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Beautiful place. lf ever there was
a heaven on earth.. ..then this is it. l’m an army officer.. l was only clearing my throat. l’ve recently been posted here.. ..which is why l’m
surveying the place. Looks like l’ll
really have to survey it! The Police Force is
making once last effort.. ..to build a
check-post on the border. But if the terrorists come down.. ..from their
hideouts in the mountains.. ..and foil our attempts
in making a check-post.. ..our army will then move
in to take over the mission. Our objective shall be..
– The annihilation of terrorists! Right! Captain Randhir. l’ve even survey of the place, Sir. And what do you think? – What
about, Sir? – The place, of course. lt’s beautiful, Sir.
– lt’s dangerous, too. But danger always
lurks behind beauty, Sir. You’re not talking
about a girl, are you? l’m alluding to the place, Sir Anyway boys. Just you remember.. ..you can be called at anytime! Will you reveal the
secret about my daughter.. ..Radhika’s past to the world? There’s a call for you, Minister.
– Who is it? lt’s Captain Ranvir. Hello.
– Greetings, Sir! How are you, son? – l’m fine, Sir. –
When are we meeting? We’re having a small
party at the Mess tonight. l want all of you to come. We’ll shall come over..
We surely will. What’s making that noise, Sir? Nothing really.
l’ve been exercising.. ..my legs! l see! Okay then. l’ll see
you in the evening, okay? Ok. Son. Take his body into the
forests and set it on fire. They mustn’t even find his remains. Cheers! – Cheers. – Where did you meet her? –
l haven’t really met her.. ..l’ve only seen her.
– How does she look? The sprawling gardens, the roses.. ..the spring and the lovely winds.. ..the mysterious valleys,
and the lovely weather.. ..the greenery of the
fields spread far and wide.. .. the snow-capped mountains.. ..these wonders of a
nature mean nothing at all. Nothing?!
– That’s right. They’re nothing! They’re nothing
without her in their midst. – Who is she? – Doesn’t
she have a name, Captain? The name, did you say? Due to whose arrival, the
evening has been colored. Due to whose arrival, the
evening has been colored. l am still
thinking whom should l.. ..ask the name of
that beautiful maiden. l am still
thinking whom should l.. ..ask the name of
that beautiful maiden. Her complexion is gold,
her beauty is silver.. ..her eyes are beautiful pearls. her lips are flower buds,
her teeth are.. ..pearls and her
hair are pure silk. Her complexion is gold,
her beauty is silver.. ..her eyes are beautiful pearls. her lips are flower buds,
her teeth are.. ..pearls and her
hair are pure silk. Like a beautiful melody, like a
lotus. She is pure aged wine. l am still
thinking whom should l.. ..ask the name of
that beautiful maiden. l am still
thinking whom should l.. ..ask the name of
that beautiful maiden. The queen of beauty,
the queen of dreams. Since l have seen her, the.. ..number of my
dreams has increased. The queen of beauty,
the queen of dreams. Since l have seen her, the.. ..number of my
dreams has increased. l can accept all
accusations for her. l am still
thinking whom should l.. ..ask the name of
that beautiful maiden. l am still
thinking whom should l.. ..ask the name of
that beautiful maiden. Come along, dear.. Damn good. That’s my daughter,
Radhika, Captain. Radhika! – How’s Mr. Thakur? – Who’s that? Why?! My close friend and
your father, the Thakur! My father? Of course.. He’s fine! – What is it? – He’d
be a good match for her! Shut up!
– So good. – Actually, son.. ..when are you declaring
war against the extremists? This is our last chance to
build a check-post there. ln an area which is a
haven for terrorists. The true fun of life
lies in the pits, Sir. We will certainly succeed
in building this check-post. By thwarting the designs of
the dreaded terrorist, Shaka.. ..l’ll kill him like a
miserable stray-dog! You can see the danger
lurking in this mission, lnspector! Why are you asking for death? – But, Commissioner.. –
Shaka has attacked you thrice. lt’s your good fortune that
you have managed to escape. l therefore entrust this mission.. ..to Superintendent Shankar Singh. Thank you, Sir! l vow to capture Shaka
and bring him alive to you. Good, Should you
succeed in doing that.. ..it’ll bring their leader
Dara crawling on his knees! Dara. Dara. We had attacked the cops,
the moment we saw them.. .. in fact, we had even
laid siege on their outpost. And then, another squad of the
police attacked us from behind! l’ve managed to save my life and.. ..come here with great difficulty. Shaka is bound to be caught. Or, he could even be killed. You did a good thing by escaping. Or, you could have been caught, too. That’s exactly why l came back here! You have, however,
come to the wrong place. Back there, you ran the
risk of being caught.. ..or killed. But your death here is a certainty! Please don’t.. That which can be
accomplished with your hands.. ..does not need
weapons to deal with. How about Shaka? l had told you guys, hadn’t l..
that l’d take Shaka alive?! Shaka. l will kill your companions
in your very presence today! No one can ever capture me alive. l can only kill.. or die. No! No, Shaka! You can’t die! l’ve never conceded defeat in
my life! You just can’t die! He’s dead, Sir. Undo his handcuffs. Get up, Shaka!
Rise..! You can’t die! Get up, l’d sworn to take you
back alive! Get up..! l want you to witness how l
kill your people! Get up..! What are you kicking a
corpse for? He’s dead! He swallowed the cyanide
in front of all of you. Kill all of them..! ..but wait! Shoot them in their backs,
idiots! Not in your bellies! All of you will now
take to your heels.. At the count of ten,
we will open fire.. Those of you who escape
will be lucky to get away. – Run! – lts cowards who run away! Pump the bullets in our chests,
if you must fire at us! Shut up! – You! Deadly grace indeed! Who’d ever want to
kill you, darling? You will be.. Run away, you guys! Run, l say! Move! Kill all of them! You scoundrel! l had indeed said that l could die.. ..but l’m not a coward to
end my life with cyanide. Shaka. Shaka. You’ve seen how much of
pain l can bear, haven’t you? You’ve even cried out
in pain; did l do that? l just lay still, like a corpse. Start running now.. Go on! And don’t worry.. l
won’t shoot you in the back. So that you live to
narrate the legend of Shaka. So that you tell
people in your Department.. ..how much of hatred l harbour.. ..for the Police
and the politicians. Run away.. Go on! Seize all their belongings. Hail!
– Shaka! You’ve done me proud, Shaka! l was sure, that
even if you are killed.. ..you can’t ever be taken alive! l can’t ever die, Dara..
Nor can l be taken alive. l can only kill.. kill! Well spoken, my lion-hearted boy! Guns, arms and explosives..! You’ve robbed the cops, l say!
You’ve really devastated them! That’s right. They won’t even dream of
setting up a check-post.. ..on the border for sometime now. Bravo, my boy! l’m feeling like
celebrating something after ages! When the night is young today..
beauty shall take the floors! Arrange for a celebration!
