DEPRESSION വരാനുള്ള പ്രധാന കാരണങ്ങൾ ഇതാണ് | Casac Benjali | Malayalam Motivation

hi everyone this is Mika suk-bin Charlie puth here video vlog leaking ill now welcome some of them in the amber amber Nepali are like anime nourish a ready reckoner with a pradana put across another collision in laudanum brush to the Guru Sala go to the rally girl in the area to the Diwali issue on depression and anxiety you depression and anxiety die Valley a caroling aluminum a lava team depression named anxiety dream car entangle crucial Allah Yance samsaric another pack che Valley Karin angrily oh no no para another comparison huh are they angry and I compare all in the angry and in the one honey comparison number two depression team anxiety team problems are another definitely thing on the observational cook then again don't under depression all of it much chill develop old and they get Jolie get TT left but it amended the what I are we share mana Yan Corsica carry new completed irony carry new Yun Corsica courier you didn't pack shape and you can show Vonnegut ET leur indigo de la allakum would eventually gritty our along allah septal diagonally on agenda remove could they're a little Canada Linda Australia and America under the violent Southie Linda Palace telling early knowledge only portion Jana Veronica online to particular are lighter than Li our CUDA the water if anybody can then I'll I don't know yeah II put in our tilt any on any key podium with Joey could you deliver I virtually and ocean out of work we do said to light in Laotian vocalist it late at least the government did you only get to the position to but yeah nobody hit light in I ever dream on the mug and Elena can go to Muharram pet chinchilla in the pattern you want to depression a gun over and Chile illegal business in Tabares Union in which a certain business Syrian Allah in the coup d'etat like a business entity she do know and he endemic connemara mean don't and a partition bitch every hour to the in there any endemic run online to partition molecules are in Calgary and Al DeMarco in the endemic column are from Albany is a little pyramid anywhere and the Kyra me engineering in the together to GVK me to dr. Eiling is not I got at the G became were two other legally no together died years Overton a little professionally and Olivia be acetylenes you become into how many done the little bit of any photography de praga PO and another Imperium I like inevitable and they're gonna guide it in football player I want I'll put in cricket player and angry honey any key they have any come on oh you should remand sham but Allah anything and I can depress down in the perineal do it Harold Sharia elegant aparajita the Nutella Underland week in the present in the Piranha garden aluminium CUDA material are literally my neighbor you did number of you to go to such a lightweight Alan I work across a luxury site in the car on the number W I'm a car over such a type he comparison depression booty box available in and repeat again in our didn't impression to got needle member in the Berkshire well you're a very article that depression the car in a window or another either Union how can we overcome this first number of over a theorem – lack another pradhana pathetic a demands like another you know gotten ridiculous rnl come in latin amore term Amano or a purpose Arnold Allah or you only knew or your purpose on Marvin the purpose a la playa win your love cashew andy leider Kashima having their purpose and la carving in another every plant every single and even small plant as it's on different purpose either a large he began at AMG be them with this the manila radical de dharmam with this tamanna' in the thre in the mingle in the one Donna Alam initiative would avoid a ID cannot have another agile yielding any cat the kitten on our nominee our angle unique at the high tier and I'm have interviewed uncanny an angle interviewed uncanny are gonna be in and England one down the rope and Americans are the first understanding are the greatness and then Arya Nagar Niigata uniqueness some linger a uniqueness a little mozzarella Polly and don't compare yourself with someone else you cannot be someone else even you cannot be your father you cannot be same as your mother you cannot be same as your your brother or sister it cannot be someone else you can only be yourself don't try to copy someone you can model someone to develop yourself but I don't say that you can't copy someone you don't copy I think not a greatness in the whirring of the uniqueness answer lingered I creating us in the variety mingled up with just to the animator I mean they're not a pipe remember live a true self Dingle Dingle I to gbq the igniter Vida might roll over a pony bead I have one in London a Greek another Dingle Dingle i2g Buchanan oh are you happy are you living a happy life then find some reason to be happy Dingle much chill around the Corolla much chiller alle business you know the negative said I'm no no no you cannot be that if you have a talent to become a