Do You Need Motivation? (What's The Missing Piece)

hello there it's Mario here command at you from Barcelona it's a beautiful day here in Spain and in this video I want to talk to bit about a concept that I like to call the missing piece of the motivation puzzle now it has come to my attention that in the last couple of years last couple months it's not a lot of people who are experts claiming that motivation was useless motivation is a useless tool for long-term behavior change that motivational speeches motivational videos motivational speakers don't really have that much of an impact on changing people's behaviors that watching these kind of videos will just give you a short-term boost that will fade away pretty quickly and that these tools shouldn't really be used they're very very ineffective now any time that there's such a movement a contrarian movement out saying and there's a very simple explanation very simplistic viewpoint very black-and-white kind of viewpoint I begin to question things I begin to wonder well why are these people making such claims is there an opposite viewpoint what is missing here what is the missing piece of the puzzle and that's something I want to talk to you guys a bit about in this video and it's hard for me to believe that inspirational stories motivational stories don't have any impact because you're looking right now at a result of something that was impacted heavily by motivational video stories and I still use these tools on a daily basis to provide a little bit of that extra Drive I mean I wouldn't be here where I am right now if there wasn't for other inspirational figures that share their stories their biographies their videos and their blog posts where I could read and resonate with that person in the moment and I could get a little bit of that extra motivation because my environment was never providing me with that motivation I didn't have friends cheer me up I didn't have a lot of people basically giving me that push that is often necessary for you to succeed right if you're looking to succeed very fast now when we're looking at let's say a common motivational story inspirational story let's say skinny joke you know it doesn't have very lot of confidence doesn't have a lot of friends skis very skinny doesn't have you have a lot of attention from girls doesn't really have that many things going on for him and he decides to go to the gym right and everybody is telling him skinny Joe that he shouldn't do that everybody's just studying hey man why don't you just keep doing what you're doing like why are you wasting your time you're not gonna make it you're not gonna succeed it's your genetics everything is against you there's really no point in trying but skinny Joe keeps going on keeps pushing keeps putting in the wraps keeps believing keeps taking action keeps working and improving progressing and a couple of years skinnier Joe is no longer skinny Joe now he's jacked Joe he's ripped he has the perfect body he's made new friends he's very successful he's worked on his social skills he is building a business he's doing all these great things he's traveling and skinny Joe now decides to share his story on social media he decides to make videos skinny Joe decides to write books write articles now you're telling me that skinny Joe's story wouldn't have a positive impact in the world are you telling me that skinny Joe now ripped Joe won't really inspire people to take action won't really help people to become the best version of themselves I mean claiming such things and that such inspirational stories and motivational stories are are irrelevant is really short-sighted and it's really not that backed up even with anecdote then let alone with research that I mean which is you mean clearly I mean educating yourself learning and getting support and and realizing that someone else has done it building up your own self-efficacy it's very very important I mean it is one of the variables is not the only variable but it's one of the variables that will allow you to keep going on your own journey and skinny Joe as much the story is fictional there's a lot of stories like that online there's a lot of stories like that that I personally read but whether it's skinny Joe or Fat Joe or wait Joe who now got ripped those stories are very very useful man those stories inspire people to become the best version of themselves every single day now those stories aren't the only thing right those stories aren't the only tool and that's something that I want to share and continue and building on that with you guys here and a lot of people let's say would say majority of people say that they would want these kind of things around them they would want these motivational people around them and that's true right a lot of people would try to rely on the environment but what if the environment is not on your side what if you don't have these kind of people around you and and what if you don't believe in yourself at the same time so you kind of in that position of okay the environment is against me I'm a victim of the environment but also don't have the confidence to pursue what I need to pursue I'm afraid right I don't have the skills I don't have the capacity that's where most people are at now what motivation kind of gives you is that ability to take control to motivate you you can do it regardless of what people are saying regardless of what the environment is about you can do it you have the power to change your own life it gives you that ability that that fire in the belly that motivation that inspiration that bull power boost and you just keep working at it you keep grinding you keep hustling and you make it you now have control you have control over your environment you have control over your world now what's missing here is that the fact is that you do impact the world but the world at the same time is impacting you you do change your environment but that same environment is changing you every single day it's a mutual relationship between you impact in the world and world impacting you regardless of how much development you have regardless of how much meditation or motivation or whatever real power you have the environment is still influencing you I mean if I put a chocolate cake in your fridge it's not gonna last very long there unless you throw it away it's gonna get eaten it's just a matter of time it's gonna keep pinging at you until you eat it it's gonna keep sending you signals to your brain that can't deny the power of high calorie density survival cues and all these primal instincts that well brain is