Developing Disposable Cameras from Early YouTube Days

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  1. God, this reminds me SO much of 2010-2013 youtube – THE BEST times. When youtubers felt more genuine to the viewer, when it felt like they were having fun – and it made you feel like you were having fun with a friend too. You all look like babies looking back, but god I looked up to you all so much!

  2. My mom has about 5 disposable cameras that she never developed from when I was in like 3rd or 4th grade(we're talking like 2006). I wouldn't even begin to know who still develops them or if they're even any good

  3. I still love watching #Troyler content but some of my faves are you're Chosen Family & the dinners you've done. I'm still broke to get your book but it's on my must do before 50 bucket list. I'm 41 & I enjoy how relevant your content is. The fact that you post more than the fun & silly stuff. The way you shared your hometown & deal w/topics a lot are still afraid to approach. I loved growing up before social media but I love that my children can be shown that being part of the LGBTQ+ Community is just "normal" & it's not just a part of their mom's life. That we are just normal humans instead of labels. Love ya Tyler.

  4. The Edward 40 hands picture almost made me cry 😭 I remember being a young teen watching that video, laughing so hard I had tears coming down my face. Oh the good ol days of YouTube..

  5. did he ever address the troyler thing??? I feel so bad that I contributed to that whole thing but deep down I wanna know if there was any convsersation about it or like if it caused tea

  6. I loved this vid! To be honest the last times that I watched you was around the time of all the pictures, loved to see the memories

  7. Sign me up for that senior discount as I flash back to aggressively shipping troyler and Connor franta has the most fanfics written about him in the world.
    Why do I feel so old this only happened like 5 years ago…. oh…

  8. I’ve been here for all of it and tbh I’ve loved growing up with you and witnessing you grow into the wonderful human you are today! Thanks for all the fun & smiles you’ve given me throughout the years 🙂

  9. You just gave me the best idea. To buy so many disposable cameras at the start of 2020, take my time to fill them up but won't be developed by 2030.

  10. I totally forgot that Jack and Finn were my first youtube obsessions!! They led me to Dan and then the whole Brit Crew followed. This was when I was like 12/13. years old. I'm almost 21(!) now and still obsessed with some of em :'). Thank you for the memories <3

  11. all of these guys were genuinely my childhood and it blows my mind to think about how long ago it was because it feels so so recent!!!!

  12. That was really when i fell in love with youtube. When everything seemed so much more real and people didn't really fight with youtube or care about views or money.

  13. this was so lovely, I connected it to many memories of my life where I was at during that time watching your videos. Wish more youtubers would do this. Polaroids or develop cameras are so pure, inspires me to take more of them bcause one day theyll be more unique and real than any other thing online or whatever. non edited , pure. love it

  14. I think one of the first videos I watched of yours was you and your friend in your dorm (?) talking about breast reductions and "pendulous breasts". I can't recall the specifics, but it was hilarious at the time. It's wild to see how far you've come since then <3

  15. I miss those days of YouTube. No algorithm, no notification bell that worked less than half the time, and money was in little to no part of the picture. Can we go back?

  16. I’ve been watching you for lord knows how long now and seeing all these memories made me so emotional 😭😪 I’m glad I’ve watch you on YouTube over the years and kept watching. You’re content is growing and so are we! Growing with you as I watched your videos has been an absolute pleasure. Thank you for staying true to yourself for so many years

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