Let there be a party! The evening is misty today. The evening is misty today. The evening is misty today. There is a smoke
of beautiful youth. The entangled breath is pleading.. ..to the intoxicated heartbeats. Reciting a story of desire. The evening is misty today. The evening is misty today. Desires are false,
they are just a story. Don’t get cheated by desire. lf you wish to stay happy,
one should never fall in love. What is written on my heart,.. ..is your name. Each of the treasures of my.. ..youth are a salute to you. l love you. l love you. l love you. l love you. The sky and the earth.. ..echo with my love. The evening is misty today. The evening is misty today. Why do you make
these sand castles? One day, you
yourself will demolish it. You say that you love me,
today, tomorrow you will forget me. Why don’t you believe me,.. ..that l am lost in love? That you are in my dreams,.. ..you reside in my heart. l love you, l love you, l love you. l love you. My body and life are lost.. ..in the passion of love. The evening is misty today. There is a smoke
of beautiful youth. The entangled breath is pleading.. ..to the intoxicated heartbeats. This is that wind of love,
that exists only for a moment. What the world calls love, is only a colorful falsehood. Well, Raja.. Err..
l mean Mister Raja! – Hello, Raghuveer! – What
do you think of the boy? l’m talking about my son, Ranvir. We’ve liked Ranvir very much. He’s liked Radhika very much, too.
He telephoned me to convey that. Then what are you
waiting for? Come over.. Let’s get over with some
ceremonies and rituals. Why not? l’ll be right over! Do come.. The alliance seems to be
coming through, Brother! Raghuveer happens to
be my childhood friend. lronically, he’s
come to my rescue, too. They don’t even know
anything about Radhika’s past! That’s how it’s
supposed to be, Leela. And l wish you could also
stop your tongue from wagging. Actually, l was scared
that the world outside.. Shut up! l always spare you,
because you’re my kid-sister. You came to stay with me, after
you were widowed early in life. That doesn’t mean that you
can start dictating to me. You’ve struck it rich, Radhika! Your father has fixed your
wedding with Captain Ranvir! My God! What a handsome man! You’re bound to be busy
with him for a few years! Bearing a child every year! l don’t want to get married,
Aunt. My God! have you gone mad? Please save me from this, Aunty.. Radhika, my child.. Yes, Dad? l won’t even ask you if
you accept this alliance. Because l know very well
that you do accept it. How beautiful she looks! –
May she be spared the evil eye! Her fiancé is a soldier. He’ll kill the one who dares
even cast a glance at her! Welcome! Welcome, all of you! Brother-in-law!
– Bless you, son. Very good. Sir. A group of extremists
have laid siege to a village.. We are told that Shaka
has let loose a hail of.. ..bullets on the villagers. l’m sorry, Sir.. But
l’ll have to leave. What?! But you’re
being engaged today, son! Duty comes first, father. lf you’re out
hunting for Shaka, my son.. ..l will accompany you, too. Roger. – Let’s go. – Let’s go. Shaka? My God! What will
happen of the engagement now? – l know that, Aunty. – What? The engagement is off! – Shut up! l’m terribly scared!
What do l do now? But l had already warned you! A group of terrorists have
stormed a neighbouring village. Since the Captain has
rushed to the site.. ..the engagement
ceremony stands postponed. But you are requested to
dine before you leave. Let’s go. Hey! Shaka. l shall set the world afire, with
the flames that rage in my heart Should your bridal
palanquin ever set out.. ..l’ll raze the world to ashes Hey, get up! What the
hell’s going on over here?.. ..Who’s done this? Shaka was here, Sir..
– Shaka. The scoundrel! How dare he?! This means he planned to make us.. ..rush to the neighbouring village. Besides, he set the stage
of my engagement on fire.. ..why do this? He must have got to know that
you have arrived to eliminate him. And he has now
decided to take you on. What other reason could
he have for the arson? lf what you say is true..
l accept the challenge. Till such time as l kill him..
l will not get married. You seem to have set
another dais on fire today! lf l could help it, l’d set
every wedding altar on fire. So that no one in the
neighborhood ever gets married. Here’s the lover! The crazy lover!
He’s absolutely nuts! But don’t ever forget.. ..that the world
considers you to be a terrorist. And terrorists just
don’t have a love-story! A boy and a girl is what.. ..you need for a love-story.. There’s a boy.. See? You need a
boy for a love-story. Ever heard someone say it takes
a terrorist in the part? Never! That’s because terrorists
just don’t have a love life. But he has an identity
of his own, doesn’t he? Never mind the identity! Forget everything about the past! Pay attention to the one who
is with you at this moment! Don’t stoke the fires that
lie dormant in the ashes.. ..you will only get burnt. Although l’m called Shabnam (dew).. ..l’m no less a fire, Shaka! The heartbroken ones! They’re all
heartbroken out here, my friend! l’ve prepared a history of.. ..every terrorist in this computer. Dara, Shaka. Have you also recorded
the fact that Shaka.. ..was in love with a girl? ln love with someone? – lt
might sound like a boast, Sir.. ..but l belong to this
part of the country. lt is rumored that Shaka
was once in love with a girl. Come closer. Who is the girl he was in love with? lt’s Radhika, the daughter
of the Raja of this area. l am sorry! Excuse me. Ever since l’ve been
transferred here, life is great fun. Really. Beautiful place. By the way,
Radhika.. Do you know Shaka? Tell me the truth, Radhika. Truth!
– l.. ..l’ve never known him. Then why is it rumored
that you both were.. ..in love with each other? l wouldn’t know why. –
Give it a thought, Radhika. Perhaps, because he used to
study in the same college as me. And you used to meet
him very often, right? No. He could have possibly
been in love with you then? That’s not true. He was
never in love with me. Never. Which is a good thing, l’d say. Because, he’s going to
die very soon anyway. Strange folks live out here!
The wild tales they spread.. lf you’ve finished your little chat,
could we sit down to lunch now? No Uncle. l’ll eat in
this house only when.. ..l’m married to your daughter. Roger, bye. Who’s there? Mother.. Shyam.. my son! Mother! The stress of life has
now come down to my eyes. But why did you take the
risk of coming here, son? The army is always on
the prowl in this village. l can fight against
the whole world, Mother.. ..but l just can’t
live without meeting you. What have things come to? Our lives appears to have
sprung out of a storybook. l still remember your childhood.. You were an innocent
and happy-go-lucky.. ..young boy with your father.. My city, my country is a
symbol of peace and prosperity l can sacrifice my
life for this country. My country, my darling. l can sacrifice my life for this
country. My country, my darling. We will make this country heaven,
we will decorate.. ..every corner of our country.
There will be a celebration of life. Everyone will
be engrossed and satiated. Everyone will be
engrossed and satiated. l can sacrifice my
life for this country. My country, my darling. Down with Raja Jai Singh! Down with Raja Jai Singh! Stop this! – Listen to me. –
We don’t want to hear anything. Fulfill our demands! What did this college
and this country gave us? Remove that flag and throw it down. My city, My country, is a symbol.. ..of peace and prosperity. l can sacrifice my
life for this country. My country, my darling. l can sacrifice my
life for this country. My country, my darling. l can sacrifice my
life for this country. My country, my darling. My country, my darling. Long Live, The Raja. Long Live, The Raja. Long Live, The Raja. You? Do you want to turn
our fields barren.. ..by diverting the streams of water? l’m the Raja of this area;
l’ll do just as l please. You’ve lost your kingdom,
but not your obstinacy. l also happen to be the Minister
in this part of the country! Then you’d better not forget,
Mr. Minister, that your.. ..relationship with the citizens
is like that of land and farmers. Do you mean to say
that Dad is a mere farmer? Ministers must therefore
always bow their head to the public. Shut up! You’re trying to
equate yourself with me! l never equate
myself with the corrupt! He’s calling you corrupt, Dad! Didn’t you accept
bribes from the Thakur’s.. ..to divert the tributary? l give you 10 days to
return the waters to our fields! Should l have him bumped off, Dad? l’ll torture him for this! Hi Mom!