designed for to seek you're gonna eat it right in your environment no matter how much meditation you do no matter how much you know about nutrition is gonna impact you and that's one thing that a lot of people don't realize it's not just the motivation but it's also the environment and making sure that the environment supports these new habits supports this new identity supports this new person that you want to become and a very powerful story when we're talking about the environment is one from the 1970s I mean according to the research 20% of US soldiers from Vietnam were heroin addicts imagine that 20% that's thousands and thousands of people and at one point the US government was worried how are we going to handle this many addicts right people are addicted to heroin that's one of the most addictive substances known to mankind one of the most addictive drugs ever created how are we going to deal with this we don't have the resource to take care of so many people we're gonna be in trouble when these people come back home but something magical happened something very very unexpected happened 95% of these soldiers brave soldiers when they came back home they weren't addicted to heroin anymore they just stopped it just broke their addiction and people were puzzled for a very long time why doesn't this work in just a normal addiction clinic but here's the thing when these soldiers came back home they didn't have the environment anymore to send them those cues they didn't have that heroin around them they had new lives they had new identities they had new responsibilities they have a different world the world around them changed and that's what changed them so even when it comes to a very strong addiction such as heroin which is ridiculously difficult to get rid of and it isn't one more like success rate of clinical trials I mean it's just so low that it's unbelievable what just happened but when you take a normal person they put them in a clinic of course they get rid of it for a couple of months but they come back to that environment that is reinforcing those cues and they get back on it in most cases success is really low and I'm not saying it's impossible but it takes a couple of tries and trials and errors and it's gonna take a while it's gonna take a lot more time but these guys just did it overnight overnight they become just a normal human being not an addict right just a normal uh addicted human being at least not when it comes to heroin and it's such a such a powerful concept imagine that and that's what we want to look at while you're creating yourself you're also creating the world around you that the world around you is again creating you so be aware of your environment be aware of what kind of places you're surrounding yourself with if your environment at work has fooled all around it has visual cues that it's time to eat you're going to eat regardless of how much you know about nutrition is just gonna happen at some point maybe not the first day maybe not the second day by the third day you're gonna be a little bit stressed out you're gonna have a bit of a hard time you're gonna go for it you won't even remember that it happened right remove that cue design that environment to reinforce that new identity design your world to reinforce your healthy living because in the weight loss world looking at the research and I studied this a lot I mean for the last couple of years I'm deeply immersed in this we say it's not about the diet we it's about the lifestyle right you want to make the healthy living your lifestyle it's not about a short-term effect and what do we mean by the lifestyle we mean by the world that is around you that's what we mean that's what's under your power that's what lifestyle quote unquote means it is what is surrounding you the people now in your life are the people that are supporting the lean you the muscular you do you that exercises that you that read books that you that goes out to you that builds a business that you that that is striving to become the best version of yourself it's not the you that people are supporting you to be overweight or people that are supporting to be in a zombie mode drinking beer and watching football all day and not taking care of your life at all and I'm not saying anything against having some entertainment in a diet but it's about a balance and the balance is really in a whole different direction a lot of people I mean just looking at the entertainment side of things and how they can get maximum value out of the world instead of looking at how they can add a lot of value to the world how can I add more value to the world and that ultimately will make you happy much more than taking value out of the world so that's something I want to share with you guys I truly believe that the environment the power of the environment this is going to be a vote research topic in a couple of years and now there's some research on it it is just we're just beginning to realize the power and the effects it has on us but you can recognize this you watching this video right now you the person that wants to become the best version of yourself you know this already now just about implementing this it's about taking this concept and applying it to your life that's the missing piece use the motivation but here's all the tools not just motivation but it was motivation does habits was and I do agree partially with those quote-unquote experts that I claiming that it doesn't work but it's also not black and white it's very very nuanced meaning that it is just one part it's one factor that influences your development your ability to change your behavior in the long run so look at other factors and one of the most powerful ones is your environment so take care of your environment take care of yourself take care of your life take care of your lifestyle and you will succeed and you will be able to succeed in the long term and that's what I want for you hope you enjoyed hope you enjoyed this video let me know in the comments below how this resonated with you on this valuable leave a thumbs up hit that thumbs up button below to support the video to support the channel means a lot to me to see that you enjoyed the video hit the subscribe button below if you are looking to get more videos similar to these that will improve you who you are potentially if you resonate with it if not that's cool aside from that as I said leave a comment how this resonate with you share with me what you thought about when you were listening to the video sorry from that enjoy your day and I will see you in the next video peace