football player is it better to be a businessman a football player Lionel Messi nah let me get a football player nanaka Lionel Messi football play around on each term other Lingle Mark Zuckerberg in a poll a businessman our knowledge to Yammer I'm Lionel mr. Lionel Monsieur because Lionel Messi is different and he's unique Mark Zuckerberg is unique and they attended different talented eaten uniqueness on the way another Damon I thought they can change the land Alamos here today uniqueness aniline machines and a uniqueness either and anything anywhere allow it to any came emotive polish cinema lacked is our superstar but you know I cannot do that either in the uniqueness here is killed in a on maximum polish is the maximum develop III denying any on a global they look like expanding a maternal a new Christian onion Cheney should you can allay any come my children and any Shahrukh Khan I don't know any key Sachin Tendulkar I wanna kerela challenge any lie uniqueness any realer any case hnup Oregon carry Ethel young but unable to Targaryen know but she Anakin Yaga but to India to Ellicott even though original aglow to some sorry can like everyone our little I encourage you in like I wanna Guillermo tivity and like even a little a coaching and like ironic non-id to carry alumina silicon atom Attila will die Arriba girl in the materials even the particle Cunha the new syllabus I get a little she will traumatic but it's unweighted average you within some notion my happiness we determine you out Marty order would eat in the car you are the beach apparition we can look at you an integrative I didn't either kdd liability or the and in a developing storm you can oh that is my uniqueness that is me my ideas that is me you should find yourself what is your uniqueness understand your uniqueness and focus on strengthening your uniqueness and be yourself Linda Lingle ah go don't come bare lingula put a Chitti can be perennial years I got a gorilla Ning Gallipoli Chitti can mingle appointed and innopolis I'm sorry can material crinoline Englewood record at the loom in the : apparently can wo gotelli would you manage any more than him cannot override to daivam still pitch until Allah would it JD would it thermo me laughter that dividend what is GBM would even spectrum of iris the volume with a Dharma Milarepa million other adores are no other wonder than a favorable are no in the world where I carry but it has the purpose same like as you you have a purpose a purpose are conducted in Linda Lingle ago well in the car of you know material Amanda Giuliano a lemon well no element among know a lesser I don't know when I'm gonna focus into this mingle a happier can addendum other than got a unique challenger mingle a happier Kannada a the kerinci me another gonna unique challenge in English a don't you can you chew through American and Italian do it do what makes you happy and live your life happiness is most important if you are searching for money if you are searching for career or home car but if those things doesn't make you happy then what will you do legal under you either London could get division you'll have paella then gonna mow go through in your happiness worry Neila into you what can you do then be yourself try to be yourself don't copy someone else you are unique your greatness is your uniqueness this is Mika sequentially numbered a life changing seminars Polly put is not a Karnataka Kerala longer than to view the bargain okay be with a partial light another color more of the awesome render there was some Oh Caleb business changing programs life-changing program self-mastery business mastery spiritual master ela program Maliki mingled added no negative not like on the program in ponga decant alpha degree in a morale builder protect a pretty bouquet regular right LM also cannot elaborate on an irregularly integral poor Otto in de la mattina getting low in other programs another car if you want to live your true self if you want to enhance your business if you want to live happily and peacefully you can contact this number and book use it thank you so much this is me Cossack Bocelli you

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  1. Hi guys …….✋✋✋😑
    If you want to change your life ,Identify your values
    What are the value of you…..
    Achievement, dependability, health, peaceful and happiness, security, success, wealth, etc……
    You will have more values in your life.
    Write note your VALUES, And identify your Biggest Value in these . Your most value may be that inspired you past day, that may be in childhood👍👍
    That's it
    Thank you😊😊

  2. Awesome motivation sir..But Everytime I tried to overcome makes repeated Negativity in me..What is the solution please tell me …?

  3. Here begins your transformation

  4. ശെരിയാണ് , നമ്മൾ നമ്മളിലേക്ക് നോക്കുക .അവരവരുടെ കഴിവിനെ കണ്ടെത്താൻ കഴിഞ്ഞാൽ , അവരുടെ മേഘല കണ്ടെത്താൻ വളരെ എളുപ്പമാണ് അതുവഴി ഇഷ്ടപ്പെടുന്ന ജോലിയിൽ വളരെ എളുപ്പത്തിൽ എത്തും Thank You Sir …..

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