– Shyam.. – Yes, Mom? Oh on. Not another card! lt’s a love-letter, my son. Go ahead and take it! You should be thankful that
inspite of a face like yours.. He’s right. Actually, your
father never knew how to write them. What are you saying, dear?! lsn’t that true? He used to send me a tricolour,
whenever he felt romantic! A true patriot, after all! Come closer now and
tell me who the girl is. Tell me the truth. l really don’t know, Mother. l don’t know that for myself, too! Excuse me. Did you see a girl
keeping this card here? What card is that? Never mind. What’s up? l receive cards from
this girl, wherever l go. At home, in the fields and
here in the college, too. By the way, what does she write? Only that l love you. How stupid!
– How stupid! Tell me now.. is this how
one goes about falling in love? Not at all!
– Yes. How else does one fall in love? How, eh? l wouldn’t know.
l’ve never fallen in love. Now look,..
– Radhika! Will you do something
for me? – What is that? You know all the girls
studying in this college. Sure, l do. – Then
find out who this girl is. You want me to hunt for her? l? Exactly.
– Very good ok. You’re joining the expedition
that’s leaving our college, right? Of course. That girl must be
joining the troupe, too. l can find out then.. ..who this girl is,
who’s so crazy about you. Good idea. By the way,
My name is Shyam. l see! So, you’re Shyam, are you? We’re friends now. – Okay.
Your work will be done. Thank you Radhika! See you the trip. Bye. Hi guys. – He is late. –
Come on guys, let’s go. Seat no. 19. Oh no. Radhika. Have you received another card? How did you know? –
Your face says it all! You’re right! This is
one fast babe, l say! Yes.
– This is my seat. l’ve got to talk to her.
Would you mind taking her seat? No way.
– Please. Well, all right.
– Thank you. What a place, pal. –
What is my room number? Come, let’s go downstairs.
We will know it. Come on Radhika, C’mon. Let’s go. Radhika. l’ve got to know it! – What? – The identity of the girl.. ..who sends you
those romantic cards! Tell me then. l’ll.. – No!
That’s not the way! Not like this. –
Then how is it supposed to be? l’ll send her over to Cape
Point tomorrow afternoon. Make sure to be there at 3 sharp. And then.. – Then she’ll be..! But what will you do, if
you happen to like her, too? l haven’t thought of that. You must make up your mind,
only after you’ve seen her. All right. At 3 tomorrow then! That’s right! At 3 tomorrow. Bye. Come. Come. Hide, you guys. She’ll be here soon. She’ll be coming along, won’t she? When she’s said she’ll be here,
she’s bound to come along. Hey! There she comes! You?! – Yes, it’s me. You mean, you’re the
girl who.. – Not at all! That girl is standing
behind the tree there. l see.. – Go ahead! l’ve told her that you’ve
fallen in love with her.. ..thanks to the cards.
– What? Or she wouldn’t have
come at all, you know. ls that how it is? Well, all right.. She’s good-looking, l hope?
– Of course! She’s beautiful! Best of luck. – Thank you. Hi Shyam. Help! That’s.. – She’s beautiful,
isn’t she? A wrestler, no less! –
But she’s in love with you! That’s impossible! – You
must reciprocate her love! That’s impossible! –
There she comes.. for you! Lord Almighty! This is impossible! Anything is possible, dear boy. lt is not possible. lt is not possible. lt is not possible. lt is not possible. l won’t ever forget
myself in anyone’s love. lt’ll never happen. lt is not possible. lt is not possible. lt is not possible. l will never be
sleepless in someone’s thoughts. lt’ll never happen. lt is not possible. lt is not possible. lt is not possible. The girl in my dreams can’t
be existing in real life. The girl in my dreams can’t
be existing in real life. l will never settle
just anyone in my dreams. lt won’t happen. lt is not possible. lt is not possible. lt is not possible. On the paper of this heart.. ..the picture that has
been made by the dreams.. There are flower
petals in the lips. There are oceans in her eyes. Her hair are pure shackles. She intoxicates the heart,
she is the most beautiful.. ..girl in the world. The girl who resides in this
dream cannot exist in reality. The girl who resides in this
dream cannot exist in reality. l won’t fall in love
with just about anybody. lt is not possible,
it won’t happen. lt is not possible. ln the mirror of the dreams,
in the cusp of my eyes.. ..the girl who
resides in my mind.. She is colorful, she is aromatic,
she is a sweet melody. She is pure magic,
what can l say about her. She is the sculpture of my love. What can l say about
the beauty of her face. The heart searches her
all around the world.. ..she cannot be,
she just cannot be. Then how can l decorate
this world of my heart. lt can’t be, it’s not possible. lt is not possible. Hi, Shyam. Radhika! lt was you l
was searching for. – Why? Because.. something’s
happened to me, Radhika. What’s that? – Love.. Love? Who are you in love with? l wish you
wouldn’t ask! – Tell me! lt’s the one who sends
me those romantic cards.. Not that fatso?! Please, Radhika!
Don’t call her a fatso! l’m dying to meet her,
again and again.. l’ll be seeing her
tomorrow at Monkey Point.. ..at 5.30 in the evening. Oh thank you Radhika. You’ve proved to be a true friend! l am in love. Radhika. Radhika. He loves me, doesn’t he? lf he doesn’t, l’ll
drown myself and end my life! Radhika. Radhika. Go to hell, fatso! What are you doing here? l’m only taking a walk. Hasn’t she come as yet? –
Sit down.. Sit down, l say. She’s already here.
– Where is she? She’s behind those trees there. Go ahead and meet her. l can’t muster the courage.
Would you please accompany me? l? No way! – Oh, come along.. Oh, come on! There’s no one.. l’ve personally seen
someone buying those cards today. And there wasn’t a place she
didn’t send me those cards to. To the fields, to my house,
to the college.. How could anyone love me so much? There’s an idea l’ve been
toying with for some time now. Since she loves me so much,
l must write.. ..a love-letter to her, too. Go ahead and write it then. As l said, l just
can’t muster the courage. Why don’t you write it for me? l? Not at all! – Why not? l don’t have a pen..
– Here’s the pen. Start with.. My dear.. Radhika! l mean, Manju.. Your game.. ..is up. lsn’t that the same handwriting? Why didn’t you tell me, that you.. That was only a joke! Let go of my hand.. – l’d
never let go of this hand. Let go of my hand! l move around with
a fact in my heart.. ..since a long time. Please tell me, how can l.. ..tell you that thing,
which l wish to tell you? lf this thing is that which.. ..melts hearts as soon as they.. ..are spoken and journeys end. That thing l wish to
listen from your lips. The thing is in my heart,.. ..but l can’t my lips ..finds words for it,
or sometimes.. ..my voice disappears. Please tell me, how can l.. You could not recognize me,
but l could recognize you. Whether you say that
thing or not, l have heard it. Do you wish to
speak anything else? Where is the need to
know or say anything? When you have
understood that l love you? Yes l love you. Even l love you, yes l love you. l wonder why there’s
no electricity today. l’ll open the door. Who are you?! l am asking you, who are you? Have you heard of Jaamu?
– Are you the terrorist then? We want shelter for the
night; and some food, too. Open the door! Now listen; if l’m killed.. ..l’ll drop this explosive
on this village before l die. Every person living in this
village will be burnt to ashes! Got it? Go on now.. And make up your mind. Jaamu, the terrorist, has
slipped into the village. He’s not hiding in
your house, l hope. No. Now look; that’s a
very dangerous man.. So, you must even
sleep with one eye open! He must’ve gone to
the sweetmeat vendor. Let’s look for him there. The guy loves fritters! Just as l love the sour-snack. There’s no one around. They seem to have left at daybreak. We’re returning today..
