Don’t buy Camera Gear Just Cuz Youtube Photographers Tell You To

welcome so today I want to talk about
something different I really don’t like the world influencer like I don’t even
consider myself a youtuber yet but I can’t deny that I do have some influence
on what people want to buy and that’s that’s why I’m very careful whenever I
mention any product on my video like uh whenever I have a t-shirt people message
me like hey where’d you buy that Star Wars shirt but law or a few days ago I
uploaded a picture of some glasses I bought so I can use my model and I got
tons of messages on Twitter and Instagram and even here on YouTube like
some people have comments like we’re gonna buy those or some that like oh I
went out and got them and even when I post my pictures like old lenses people
are like Is that the best lens they’re like I’m like I really want people to
stop thinking about oh is this the best camera lens and I don’t use things cuz they’re
the best or anything I just use them because that’s what happens to be
available for me you know and like the live stream where I talked about the
Helios and might be adapters I used to connect m42 people or right away like
we’re gonna buy that adapter and you know the true story about that is here
and so we have Craigslist like in other parts of the world and there’s this one
guy who just happens to live the next city over and he just sells the adapters
I use and it takes like a day for them to ship them over to my house you know
so it’s like I order today tomorrow morning I’ll probably be here that’s the
only reason I choose to use that adapter but there’s people who want to use them
because I use them you know and I recognize that with the decent following
comes a lot of people who just want to buy what you use and I don’t want people
to do that you know I know that would make him Bank by putting affiliate links
in my channel promoting products or precesses that kind of stuff but I want
to do that I want people to think for themselves
like hey yeah I use this old lens doesn’t mean it’s the best lens and yeah
I have this shirt google it you know but really I recognize I don’t have anything
I don’t have anything against you tubers you know you to photographers
but I can I know that for them YouTube is a business a business you know they
have to make a living they have to sell things that’s what the gear use even
though you guys know I really really don’t like gear reviews but I still feel
like I have to watch them because as a photographer everyone expects you to
know everything about every camera and every lens like people are always nice
to me hey only think about so-and-so camera and I’m like oh no because quite
honestly I don’t know and like I don’t care you know I just started watching
gear use cuz people kept asking me that kind of stuff and my answer is always
gonna be the same don’t know don’t care but I would say in a nice way
like I have no idea but inside I just don’t really care I mean that’s why I
shot with my phone for six months but the point is please don’t buy things
just because someone on the internet tells you
even if it’s me alright like I don’t think I’m ever gonna get to the point I
am going to make videos with lenses like but they’re like my personal lenses like
my old vintage glass that I love so much not because it’s the best or because
it’s better than anything I just use it because I like it you know one I don’t
want people running to eBay to buy these things just cuz I mention them or
whenever I post a picture of something people going to Google and trying to
find it to buy it just because I use it or getting adapters just because I use
it I want you to think for yourself you know before I started youtube I used
to think wow these guys are out there doing reviews or that’s like the best
lands the best camera blah and then I started doing YouTube channel YouTube
videos myself and I wanted to be part of the YouTube community more so that’s why
I watch all the channels I can find and comment and but then I just started
noticing that it’s pretty much just a business you know and I’m not gonna give
em trouble because they’re just trying to make a living but I don’t like it
personally please think up for yourself when someone mentions the products on
YouTube don’t just go out and buy it you know my friend Lucan and I actually was
talking about him and he told me someone like someone asked him like which camera
lens combo he used and I think was like 5d 3 and like some expensive or lens and
like someone just went out and bought it because he uses it expecting to say take
the same pictures as his and I don’t want my I want say followers I
don’t want anyone watching this video to just go out and buy something just
because I use it you know on buy stuff because you can afford it you know and
don’t buy something just because someone during it tells you to because they’re
just trying to make some money off of it all right anyways that’s just my
straight real talk with you I hope you’ll take these words lightly I don’t
want to offend anyone I’m not really a talkative person no I’m not very good
with words so I pretty much just get to the point even though I am trying to be
nice when I talk to people like even when I was shooting with my phone like
hey what phone lenses are you using or line like I purposely bought the
cheapest possible lenses you can buy for your phone just to prove that it doesn’t
matter but uh anyway that’s my talk to you thank you very much please don’t
unsubscribe because of this and I’ll see Ron you you

30 Replies to “Don’t buy Camera Gear Just Cuz Youtube Photographers Tell You To

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  2. You already convinced me not to buy that Helios 40-2 and I hate my phone for photography, so I'll keep ignoring any gear you use in the future – promise!