38 Replies to “Do You Need Motivation? (What's The Missing Piece)

  1. Coming from a yoga/philosophy background, with a bit of chemistry, I would say your channel is top 3 fitness online period. Keep it up.

  2. Hey Mario, cool video. very useful info. started following u recently. thanks for putting up regular video.

  3. Mario, I found you through RSDMax. I've become aware of a lot of YT speakers through RSD. But they tend to slip under my radar and not resonate much. You, however, are awesome! Thanks for the value. I watched this right after the birthday speech you made. Great stuff!

  4. I know 90% of the stuff that you cover in your videos, but hearing all that stuff from someone else has a surprisingly positive impact on my motivation. Loving your work, hvala!

  5. It's hard when no-one supports, just need to shift that negativity away and keep working hard until i get the result.

  6. Really liked the video. I agree, this is really an important thing when it comes to succes (in anything). Keep up the good work bro!

  7. I'm just here to get Mario's attention hopefully he will notice this comment lol. Aside from that, great video! 👍🏼

  8. motivation you need really to get you started then you build a habit and you don't need so much motivational videos. if you are already in shape and been going to the gym for 3 years have friends with the same aspirations you don't need that much motivational videos. for example i am learning spanish right know it is very hard right now because i just started, but it will become a habit and also the more I improve my level the easier it gets

  9. A little over a year ago I was super addicted to Heroin and it wasnt the first time. I struggled with substance abuse for years. Now I am addicted to hitting PR's in the gym and watching the sleaves of my shirts fill out. Changing my environment has been a huge advantage in helping me stay sober. I am extremely self motivated most days but there is random shitty days here and there when I am on the brink of relapsing and external motivators like my environment and people like you Mario provide me with a little extra drive to keep going down the right path. I was watching your channel everyday before I started training and I can honestly say that your videos played a huge role in me starting my journey in the gym. I am so glad I started strength training…I love it!!! Thankyou!!!

  10. if success was a cake, I would say motivation is the 10-15% of it that is icing on the top and in between the 2 major chunks of self discipline and consistency. it can help set you in motion and is fun to consume , but it quickly gets scraped thin without the other key ingredients of the success cake. Motivation is awesome, but relying on it to get the job done is not ideal. just another tool on the belt like you said 😉

  11. Agree with everything you said. I think the more you grind the deeper it gets to you and you don't need that much motivation later. So my best advice would be patience 🙂

  12. to me, motivation is like acceleration, and discipline is endurance. motivation gives you the boost you need (acceleration) but without concise set of positive habits (discipline), it will only get you so far before you burn out.

  13. Another interesting and helpful video,just do me a favor,read my comment on the video you uploaded yesterday thx 🙂

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