And l just don’t like it. Shyam l missed you. Why is that? Don’t you
intend to meet me after we return? l love you. – Me too. What? – They
laugh at me in college. Radhika was
shamelessly flirting with Shyam.. ..during the trip! No wonder she’s
been acting strange.. ..ever since she’s returned. She could be in
love; what say, Brother? Who is this chap, Shyam?
– He’s Kesari’s son. He’s the one who had
humiliated Dad in public! Blood! You’ve drawn
blood with a slap! Now ask me.. why l’ve slapped you? Because you can’t slap
that man. That’s why! Do you really want to know
what l can do to that man? No! l can already feel
my stomach churning! But, let me warn you, Dad..
Don’t do anything of the sort! That man insulted me in public.. And his son, Shyam, has now played.. ..with the honour of my family! And you say that l
mustn’t do anything.. You must first reprimand Radhika
for this! – Don’t anyone dare! All of you had better
listen to this carefully. Radhika must never know that.. ..we have discovered her affair. Having a lot of the
sour ones nowadays.. ..aren’t you Miss Radhika?
Enjoy yourself! That’s the real fun of life! l want the devastation of Shyam.. ..and his family, to begin with! That’s no big deal. But
how do we go about it? l’ll tell you of a way, Sir! Shyam’s father had harboured Jaamu.. ..the terrorist, for a night. Tell me.. didn’t you
shelter those desperados? What?
– That’s true, my son.. ..lnspector Yujuvyendra
has taken away your father. lnspector Yujuvyendra Singh. Sir..! Let’s take a
short-break from the torture. But l’ll return.. after the break. What have you arrested
my father for, lnspector? The sour snack! You didn’t tell me that you’d
brought the snacks, lnspector! You were busy, Sir! The real fun of life
is in all things sour! Will you have some? Where is my father? They’ve taken your father away.. ..to Headquarters.
Go and enquire there. But what is his crime? He’s a terrorist! He’s hand-in-glove
with the terrorists! – lnspector. You know it’s against the law
to shout in my Police Station. Can’t you understand that? Your father has been taken
away to the Headquarters. He’s facing charges
under the anti-terrorist act. You won’t be able to
meet him there either. Your father’s been sent
away for a long period now. l will take this matter to
highest authority in this land.. ..l will appeal to
those who matter.. ..and l will have
my father released. Excuse me sir.
– Who is this boy? Your department has held my father.. ..without any valid charge. This is my private
party and not my office. But they don’t allow anyone to
meet you in your office, Sir. You there! Throw this boy out! Why don’t you understand, Sir? The police have been
misled into arresting him. My father has nothing to
do with terrorists, Sir. Out!
– Sir, try to understand. Just hear me out once, Sir.. Please! Cheers! You have already met me earlier,
Mr. Chief Minister. They’ve locked up my father on
utterly fabricated charges. l want justice from you, Sir.. Meet my Personal
Assistant. Let’s go. You have met me earlier,
Sir.. Please try to recognise me. You had once patted me on the
back for my patriotism, Sir.. This is a grave
injustice against me, Sir.. Please, understand, sir.
– I told you. No. Scoundrel! Welcome! l’d told you that the fun of
life is in all things sour! l’ll sour your life for you today! You dare do that! Take him away! We will make this country heaven,
we will decorate.. ..every corner of our country.
There will be a celebration of life. Everyone will
be engrossed and satiated. l can sacrifice my
life for this country. Aunty! Aunty! l’ve just had a terrible nightmare.. ..about Shyam, Aunty. Why hasn’t he tried to meet me? What could be wrong with him? What could happen to him?
He’s in prison. What?
– That’s right. He and his father used
to shelter terrorists. That can’t be true. People could do
anything for money, my dear. But that’s impossible,
Aunty.. l can’t believe it. l’ll go and meet Shyam, Aunt. lt’s impossible, dear.
The police have kept him.. ..in a secret jail. Shyam. Father?! Father! Father! Father! Shyam. Father! What state have they? Father! l won’t let him live anymore. l just won’t let them live! l’ve beaten his face
into a sour-snack! Well done! Just think of the snacks
this money can buy you. Fun with the sour things in life! So, you scoundrel! You’ve hatched this
conspiracy haven’t you? ls that how you talk to the man.. ..who won’t be your father-in-law? Never mind what he says. But tell me have the
father and son confessed .. ..that they’re one
with the terrorists? Have your revenge
from me, you swine! Why are you torturing my father? Because someone has dared
to cast a lecherous eye.. .. on my daughter l will
destroy his entire family! Your love can never
overpower me. Never! Hit him! Give him a thrashing.. ..that will kill him and
his love in this dungeon. Father! Father! That song. which l always
taught you, when l brought.. .. you up sing
that song for me, son. No matter how l’m dying.. ..l don’t want to die
a death devoid of hope. That’s not how l want to die! No, Dad.. Sing it.. Go on. Sing for me.. please! ‘My city, my country is a symbol.. ..of peace and prosperity’ ‘My city, my country is a symbol.. ..of peace and prosperity’ ‘l can sacrifice my life.. ..for this country.’ ‘My country, ‘My darling.’ Father! Father! ‘We will make this country heaven,
we will decorate.. ‘..every corner of our country. There will be a celebration of life.
Everyone will be engrossed and satiated.’ ‘Everyone will be
engrossed and satiated.’ Cheers. ‘We will make this country heaven,
we will decorate.. ‘..every corner of our country. There will be a celebration of life.
Everyone will be engrossed and satiated.’* ‘My country, my darling. He’s dead, isn’t he? Take the body away. Don’t you dare touch my father! Take it away to the nearby
forests and set it on fire. No!
– l know very well.. ..that it’s the right of a son to
light his father’s funeral-pyre. But he’s missing, in our records.. ..and that’s how he’ll be. They mustn’t even
find his remains. Okay? Take him away and lock him
up in another cell. Go on! Don’t just stand around.
Get the body. lt stinks.. Father! Come on.. come closer! Get him! Go! l had warned you, Dad.. ..Shyam has escaped from prison! What?! He’s escaped from prison?! How did he get away? No.. No! This can’t be true! Follow me! The headlines. Shyam opened fire at
Shankar Market this afternoon.. ..proving suspicions of
his links with terrorists. Many innocent
bystanders were killed .. ..and several
injured in the incident. Government is
investigating this matter. l had warned him! Dad! What is it..? You?! You have killed my father! Now l will kill you, too! Shyam! Do you know him, my child? He’s a terrorist! He’s lying!
– No! He’s lying! Police! – Stop! Stop! Stop, l say! Shyam! You are indeed a terrorist, Shyam! They all said that
you were a terrorist.. The newspapers, the television,
and also my aunt! But l believed none of them! But with the gun in
your hands today.. ..you’ve proved that you
are really a terrorist! Radhika! You claimed to
practice non-violence. But you have taken to gun, too?! You don’t know the truth,
Radhika! They’ve killed my father! You’re lying! Your father
was himself a terrorist! Radhika! They have poisoned
your heart against me! Speak up!
