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Hey you lot, hope you’re all good. So as you may know, I love a good statement
wall, especially a hand-painted mural, i love the freedom of painting on the massive canvas
of a wall creating something on a much bigger scale than usual. But sometimes it can get a bit fiddly, a bit
overwhelming, translating a small image or an original sketch into a much bigger size. So i thought i’d share with you an easy
way to create a stunning, impressive bit of decor without having to exert your creative
skills whatsoever. So first of all, you’ll want to find an
image that you want to use as your mural design. I’m really keen on sticking to royalty free
images because, as an artist myself, i hate the thought of stealing someone else’s creative
content. Not only can you get in quite a bit of trouble
for it, but it’s just not a decent thing to do. Thankfully there are tons of images and illustrations
online that are royalty free. I was recently contacted by Graphic,
who rather than charging for each individual image like most stock image sites, they offer
a monthly or yearly subscription service where you have access to over something like 300,000
graphics, photos, vectors and illustrations which I think they said was like the largest
download library of its type online. Now if you’re not sure if you wanna sign
up, they do offer a 7 day free trial where you can download up to 140 different images
which i think is enough to get a feel of the kind of service they offer and to get your
hands on a few great bits and bobs for free. So having had a look around, I decided to
go for this pattern because i really thought it would suit the area i was painting. And I saved a couple of other images for future
reference, i thought one of these bikes would look nice in a hallway leaning up against
a wall and a motivational quote would look great blown up above my desk. Now that I’ve got my image ready, its time
to blow it up and make this projector. Ive seen a few versions of this diy floating
around youtube but this is the way that works best for me. So all you wanna do is Take a cardboard box
and cut a square or rectangle out of it. Don’t forget to take your time and mind your
fingers. Next you’ll need some clear plastic. You can use one of those clear envelopes that
you use to organise folders to separate things or like me you could use a sandwich or freezer
bag. Then you can either print out your image and
trace it from the paper onto your plastic with permanent marker or simply trace it directly
from your screen. Place your plastic sheet over the window you
cut out of your box and pop a torch or your phone inside. I’m usually fine just balancing my phone
against the back wall of the box , you could also put things inside the box to lean your
phone against. Then all that’s left to do is turn off the
lights. And there you have a super simple projector. If you don’t have permission to paint on
a wall, you could also use this for blowing up a drawing onto a large canvas or even make
a nice tapestry with it. Now just line it up with your wall or canvas,
adjusting how close and how far you are to change the size, and if you’re working outdoors
like me, you’d obviously have to wait until it’s dark. you may also need to rest your box on a chair
or a table to get it to the right height. Just experiment with positioning until you
have things how you want. Then the rest is simple, follow the lines
projected onto the wall to map out your drawing or painting and get started. I usually use acrylic paint for wall designs
because its got a bold colour and it’s water-resistant. If you’re working outside like me, you might
want to finish up the next day with a varnish or some kind of sealant to make sure your
mural is gonna be durable enough to withstand weather conditions. And there you have it. Don’t forget I’ve left a link below to the
graphic stock website if you want to try out their 7 day free trial. I hope you enjoyed this video, I hope you
found it useful, thanks for watching and i’ll see you next time! Bye!

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  1. Hey Minnie I made you an inspiration Pinterest board and i thought you'd wanna check it out. (this sounds like an ad but i just want to share some cool finds)

  2. I dont know what to say…but all I'm thinking is that I love it and its so creative and the music went really well with the whole thing👍🏼❤️

  3. really cool idea with the projector thing! However I would be very careful with sponsorships, it is very, very important to disclose as clearly as possible to your viewers that it is a sponsored video, or you could get in serious trouble with youtube or even legal trouble. So at the start of your videos, and in the video description be sure to disclose clearly that it is sponsored 🙂

  4. Recently finished my GCSEs and wanted to do a mural , now I know an easy of translating an image , thanks , great vid

  5. I actually did my first ever mural after I watched your video on your bathroom one. I might just do another one using this method! Super cool and clean finished product.

  6. Hi ! I just wanted to tell you that your Channel really inspired me to get more creative but i suck at drawing (i'm trying to improve that) and i really wanted to paint something i could hang on a wall and now despise my non existant skills i can thanks to you !!!! 😀

  7. i was thinking the exact same thing the other day
    but i was not sure if it would work or not
    now, i have to try it 🙂

  8. I love this video, I think you have come out of your block. Well done. I am so inspired to do this but I will have to wait until I move. Thanks for sharing this fantastic video.

  9. WOW!! such an amazing tip! i love this DIY projector, i may try to make one for me!!! love you wall painting as well! thanks for sharing 😀

  10. Wow this is actually really amazing and creative!! Btw what wall is it you're painting in the video? (I mean is it your own or a friend's for example) 🙂

  11. whenever i get an email that you've uploaded a video Min I get so excited! Your style is rad and so inspiring for me thanks so much for sharing your art x

  12. cool! we did something similar in art class, we had a colab with an art gallery thing. We made giant posters that is now hanging all around my city with the theme standard critical. So much fun to work on a bigger space for the first time!

  13. Love this idea! There are so many large scale projects I avoided because I didnt have a projector; now I can tackle them!

  14. So glad you posted this! I have about 40 drawings I need to enlarge and wasn't excited about buying a projector. Thanks!! 🙄

  15. I always wondered how on earth people managed to get proportions so right when doing art on such a big scale like this! So wish I could give this a try but will have to wait until I'm not renting. Another brilliant video! 🙂

  16. cool video! I'm a beginner at this and I'd just like to know what medium you used in the video. Can Indian ink be used for indoor murals?

  17. I just found your channel and first I would like to say its awesome! I saw where you were using a Pentax K-r but, is that the camera that you're using on this video? Thanks!

  18. Hah best idea ive seen in a while, so in the second half of the video its hard to tell, but are there pen marks you are going over or in between with the black? or are you just free handing it at that point because youre that good?

  19. Thank you soooo much!! After watching your video I gathered the supplies and made a test version in 5 minutes! It worked so well! You saved me some $$. Again, thank you for this video. I'm subscribing!! ❣️

  20. Thank you so much, the hardest part of painting for me is getting the proportions right on a large canvas. This idea is perfect!

  21. I don’t really comment, but I have to say that this is the most clever thing. I’m doing a wall mural out of several different mediums so any accidents would be incredibly hard to correct. This was the best solution I’ve found for my problem thus far with no padding.

  22. I've been looking for a tutorial on doing this for my son's room! Thanks so much and for the detail instructions!

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