Day 4: Recipe Image – w/intro slide

we now have our headings and our lists
in place at this point let’s add an image so we can see we have our M
texts will replace this with the image element which is spelled IMG and an
image has an attribute called source SRC and that refers to the location and the
name of the image to be displayed also notice that an image is a
self-closing element it has no closing tag
HTML contains some elements like that now you can go online to lots of
different places for images I’m showing you Shutterstock here where you can
purchase image images and you can also download images for testing purposes but
they’ll have their watermark just be careful of wherever you source your
images to make sure you’re not engaging in copyright infringement but
shutterstock is one of many image bank sources so in order to display an image in
repli’d it must be hosted somewhere else and a hosting site and inger IMG or is a
very popular image hosting site so you download from Shutterstock upload to
Inger and then you would refer to that link inside your HTML so here if you do
use this make sure you refer to the direct link the one with dot jpg at the
end that’s the actual image JPEG image so copy that direct link let’s go back
to our project and paste in the URL the web address of that image pretty
straightforward and there you have the image so download from one source upload
to a hosting site you don’t have to do this with all editors just with repla
and there you go we now have our title our image our subheadings and our lists

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