– He didn’t even know of our affair! Arrest the extremist immediately! The Government calls us terrorists. But we’re not terrorists! We’re rebels. We’re victims of the
administration’s apathy! l know what they’ve done to you. l also know what
they did to your father! There is only one way you
can answer them.. with the gun! The gun! Pick it up! And just forget that
you’re the peace-loving Shyam. He is dead! A new force is born today! Shaka. – Shaka. Wreak havoc on those
who have deprived you.. ..a peaceful life! Destroy everything in sight.. ..so that the police
and the Government.. ..are taught a lesson! You are surrounded by
the armed forces of lndia! There is no way you can escape! My son!
– Give yourself up to us! Shaka. Shaka. Shaka. Shaka. At last! l’ve succeeded
in arresting you, Shaka! You scoundrel! l’d sworn.. To step over my corpse and
make to the wedding-altar, eh? lt’s good that you know of that. But you’re destined
to die a bachelor. Perhaps you don’t know the
strength of my love, Shaka. Who can ever know the power
of love, better than l do? She has never been in love with you! Who’d know that,
better than she does? You will surely die..
You will die at my hands! Very soon, too. Stop thinking of her,
if you value your life. Or you’ll get burnt all over. Because you’re dealing
with some who’s heartbroken. l’ve made a mistake.
l’ve committed a blunder! l’d warned you, hadn’t l? You see, the fun of life
is in all things sour. You resemble a
sour-snack in any case! The day l lose my temper,
l’ll just.. l should’ve killed
Shyam with his father. We’re the ones who turned
him into Shaka from Shyam. And he’s hovering around now,
like our eminent death! lt was your lookout to
declare him a renegade.. .. and have him hanged. l’d even thought l’d stage a
false encounter and kill him. Then why didn’t you kill him? Before l could kill him,
he smashed my eye.. ..and escaped! l’d told you so! l mean, you
have only one eye now, right? So you must even be seeing
everything in singles, right? You’re right! ln fact,
l see only one snack.. ..where there are two. But there are four of them!
– Two of them, my boy. lt’s four of them.
– Two, l say. Four!
– Two.. – Shut up! You’re worried about the snacks! And Capt. Ranvir is
not ready to marry.. .. my daughter till Shaka dies. How will Captain Ranvir
ever manage to kill Shaka? l’ll kill Shaka! Or l’ll never
touch this snack again! No! Please don’t! Don’t..! Forgive me! Please! Shaka. Dara. – General Abbasi. You have crossed
the lndian borders.. ..and are now in our territory. So, what can l do for you? For all the espionage
activities your organization.. .. is up to in lndia my
superiors aren’t still satisfied. What can we do then,
to make them happy? You alone won’t be
able to do it, Dara. Then what’s the point in wooing me? Because you have boys who will.. ..give up their lives for you. That’s true. l do have such boys. You will have to bring
the boys across the border. Especially, Shaka. Shaka! That’s right. We’ve
seen his photograph.. .. in the newspapers and have
read a lot about his valour. Oh! Shaka is famous, even across
the borders of lndia, is he? That’s right. We’ll train the boys.. ..and make each of them explosive. And blow up the whole of lndia! Blow it up! Go ahead! The whole world is watching us. But they shouldn’t know.. ..that we’re supporting
subversion in your nation. No, never. Let me get my orders
from the higher-ups. You can bring your boys
across then. Not later and not a day earlier. l almost fulfilled my vow, Mr. Raja. l did get my hands on Shaka.. .. but he slipped
away like the sands. Which is why l’m asking you
to forget all about the vow. And just get married to Radhika. Cheers. – Cheers. No, Mr. Raja. My
determination is even stronger now. l’ll certainly get Shaka,
dead or alive. And l have hatched a plot
that will surely trap him. l have all the faith in you. Just kill him. Kill him. What is it, my dear? Take me to the
Goddess’s temple, Aunty. What’s wrong? l want to pray for his long-life. Would you pray for him, even
after what he’s done to you? No matter what he has done.. ..l’ve loved him with all my heart. Please take me to the temple. Mother, please. Glory to the Goddess Mother! Please protect him, O’ Mother,
And show him the right path. O’ Mother, show him the right path. How are the arms? Hands up. So, this was a
conspiracy the army hatched, eh? l’m glad Shaka didn’t come along. Why didn’t he come?!
He should’ve been here! Arrest all of them. ls the news true, Shaka?
– lt’s true, Dara. Gafoor and 3 other boys have
been caught by the soldiers. lt was actually their
conspiracy to capture me. We’ll have to free our boys
from the clutches of the army. Our boys will really return.
And none of them will die. The army will come
down to its knees, too. How? They’ve made their move;
lt’s time for our move now. Glory to the Goddess Mother Glory to the Goddess Mother Glory to the Goddess Mother We have a break-down. Could
you drop the ladies at Jammu? Sure. Send them over. Glory to the Goddess Mother! You may sit here.. Come on! Thank you!
– Sit. Glory to the Goddess Mother Glory to the Goddess Mother Glory to the Goddess Mother Glory to the Goddess Mother Glory to the Goddess Mother l am sorry.
– Glory to the Goddess Mother What’s wrong, Driver? No tricks, anyone!
Just occupy your seats! Shaka. My name is Shaka. You have been taken hostage. Because the military has
caught four of our boys. We’ve given the army 48
hours to release the boys. The moment they are released.. .. you will be allowed to go. Till then, you will
do only as we say. That’s impossible. Perhaps you’re in the habit
of believing it’s impossible. But the truth is that just
about anything is possible. And only that will happen,
which l wish. You have no right to hold.. .. these innocent people hostages! Just don’t talk
about rights with me. Why not? What you’re
doing is against the law! Just shut up! Or else,
l’ll silence you forever! But why? What crime
have we committed? l will not stay here! l’m leaving..! Don’t you dare take a step forward! Come out with me, all you folks! Come out with me, all you folks! They can’t do any harm to us! l’ll shut you up right now. No! Wait! You can’t kill him! Move aside!
– Kill me if you wish! l want to die!
– Radhika! Go on! Shoot! Why are you hesitating? Shoot! Go on! Open fire! Kill me! Here you are, if
you’re so fond of dying! Why did you change the
direction of the muzzle? To open fire on a
girl is no bravery. ls it just any girl.. or
is it Radhika herself? lsn’t that how a
woman addressed her? Radhika! And what a co-incidence.. ..that you should have been
in love with a Radhika too! l know it deep down in my heart.. .. that this is the same Radhika. What nonsense are you talking!
That’s a lie! A woman’s instincts
don’t lie in such cases. lt’s your eyes.. l
can see her in them! How much do you still love her! That’s not true.. my
love for her is dead! Then why didn’t you let me kill her? Why did you save her? Anyway.. for how long will
you protect her from me? l’ll have her life, come what may. Don’t you even dare touch her! Love me with the same passion,
my darling! Yes, Dara. Was the mission successful? Yes. We have accomplished our task. Well done, my boy! Well done,
you heartbroken one! l will bargain with the army
for the release of my boys now. But just don’t loosen
your grip on the hostages. Should anyone raise his voice,
just shoot him dead! Well, my boy.. Why are you silent? lt’s a strange life, Dara. lt renders you silent, with
its strange twists and turns. l don’t understand. You’d need a heart to understand.. ..and you don’t have one. That’s good, or l’d have
been heart-broken, too! Get on with your work,
heart-broken one. l’ll do my thing here. This is Dara here, Captain. All passengers in a bus
from the holy Vaishnodevi.. ..are now in my custody. l give you 48 hours. Release my boys, or
each of them dies.. .. with the sunset everyday. Check out where the bus coming.. ..from Vaishnodevi disappeared from. Save my daughter! Please! None of you must eat! That’s the only way we
can deal with these people. Who refuses to eat?
