Download and Print Test Books

Hi, It’s Edward from AP. Here’s an example for how to download and print test books. I’ll use AP US History for this Quick Start. Once you’re an AP Classroom, scroll down to the Units tabs. Click on the tab with the unit you’ve finished teaching. I’ll click Unit 3. Scroll down past the unit’s topics and Topic Questions links to the Personal Progress Check. You’ll see links to the PPC’s MCQs and FRQs. MCQs can only be assigned online — and that’s because students have asked AP to give them direct feedback on their progress learning AP content and skills. If you’d like, though, you can print the FRQs. I’ll click FRQ Part A. A pop-up window opens so you can preview the questions. You can see the window opened to Question 1 of 2. Go ahead and click Assign. Select the classes you’ll assign this FRQ, then turn on the toggle for Assign as Print Test. The toggle will allow you to download a PDF version of this assessment to print and distribute to students. When you’re ready, click Update. Here on the Progress tab, you can download and print the test books. In the section for Paper Testing, click View Test Books. The test books will download to your computer as a PDF. And, you’re now able to print.

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