like to learn more about luggage ISU visit this tutorial was made by Iowa State Univeristy Extension and Outreach IT thank you

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