– We’re eating of course! See..! Hurry up and eat, or you’d
have to swallow a bullet! Separate this girl
from the rest of them. This way, Madam.. Wait, dear..! Why are you worried? l’m
still around, aren’t l? Oh! How helpless l am! Hurry up and eat the
food; or the guy.. ..with the gun will reappear. You must also eat.. What happened?
– You bit my finger. lt was between these check-posts
that the bus disappeared. Which means the
terrorists are holding them.. ..captive in this region. l want you to spread
out in all directions! Find them! Come on, move it. The army is closing in
on us. Maybe they’re.. .. searching for them. Ranbir! Ranbir! Ranbir! – What’s wrong, Sir? Did you hear a voice?
– No, Sir. l can’t say why.. ..but her voice seems to
be echoing in the valleys. Let’s go! ‘You be a bit intoxicated,
l will be intoxicated a bit.’ ‘Let out hearts beat,
let our breath be scented.’ ‘Let us be swept off
by a single wave.’ ‘What do you say about this?’ ‘What do you say about this?’ ‘What do you say about this?’ ‘The heart can’t bear
the torture of distance.’ ‘The love resides in this heart..’ ‘..as warmth in a flame.’ ‘What do you think about this?’ ‘What do you say about this?’ ‘What do you say about this?’ ‘You said a little bit,
l said a little bit.’ ‘We were both seduced then.’ ‘Whatever was said,
only you had said.’ ‘l have not
uttered anything as yet.’ ‘You say everything, just with a subtle nuance.’ ‘What do you think about this?’ ‘What do you say about this?’ ‘What do you say about this?’ ‘We two have met, two
flowers have blossomed.’ ‘The whole atmosphere
has become colorful.’ ‘When we met the clouds gathered,’ ‘the whole world was rejuvenated.’ ‘We have brought a new color.. ..in the scene of the world.’ ‘What do you say about this?’ ‘What do you say about this?’ Kill. Kill first one. Captain not ready to relase our people. Shaka, kill one of them. Okay, Dara.. ..the first one
dies exactly two hours from now. O Lord..! Don’t cry.. Their deadline of 48 hours is
fast getting over. They’ll kill us! We’ve only just
been married, Father. We were only visiting the Goddess’s
temple. – Don’t worry. – And this.. Don’t worry, my child. The Goddess will
take care of everything. l’m very scared, Papa.. Don’t be afraid, my son..
Nothing will happen to us. What will happen now, Mom?
They won’t kill us, will they? No, dear.
Everything will be alright. l’m scared, Mom.
– Don’t worry. We’ll be fine. They’re terrified! Do something about it. Okay, kids.. Come here. Don’t be scared. Just come here.. Wipe yours tears..
and no more crying. Let’s play a game together. Okay? Not me.
– Why? Don’t you like to play? Let’s all play together..
But what game do we play? Let’s play a game of film-songs!
You know how, don’t you? lt’s settled then..
Come on, let’s start.. You must all join us. Once they see the elders playing.. ..the kids will join in, too. Come on! Let’s get on with it. Sit here, Mother, you sit here.
ls everybody seated? Now, let’s start. So kids, start a song
with the alphabet R. Not us. We don’t know a
song of that alphabet. Don’t know? Never mind..
Sing a song you know. ‘Doesn’t it exist, tell us?’ ‘Tell us, dad. Tell us Mom. ‘Papa and mummy love each other.’ ‘The two of us are trapped in.. ..a room and the keys are lost..’ ‘..and Bobby is lost in
the quagmire of my eyes.’ ‘The two of us are trapped in.. ..a room and the keys are lost..’ ‘One, two, three, four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine, ten. ‘One, two, three, four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine, ten. ‘l have waited too long,
it’s autumn, embrace me!’ ‘l have waited too long,
it’s autumn, embrace me!’ ‘You are young, l am crazy. ‘You are young, l am crazy. Lets hope we don’t trip.’ ‘You are young, l am crazy. Lets hope we don’t trip.’ ‘The night is intoxicated. The
atmosphere is excellent, the .. ..whole world is seduced.
This atmosphere seduces.’ ‘You are young, l am crazy. Let’s hope we don’t trip.’ ‘Hey brother.’ ‘Hey, brother, look and walk,
not only right, but also left..’ ‘..not only behind but ahead too..’ ‘Hey, brother, look and walk,
not only right, but also left..’ ‘..not only behind but ahead too..’ Hey brother. Come on, sing from ‘E’ now. l’ll count till 5. 1 , 2, 3, 4.. ‘Eena Meena Deeka’
– Good.’ ‘Eena Meena Deeka, Dei Dama Deeka,’ ‘Maka naka naka, cheeka peeka reeka’ ‘Eena Meena Deeka, Dei Dama Deeka,’ ‘Maka naka naka, cheeka peeka reeka’ ‘Ram pam posh.’ ‘Ram pam posh.’ ‘Ram pam posh.’ ‘Ram pam posh.’
– Eena Meena Deeka, ‘What should be done,
and what can’t be done.’ ‘What should be done,
and what can’t be done.’ ‘Some one solve my problem, please.’ ‘l love her on one hand, and
l can’t tell her on another.’ From ‘M’ From ‘M’ ‘My country, is a symbol.. ..of peace and prosperity. ‘My country, is a symbol.. ..of peace and prosperity. ‘l can sacrifice my life,.. ..my thoughts.’ ‘O my country, my country, My darling.’ ‘All the promises of
yesterday have been broken.’ ‘..people have been
separated.’ lf only the past could come back. ‘O my country, my country, My darling.’ ‘My country, is a symbol.. ..of peace and prosperity. ‘My country, is a symbol.. Stop singing that song! lf anyone makes a sound,
l’ll pump his body with lead! lt must certainly be
agonizing for you.. ..after idolising the
nation and mouthing platitudes.. ..about the motherland in college. That’s enough! Not
another word from you! l’ve had enough! Just go away from here! But this is not how you were. You were always a true
lndian; you loved your Motherland. lt’s not lndia that l hate..
lt’s the lndians that l abhor! Deep down in my heart you’d still.. ..find unwavering love for
my motherland; my country! That’s a lie! l’m ashamed of
myself for having loved.. .. a two-tongued man like you! Only time will tell
how you have loved.. .. and how l’ve felt for you. That’s another lie!
You’ve never loved me! You’ve only betrayed me! Haven’t l really
loved you? Haven’t l?! Then how did l take to the gun? lt was because of my love. How did l come to
intensely hate everything? lt was because of my love! My nation, my father, my mother.. ..what haven’t l lost.. ..for the sake of my love? My love for you was responsible.. .. for changing the
course of my life. And you still say that
l’ve never loved you?! You’ve loved me a lot.. You’ve
really loved me, haven’t you? Can l ask for something with a
little bit of faith in that love? The rich have always
bargained in love and.. ..destroyed many a poor man. Go ahead and ask.. you
will see that l even give up.. .. my life for you. l don’t want your life, but
l want the safety of those lives.. ..who are being held captive here. Will you let them go? There are several
innocent children.. ..and women among them. Who have done nothing to
deserve this punishment. Whoever you hold a grudge against.. ..just don’t punish
these poor people for that! You have been brainwashed
into joining these terrorists! Or you were never a ruthless man. Very well. l know now,
how much you have loved me. Wait! What you have asked for is
nothing less than my life. But of what use is life that
cannot prove my love for you? What have you asked for?
