Drawing for Fun: PART 3

Oh No welcome to our tutorial I'm calm my name is Paul Priestley and today we're going to be investigating negative space I'm going to be using spaces between my wonderful chair here and I'm going to be drawing it with a Bible so let's make a start to draw this very unusual chair what I'm going to do is to just draw the outline shapes of this thing here I'm just coming down here I'm just drawing the back of it I'm not pressing on too hard I will press on a bit harder so you can actually see what I'm doing about 2/3 of the way up and round about here and I'm going to draw the section here now remember what I'm concentrating on there is negative space we're looking for the shapes between the chair and its background okay a little section coming in here say I'm just check it at max lower than that you see here that was a block on the front that comes down here but a little bit shorter yeah between here I'm gonna block stick sales here comes back from here up to here in the hall I can see through here so one of three arms and put the other one is just below here comes a little bit that's back in again Hawkins down here we're getting the basic shape for this thing draw I'm looking for the sections I can see through this I've also got over here my little trolley which I was down to here little lines see all I'm doing is I'm just trying pretty simply outlines at least that I'm not drawing any detail don't know the detail we don't I think I'm just going to leave that little section and we like to just as it is well I'm going to concentrate on now is the negative space not the details with the rest of the drawing I'm going to use a biro just simply so it stands out a bit more and I'm just going to scribble and I'm going to concentrate on the negative space is a space as you can see through the object most people spend their time drawing all the nice detail and such like when in fact what we really need to do is to just concentrate on the negative spaces because you can produce a really interesting drawing what you can remember is if you think about piece of music the music's only interesting if you can hear the spaces between the music you know the notes if they're all wrong together all the time so sometimes if we look at the spaces between it can make things look really quite interesting just concentrating on these shapes I am NOT gonna any detail at all you might come down here look sign of my piece you can all the way up here as well and I'm just going to scribble a name school really need to just be quite free don't come straight so much on digital just cuz you want to see the shakes between the objects okay say might takes a little bit here like you say now we can walk here again you can see how the image begins to start to take shape because your concentrate on the negative space when I'm a positive space the object it begins to start looking much more interesting so I might come down here because there's lots of interesting shapes between your drawing because I'm doing this you see that the driving needs to develop and it begins to look really quite interesting just a little bit and cross-hatching see to make your drawings looking good what you begin to see is your chair begins to exert say or whatever objects you do because you can use any objects really doesn't matter just doing this exercise is really quite interesting to say over this space all the way down here I see my chairs beginning to emerge exciting stuff so you're constantly looking for these shapes and what you find is that you can begin to see how the image begins to emerge because sometimes what if you think about it the background to your image is just as important as the object itself so rather than spending all your time drawing all the detail and whatever else might be in your piece why not spend your time come straight down the background because you could produce some really interesting drawings when you take the focus away from the object can you concentrate on the areas behind the object you see how these shapes are beginning to emerge so you have got some brushes in here and all I'm doing I'm just suggesting that as you see I'm actually putting any detail on at all you see we don't need detail bits in between so dirty marks now just go over some of the tops of these little rectangle in here hey I'm going to suggest the shelf on here now just by doing these rectangles are you imagine when you're doing things like this you see you just simply suggesting the shapes whole drawing takes on quite a different feel you know a chair that's much more smooth and so much the money mental map more interesting so just scribbling through these shapes here I drew the chair my chairs beginning to emerge or you end up with now is this just this is much more interesting what's more interesting design makes so much more appealing is well I will just go around this little section here it's a nice dynamic drawing this the sort of drawings you can be doing in your sketchbook you know going out sketching things looking for shows trimming your eye to not just look at objects but to look at the shapes around those objects because those are the things which define your object you see without the negative space you won't have an object you say it's quite interesting idea really so we need to just concentrate on those things so you can see how this drawing is beginning to emerge from the background we simply take out all these lines now and just leave it as a negative shape you see you could just do okay I people leave it there we've investigated negative shape don't forget look for the shapes between the objects because they're exciting too you've been watching our tutorials online calm my name is Paul Priestley if you enjoyed the video please subscribe to my channel if you really enjoyed the video and perhaps you can share it with your friends Cheers

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