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Good afternoon this is a wonderful warm
and beautiful September afternoon here in Southern Connecticut and I thought
I’d take some time out today and talk a little bit about my setup and how I do
my videos on my bike I had a very nice comment from a viewer recently that took
a look at the video I did about Susan riding her bike and she was very
impressed with the fact that I had such a smooth video and wonder if I had shot
the video from my car looking back at Susan riding her bike and no that’s not
the case what I have is two cameras on my bike one is a forward-facing camera
and one is a rear-facing camera they are both GoPros the forward-facing
camera is a GoPro hero3 and the one in the back is a Hero 3 silver they’re both
a plus the dish’ the silver fish a silver version on the back of the bike I
bought as a refurbished model from Amazon and I thought I would just try it
out as a b-roll type of footage when I’m shooting my videos and it’s worked out
pretty well but let’s begin with the the front
camera this is the bike mount that I’ve used it’s solidly anchored to the
handlebars as you can see it’s made out of aluminum very rigid I try to stay
away from any sort of plastic mounts and plastic extensions because that just
cause vibrations and will cause a shaky video this video I’m sorry the camera on
the front has a case with the an opening on the side of it you can see it right
here and that’s where I plug in a microphone and a microphone I use an
external microphone it’s clipped to my lapel or just underneath my mouth when
I’m writing and with the windsock on it so by using that setup I find my gap
behind I get a really good quality audio on my videos
on the back of the bike mount to the seat rails is another GoPro again that’s
it Harold three silver and as you can see it’s mounted to the seat rails and I
find that’s the best possible shot for me as attached there I try to find a
mount that would attach to the seat post but all those things of plastic and
again I respond those things really create vibrations for me the other thing
that you’ll notice is the saddlebag what I did with the saddle bag is I
essentially turned it upside down and I strapped it to the seat stays and
instead of the seat rails I will not ride without backup gear I have spare
tubes tire change levers in there and all that sort of thing and I would did
go out one time when I first hooked up the rear camera and I took the bare
essentials and I put them in the back pocket of my of my Jersey and rode with
those and what didn’t you know it Susan got a flat tire that first time out and
after that point I said I’m never riding with a full complement of everything I
need again so I thought about it and thought about it and this is what I came
up with the saddlebag fits perfectly in this configuration it rests on the back
brake but it does not interfere at the back brake and as you can see it does
not interfere with the rear tire alright so let’s get back to the cameras both
cameras are set up to shoot 60 frames per second and when I head at the videos
I generally netted them down to 24 frames per second but I shoot in 60
frames per second the other thing I’ll point out is that both cameras are
controlled starting and stopping them with this GoPro remote that is strapped
on my handlebars the way that works is you have a power
button that turns on the remote and what I generally do is I leave both cameras
set up on Wi-Fi setup and once I turn on the remote the cameras turn on and once
the cameras are turned on then I can start both cameras at the same time with
this button here your verse is true push this button again both cameras stop
recording if I want to save battery life on the
cameras I shut off the remote both cameras get shut off but the Wi-Fi stays
on so that’s my setup that’s how I do it that’s what I use to film my videos I don’t what else to tell you guys but I
thought I’d give you a quick preview or a quick idea of what I use to shoot my
videos and I want to thank you guys for watching and click and subscribe and
give me a thumbs up if you liked the video thanks for watching

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  1. I too have my gopro on an aluminium mount for the front. In fact the mount is a garmin mount on top and a go pro mount underneath, so both devices are on the same mount right there in front.

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