Their release, isn’t it? Well, okay.. l release them. But l have a
condition in releasing them. You shall stay here as my hostage. l agree. What else would
a terrorist bargain for? l’ll soon make your father
confess in your presence.. ..how l turned Shaka from Shyam. lt was Shyam l was in love with. The day Shaka turns into Shyam.. .. my love for him will return, too. But l know very well
that this is impossible. You’re free now,
Aunty.. You may all leave. She’s right. You’re
free now. You may go home. Go on.
– Bless you, son! Freeze! Don’t anyone move! None of you will leave! l have given them my word! You’ve gone mad, Shaka! Do
you want to challenge Dara?! For this girl? You could say that my
mission in life is something else. Dara will kill you! Should you manage to shake him off.. ..the lndian army will kill you! l’ve been going
around offering my life.. .. for a very long time now. Nobody seems to be interested. l knew this bitch would
lead you to your death! Don’t you dare
interfere with my decision! Just go away! Go away,
or l’ll shoot you dead! You’ve shot at us?!
At your own friends?! Just go away! He seems to be
obsessed with the girl. Let’s leave for now. Listen to me.. Take them all to their destinations. Hurry up, dear! Let’s go!
– You may go, Aunty. And you?
– She’s paid for your release. What? – Please pass on
a message to Mr. Raja. l’ll be coming there..
but not .. ..as Shyam as Shaka. l get it, son! But if l return without Radhika,
they’ll give me a thrashing. You want to see Mr. Raja, don’t you? Then why don’t you
join us.. ..in the bus? Come on! We’ve got to
think about our future, too! Take care, dear!
– Come on. Shaka! Traitor! Brother! He’s taken Radhika away! And you’ve shamelessly
returned alone, have you? l thought it would
save at least one life. Aunty’s a coward! Let’s see how brave you are!
Shaka is headed here! What?!
– That’s right. Hadn’t l warned you?
Get ready to leave.. .. for your heavenly abode now! Slapping him won’t help, Brother! Shaka has sworn to kill you! l’d told you, hadn’t l? l’d still advise you to
surrender to the lndian forces. The lndian army
could never kill you! lt’s l who will kill you! l knew it.. that the moment
l held a gun to your temple.. ..you’d drop the gun out of fear! But, you filthy terrorist!
You think you’re smart, eh? You’ve dropped the gun
dangerously close to yourself. l’ll set this right in a moment. Hey.. what the hell! Get me down! Please! Don’t hit me! Don’t hit me, please! Give her father a thrashing,
if you must.. ..whose bidding l have done! Everything l did was only
because your father asked me to! He paid me to beat up.. ..the father and son and
make terrorists out of them! lt was because he
was in love with you! How am l concerned
with your love-story? Please save me from him, Radhika! l’m even prepared to
return your father’s money! l accepted those bribes
only for this cursed tongue! l used to love those sour snacks; .. l’ll never accept bribes again!
Save me. Save me! No! Please don’t..! Please don’t kill me!
l don’t want to die! Come and smash my other eye,
too, if you so wish! Break my limbs! Slit
this damn tongue of mine! But please don’t kill me..!
l don’t want to die! What would l eat in hell?! l don’t want to die yet! How will l ever get
anything to eat up there. You’ve endured all the pain.. ..and torture.. only for me?! Please forgive.. Well.. the King of the
Region has to take.. .. my help too, doesn’t he? We have nothing
against each other, Dara. We never could afford to do that. Because we’re birds of
the same feather, you see. The difference is that l’m called
the villain for spreading terror. And you do the same thing,
in the garb of social-service. You’re the guys who
make terrorists out of.. .. innocent young boys. l want Shaka’s head. lf you don’t have it,
he’ll kill you! But then, you’ll have
his head. You surely will. We’re already gunning for him. Besides which, l also want
my daughter to return to me. That will be taken care of, too. But, Your Highness..
there’s always a price-tag. Name your price. You enjoy a lot of
clout in these areas. You’ve been the King
of this area, after all. What is more,
you’re a Minister, too. Come to the point. Four of my boys are
being held by your Military. Give me some time. l’ll
have them released, too. You’ll also have to help
me cross the lndian border. lt’s not difficult for me to
go over to that side on my own. But l want to take my
boys along his time. l don’t want your army to
lay them out as corpses.. ..and find myself
alone when l cross over. Very well. l will have
this problem sorted out, too. That’s wonderful! l will present you Shaka’s
head at this very place. As for your daughter.. ..you will get her only after
you help us cross the border. Very well. Take a look, fellows! The terrorist and the
politician have joined hands today! They’re all
hand-in-glove in this nation! So, neither will
terrorism ever be snuffed out.. ..not can this country ever prosper! Let me know when you find Shaka. But why did Radhika
have to accompany Shaka?! Because.. No..! l can’t lie anymore! The truth is that
Radhika loves Shaka. Shaka! How often have l told
you that terrorists.. .. don’t have a love story? They just don’t have a love-affair! Do you want me to say
that in a song to you?! Do you see? Your love has
made a betrayer out of you! A bloody double-crosser! You have dared to double-cross me! Lock him up! Lock the girl up, too! Send word to the King that
his daughter has been found. Fantastic. Exactly 15 days from now,
you will take your boys.. ..and cross over to our country. This is an advance payment. l know that, Carnel. lt will be the King who
will help us cross the border. And, afterwards.. .. you will return
my daughter to me. By all means! But there’s a promise
you still haven’t kept. Which one is that?
– That of killing Shaka. Shaka’s no problem. We
hold him captive anyway. You can consider him dead! ‘Boom Boom Shakalaka boom,
the heart beat says..’ ‘..you are mine, my beloved,
you are mine.’ ‘Boom Boom Shakalaka boom,
the heart beat says..’ Accept that you love me. Your heart beats say
this again and again. The heart goes boom boom.’ The heart goes boom boom.’ Accept that you love me.
Your heart beats..’ ‘..say this again and again. ‘Hey, all is fair in love and war.’ ‘l will not allow you
to become a stranger.’ ‘We will set afire to this world.’
‘We will show the power of love.’ ‘We will show the power of love.’ Accept that you love me.
Your heart beats..’ ‘..say this again and again. ‘Boom Boom Shakalaka boom,
the heart beat says..’ ‘Boom Boom Shakalaka boom,
the heart beat says..’ ‘Boom Boom Shakalaka boom,
the heart beat says..’ How could you join a
scoundrel like the Raja? Shame on you! –
Shut up, you betrayer! You are the betrayer, Dara! That’s interesting! My
little bird is defending Shaka! lt’s my love for two things that
l have danced for today, Dara! The first was my love for Shaka.. ..and the second is the
love l have for my Motherland! A patriot? You?! l’m certainly a patriot,
when compared to you! You’ve already sold your soul
and the nation to the enemies! And correct, too! l can even
sell my Motherland for money! l can befriend any
traitor for the riches! We had declared war, not
to destroy the nation..! ..but to cleanse the system.. We had resolved to expose
these corrupt politicians.. .. and destroy them!
– Shut up! l will.. Kill the swine! Kill him! Don’t betray the nation, Dara! Or else, the earth
will erupt with flames.. ..and reduce you to ashes! lt’s l who will reduce you
to ashes, you scoundrel! Shoot him! Help my friend get
his beloved, O God! The captain is my
future son-in-law.. .. what if he spots me around? Okay. Use the rear exit to escape. And how about my daughter?