  3. Totally agree. YouTube can be a good place and also the worst place to choose the gear you wanna buy. I think people should go outside and shoot and them they will know what they need/want for their style of photography … if no gear already : try it first at shop/friend/rent. 😉

  4. Can you compare the experience with ur 5dmk3 & Xpro2? I would really like to see your point on that topic.

    Only if you have time 😂

  5. Great video and awesome philosophy and I agree you have to use the gear that fits you your style and what you shoot

  6. I just like to know the gears that produce what I see (even if just on youtube and not in real life) sometime I have a GAS attack as anyone else in to gears, but I try to refrain and rationalize… if I can… Currently I have a crush for Fuji the x100F, but I already own a PenF and a GX9… so far I've procrastinated for more then a year and I know I should not, but…
    Well I think we are all delusional when it gets to photo gear and we expect unrealistic results from the things we love.

  7. Dude, I've taken soo many notes from your vids when you talk about this stuff and your tips about pictures. I can honestly say I enjoy taking photos soo much more. ✌️

  8. Really appreciate your honesty, you have such a genuine personality and you are being so humble about everything and I really want to thank you for such good advice which can be applied to so much in life

  9. Good channel. Honest. Is a little boring found 3244 video with similar title like " is worth buy X camera 2018?". Yes is boring.
    Just shoot. I have a ricoh grII, nikon FM and a medievil Olympus e420…10mp. I work only B/W.
    If I print standard you cant see the difference..So. Shoot.

  10. I use very different gear to you because i have different priorities. I love seeing you use different gear though 👌

  11. I think there is a big difference with a review and people explaining what they do and why? The reviewers are out to get viewers, what people like you do is to show and share what you are doing. So there is a big difference with a person that actually uses the "kit" to achieve something.

    It sure feels weird that people think the kit "makes" the image. The best it can do is make something easier to achieve or provide a particular look. Don't get cross with them… 🙂 They think the question is valid, they think the equipment creates your images when it is your eye and editing style.

    I remember back (pre digital) to when I wanted a Nikon SLR because that was the "pro" system back in the days of analog. Feels ridiculous now, but at the time my motivation was genuine. On the other hand I am absolutely taken by the analogue Nikkor & Mamiya lenses because they have some rather nice and unique optical properties.


  12. your attitude is exactly what I look for. i have and use what i have because it's what i have, that's how i think. I'll continue watching you because you give me ideas.

  13. "Buy stuff because it's something you can afford" are words to live by.

    That's basically how I got my camera, went through phase of pressure feeling I wasn't going to be good enough because I don't have Nikon or canon camera that is expensive and then along my journey realised I'm doing good with what what I got and still got a lot to learn.

    I got to say tho it's not just the influencers,but also sometimes people come over to you and talk casually about photography and then even suggest you "upgrade" to camera of their choice which is annoying. They kinda just assume you need an upgrade not even asking are you happy with the camera you shoot with or are you looking for suggestions for an upgrade. There definitelly is pressure out there to buy certain popular expensive camera and gear because certain YouTubers are preaching about them or are paid to review them and it's not that easy not to fall into that vicious loop unfortunately. Some do give in and question why their photos aren't as good as the ones they seeing online.

  14. 100% agree. however there are some gear reviews and honest real world use reviews that are helpful. as for myself, i do lots of research before i buy any gear.

  15. Awesome Noe! Such an important topic to bring up. But more importantly, shows how real you are for doing this!

  16. i use nikon p1000 just because it’s fun to use btw for me fun and creativity>over gear and technicality.

    and can you advise a good site where to get these templates for ae? they are fantastic.

  17. Thanks for video, Noel. I think majority of people who ask for where to get “a Helios adapter” are rather inspired to try new “old” things rather than influenced to buy a hot new tech gear. Artists inspire

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