100 Replies to “Dry Soup Mix Taste Test

  1. I like the French onion it good in sour cream as a chip dip. Of course you need to let it sit to rehydrate some. But Lipton make great products for multi uses. 😀

  2. Being from south Louisiana, I'll can see gumbo being considered a soup, but jambalaya is nothing like soup.

  3. Take all 4 packets in the box, mix with 24oz of sour cream and you get a delicious sour cream and onion dip. That's my go to brand and flavor!

  4. Between Rhett licking Link's finger, and them sharing the sleeping bag, they inspired a lot of fan fiction today lol

  5. My grandma is the grandma who is buying the Lipton stuff 😂 she’s actually a chef so she does use it

  6. they should try “pease pudding”. it was around during the war and i still see it in the supermarket. i dont know whos grandma is buying it or what they’re doing with it

  7. Bear Creek wild rice soup is best eaten in the wilderness while camping, preferably with chunks of fresh fish thrown in during the last 5 minutes of cooking.

  8. They got so comfortable that I forgot they were shari ng a sleeping bag lol.

    And honestly, I think they did too haha

  9. the Lipton beefy onion mix can be added to sour cream to make a dip
    and added to water to make a soup or you could mix it with canola oil
    and potatoes to make roasted potatoes in the oven. try it, the roasted
    potatoes are delicious!!

  10. Them two sharing the same sleeping bag is just adding more fuel to the fire, of their fan-fics 😂

  11. they look like a couple in the sleeping bag and link looks like the woman and rhett looks like the man

  12. We buy the beefy onion soup mix and we use it for cooking. Mostly for meatloaf and hamburger patties. Sometimes we use it in mash potatoes for a savoury taste.

  13. Yes Link, you go. Don't let Rhett tell you that you are weird I appreciate you and your honesty 🙂

  14. Beefy Onion soup: what mother in laws from Nebraska swear by dumping in a vat of sour cream to dip chips in obsessively.

  15. I feel like when Link said slide and they scooted towards the table….this might've fulfilled several fanfics…..

  16. It’s been a few since I’ve watched. I had a feeling today was the right day to come back. 😂😂😂😂

  17. Next episode: Rhett and link attempt escape from the same sleeping bag after being thrown into a pool together

  18. If you mix the lipton french onion soup mix with sour cream and cream cheese…French onion dip! Yum

  19. Link: Is told that the soup is hot and sour soup.
    Also Link: Thinks the soup is made by a Japanese company.

  20. I forgot they were in a sleeping bag together and I thought Rhett just had his arm around Link just because and it warmed my little heart 🥺

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