– l’ll bring her with me! Let me go!
– Come along! l’ve no time! Let go of me! Hurry up! Go to Radhika;
l’ll engage them here! Radikha! Shaka! Let’s go to the border, Shaka.
That’s where Dara will go, too.. ..to seek help from his
friends across the border. Let’s go! Hurry up! We’ll have to
cross the border today itself! Shaka must be following us, too! Hey, you!
– Radhika! My child..! Radhika, my child!
– Don’t you touch me! l’ve discovered the truth about you! You’re the one who has
killed Shyam’s father! You’re the one who has
made Shaka out of Shyam! Everything l did was only for
your own well-being, my dear. That’s a lie! You have done all
this for your arrogant values! Yes! l’ve done it for
the honour of my family! Leave me alone! l wish
l was born an orphan! ln fact, l wouldn’t mourn my loss.. What farce are you up to,
you chit of a girl!? We have no time to waste! Hurry up now, or else.. Or else, what would you do?
Kill me? Go ahead! lt’s not you l will kill..
lt’s your brother who will die! Hadn’t l.. warned you?
– Shut up! Radhi.. – Hey!
– Tara! – No! Please don’t! Come along then!
– Very well.. But Shyam is sure to
catch up with you! Please rush help
as soon as possible! Hurry up and blast the
entrance of the cave! – Okay Sir! l’ve got to go after Dara and Shaka! What are you doing here? This is Dara speaking,
General Abbasi! Go on, Dara. Send a message
across to your soldiers.. ..that we will have crossed
the lndian borders in some time.. ..and enter your nation. But how can you say that? We’d sent word to you to
cross over after 15 days. We’ve been attacked
by the lndian army! Which is why we have to
cross the border today itself! No. no. No Dara. A fact-finding mission from America..
..is visiting us right now. They’re going to
inspect the line of control. We can’t afford to make it obvious.. .. that we extend help to terrorism! l know nothing of that!
We’re coming to cross the border! Over and out. Follow me! This is the last lndian camp. You had promised to help
us overcome this hurdle. Once you keep your promise,
your daughter.. .. will be returned to you. Okay. Let me go.. Dady! – Don’t betray the army, Dad! Or else, you’ll pay for it!
– Shut up. Dara wants to enter our
territory today itself, Sir. Yes, sir. l’m a Minister
representing this region. l want to see the Captain. This gentleman wishes to
speak to you, Captain. l wish to speak to you
in privacy, Captain. Okay. You may go, soldier. Listen..
– Sir? Take the other soldiers and
head for Camp No. 4. – Okay Sir. The Captain has asked us
to go to Bunker No. 4. Follow me. l have some people from the
intelligence agencies with me. They’re dressed up as insurgents. lt’s important to make
them cross the border. lf you could.. Run! Engage the troops in a combat, K.K.. .. while we move ahead! Follow her! Find out
where the girl is! You had my nation-loving
father declared a terrorist.. .. didn’t you? You had him killed, didn’t you? You ruined my
mother’s life, didn’t you? You have destroyed
the peace of my home! You have made a terrorist out of me! Forgive me.. Please! Remember everything you have done.. You remember my father, don’t you? F-A-T-H-E-R! Come along! l’d told them! They’ve fled, soldiers! You
can arrest me, if you wish. That would atleast help me
escape from their clutches! Thank God that atleast someone.. .. could succeed in love. l wish l could kill both of you. l can open fire, too. l know that. But couldn’t you tell me.. ..that the love between
the two of you is immortal? l know everything. Your aunt and Virendra have
disclosed everything to me. The two of you deserve a salute! Your love has been exemplary.. .. your feelings unparalleled. But, you’re a terrorist,
Shaka. And l’ll have to arrest you. You may even hang me, if you wish. But just let me stop
Dara and his gang from.. ..crossing our borders to
enter the hostile territory.. ..of our neighbouring country. Because, should they
succeed in escaping.. .. to the other nation.. ..they’ll no longer be human
beings, but deadly explosives.. ..who will spell
disaster for this nation. Let me stop them, this once. l’d be prepared to accompany you.. .. anywhere you take me thereafter. Roger. We seem to have crossed the border. That’s the bunker
of the other nation. Why are they laying the landmines? Mines? What’s that? lt’s a booby-trap of
explosives hidden in the soil. lt explodes, when someone
makes physical contact with it. But why are they laying the mines? Who are they?
– They’re lndians, Sir. lndians! l see! Hey! Aren’t you Shaka? The dreaded terrorist from
lndia is now in our clutches! We’ve laid the mines
between the two blue-flags, Sir. Now let Dara and his
men set foot on our soil! They’ll be blown to
pieces the moment.. .. they step on the explosives! But you sympathise
with them, don’t you? lt’s you who makes
terrorists out of them, right? That’s right! We create them! And use them according
to our convenience, too. And should their
presence endanger our secrets.. ..we even eliminate them. And when the need arises,
we lure them with money.. ..and create a fresh
batch of fugitives. You folks have
discovered our secret, too. lt therefore becomes
necessary to eliminate.. .. all of you, too. Kill them. This worm dreams of
wiping out our Motherland! As and when someone
dreams of destroying our nation. He’ll be turned to dust! Help! Lord! Look there! Dara and
his men are headed here! They’ll have to be stopped!
– Are you crazy? l want the
terrorists to be wiped out! You want the
terrorists to be wiped out.. Wait, Shaka!
There’re explosives ahead! Stop, there! There
are landmines planted.. .. between the blue flags! That’s Shaka! Across the border! Halt there, Dara!
There’s death ahead! He’s trying to fool us! Come on! Stop now, or else
you will all be killed! Follow me!
– Dara! We can’t be fooled! Move on! Dara! H-a-l-t ! Shyam. – Shaka. – Shaka. Mother
– My son.. – You’re alive and well. That’s true, son. God has returned Shyam to me. You’re right, Radhika. Shaka
is no more. And Shyam lives on. Do you know what you
have proved, my friend? Do you want to find out?
Get up then.. But, Ranvir, he’s still..
– Nothing will happen to him. This man is a true lion. These folks had made it clear.. ..that they wouldn’t budge,
till you had regained.. .. consciousness. You were right, Shaka.. l saw the earth
erupt with my own eyes.. ..and saw the flames
that it threw up, too. Those flames were
actually meant for us. But you risked your life and
bore the brunt of the fire. You have indeed shown great love.. .. for the soil of
this nation, Shaka. How then could the fire
from it reduce you to ashes? We realise now.. ..whom we are betraying. We’re betraying our nation..
Our Motherland! We’ve given up arms.. We
have cleansed our souls. How could you risk your life
and achieve all this, my friend? l badly wanted to become
Shyam from the Shaka l was. For the sake of my love. You heart-broken one!. You heart-broken one! But your hearts are now one! Oh, how wrong l was! A terrorist does have a love-life! He indeed does! ln fact, love alone can
put an end to all terrorism. Compassion alone is the
solution to terrorism. l take your leave.. May the two of you be
blessed with happiness. Alwida.. Shaka risked his life
and sent a loud message.. .. across the world. The message of
peace and brotherhood. That itself was the
atonement for his past. The Court considered
his supreme sacrifice.. ..and delivered its verdict. lf this story succeeds in
changing the heart of even.. .. one terrorist and if he
lays down arms, we will have.. ..achieved the objective
behind making this film.

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